Football Transfers 2023 - Odds and Predictions

Major bookmakers offer odds markets for almost everything today, and it isn’t always tied to performances of teams or players. For example, Unibet allows punters to bet on football transfers, and during silly season it’s an interesting betting market to dabble in. The team at has decided to have a look at a selection of the betting options for where players might end up when the circus transfer has been closed.

Transfer Odds at Unibet – Silly Season 2021 Betting

UPDATE 1st of September: All odds markets for player transfers have closed and we have received the answers who went where. Down below you will be able to see how the odds markets looked a couple of weeks before closing.

Lionel Messi

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • PSG: 
  • Barcelona: 
  • Manchester City: 
  • Newell’s Old Boys: 
  • Miami CF: 

The rollercoaster of Barcelona vs Messi has been one of the hottest transfer topics of the summer, but just as the parties seemed to have agreed upon a new contract for the superstar the bomb hit – Lionel Messi is not re-signing with Barcelona. At least not right now. The hunt for the 34-year old, who is arguably the best player in history, is as such in full speed. Two of the front-runners are currently PSG and Manchester City, but with outside chances he could sign with his first real home, Newell’s Old Boys.

At Unibet a bet on Messi to remain in Barcelona is valued at odds of 2.90, while a transfer to PSG lands at 1.65. We expect there to be another turn or two to come in this story, that very well could go down as one of the most memorable transfers in history.

UPDATE: PSG have confirmed the signing of Lionel Messi.

Erling Haaland, Dortmund

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • Dortmund: 1.01
  • Chelsea: 7.50
  • Real Madrid: 8.50
  • Manchester City: 12.00
  • Manchester United: 12.00
  • Bayern München: 12.00
  • Barcelona: 21.00
  • PSG: 31.00

There are many clubs in the race for Dortmund’s star youngster, Erling Haaland, but the price of close to 180 million euro has scared some away. Right now it seems most likely that the 20-year old striker will stay in Germany and Dortmund, but the last word has not yet been said. We know there is a good amount of money to be spent among the English Premier League clubs, and according to the media, Chelsea is ready to place a bid for the Norwegian. Will it be enough for Dortmund to release their golden boy though? If we are to trust the odds, then it is Chelsea who are the closest to snatch Haaland, but 1.20 for him to stay in Dortmund emphasizes how likely he is to stay put still.

Kylian Mbappe, PSG

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • PSG: 1.10
  • Real Madrid: 3.00
  • Liverpool: 19.00
  • Manchester United: 21.00
  • Manchester City: 21.00

The initial signs were that Kylian Mbappe would not move anywhere this summer, but the speculations have grown that the 22-year old superstar could be on the move. It’s mainly Real Madrid that is looking to get involved with signing the speedy goal scoring machine. Whether or not anything comes out of the rumored interest for Mbappe remains to be seen, but PSG is in quite the hurricane right now, with speculations tying them to most of the big transfers. The Parisians holding onto their most valuable player is still the most likely scenario, and if they manage to sign a certain Lionel Messi then we could be in for a very interesting combination between magic and the new generation.

Paul Pogba, Manchester United

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • Manchester United: 1.07
  • PSG: 5.50
  • Juventus: 9.00
  • Real Madrid: 12.00
  • Barcelona: 15.00
  • Tottenham: 17.00

Pogba has been in Manchester United since 2016 and during that stretch he has scored 28 goals in 134 matches. According to the odds and most signs it seems like the 28-year old Frenchman will be staying for some time to come. The odds do show PSG as a possible option at 3.50 odds though. Pogba, who came to Manchester United for the first time in 2011 from Le Havre is nowadays given in the French national team and started each game at EURO 2020. The price tag for Pogba will not be as high as the ones for Kane and Grealish due to his contract with United running out in 2022.

Declan Rice, West Ham

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • West Ham: 1.10
  • Chelsea: 6.00
  • Manchester United: 6.00
  • Manchester City: 12.00
  • Arsenal: 12.00
  • Liverpool: 15.00

The 22-year old Declan Rice is a hot prospect on the transfer market right now after his great performances at EURO 2020. Rice has been loyal to West Ham since 2014 and has a contract that runs until 2024, meaning that clubs looking to sign him will have to open up the big wallet. Two clubs seem to be in the forefront of the hunt: Chelsea and Manchester United are the big favourites to possibly sign the midfielder. Both clubs have received odds of 3.50 to do so. Still, the most likely option is that Rice stays with the Hammers, at least for now.

Sander Berge, Sheffield United

Player’s club on 1st of September:

  • Sheffield United: 1.20
  • Arsenal: 4.50
  • Leeds: 10.00
  • West Ham: 10.00
  • Liverpool: 12.00
  • Milan: 12.00
  • Everton: 12.00

Sander Berge was predicted to have an excellent future when he played for Genk and was acquired by Sheffield United, but the real breakthrough has yet to come. This is mostly due to unfortunate injury issues though. The previous season was no success for either Berge or Sheffield United, who got relegated to the Championship. Now the risk is that Sheffield will lose players ahead of the coming season, and Berge is definitely one of them. His contract runs until the summer of 2024, but according to British media a transfer to Arsenal seems plausible. The fact that the Sheffield coach, Slaviska Jokanovic, confirmed Berge might likely be lost did not weaken the rumours to say the least. The question is if Arsenal is ready to throw up the 35 million euro or so that the Norwegian will cost?

Bet on Football Transfers – Silly Season Betting

Silly season is a very interesting time in the football world despite the lack of action on the pitch. And it’s for a good reason bookmakers have started offering betting markets for football transfers. We do have to say that betting on where players will end up for the upcoming season in general is a tough task and requires very good knowledge to be profitable – betting with emotions or “feelings” won’t cut it here, only cold hard information will. Is the price tag reasonable? Are the clubs willing to pay that amount? Are there buyout clauses? How motivated is the player to leave? And the list goes on with relevant questions to ask yourself before placing a bet. It’s still fun that more bookmakers are joining in to offer odds for football transfers, and we are happy to have a look at this still new betting method!

Which Bookmakers Offer Betting on Football Transfers?

Like mentioned above there are several bookmakers who offer odds for the hottest football transfers during silly season. Besides Unibet, who have a great selection, we can also recommend Casumo and William Hill as a couple of our favourites!

The 5 Most Expensive Transfers This Summer

We can expect a few transfer bombs to hit before silly season is over. This were the five biggest transfers until the 15th of July:

  1. Hakimi Achraf, from Inter to PSG: 60 million euro
  2. Dayot Upamecano, from RB Leipzig to Bayern Munich, 42.5 million euro
  3. Ibrahima Konaté, from RB Leipzig to Liverpool, 40 million euro
  4. Emiliano Buendía, from Norwich to Aston Villa, 38.4 million euro
  5. Rodrigo de Paul, from Udinese to Atletico Madrid, 35.0 million euro
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