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Should You Bet on Scottish Premiership Odds?

Scottish Premiership odds are generally underrated but can prove to be a valuable tool once you grasp how the league works. If you love stability sprinkled with a moderate dose of competitiveness, you’ll adore betting on the Scottish top division. Remember to adjust your strategy once the first stage of the season is done, just so that you can focus on taking all the factors into consideration. Follow only verified tipsters and use all the available tools. The Scottish Premiership might not be as glamorous as the EPL, but it’s still a blast to bet on.

Out of all the questions we receive on a regular basis, the one pertaining to Scottish Premiership odds appears ever so frequently. At first, we were perplexed by this insistence on niche leagues, but we soon realised that diversification is a big thing in sports betting right now. More and more punters are learning how to create a diverse accumulator bet and Scottish Premiership odds are a hot commodity.

In this short write-up, we’ll cover all the essentials related to Scottish Premiership odds, as well as provide some pointers on how to use betting tips for Scotland’s top flight of football. Once you’ve applied all the methods we’ll cover, you will become adept at using Scottish Premiership odds as a viable supplement to your existing strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Betting on Scottish Premiership Odds?

Scotland is ranked 14th on UEFA’s country coefficient list. While this may not be a glamorous position by any means, that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard Scottish Premiership odds. In recent years, the Scottish top division has emerged as a top option for those interested in expanding their area of influence as far as sports betting is concerned.

While there is an obvious financial gain from taking punts on Scottish Premiership odds, we at like to focus on more than profit. With that being said, you should take punts on the Ladbrokes Premiership if you:

  1. Bet on the Big Five leagues already. Scottish Premiership betting odds should never be the basis of any accumulator bet, but they are a viable supplement for boosting your maximum winnings. Because there are many players that use Scotland’s top division for launching a Premier League career, it’s scouted incredibly well for a league so small. This means that there are no random guesses and everything can be applied to an existing betting algorithm.
  2. Love stability. Even though upsets do happen, Scottish Premiership odds are surprisingly stable for a league that has only 12 teams. The Old Firm duo, Rangers and Celtic, have the most titles, which means that it’s just about certain that one of them will take home the crown at the end of the season. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t at least some excitement involved.
  3. Competitiveness. You might be wondering – how can the Scottish Premiership be considered competitive if only two teams have ever won the league? Your logic may be sound, but competitiveness is a trait that’s measured by more than just mere league trophies. Scottish Premiership odds are coveted because you never know what the shape of the top five is going to be like at the end of the season. Unlikely contenders can be spotted right away, so you can make money even if they don’t win the actual title. Top 3/top 5 finish markets are filled with high odds, if you choose to forego betting only on Celtic and Rangers, that is.

While there is a cornucopia of better leagues, Scottish Premiership odds have proven to be an ideal solution for every bettor looking to expand their area of focus. Football predictions for this league have grown in numbers these last few years, so make sure you find a verified tipster that knows how to ‘sniff out’ what’s going to happen.

Before we focus on the tips that you can later apply, you need to understand the key factors that affect Scottish Premiership odds. Most of them are connected to the way the league itself works, so that’s what we’re going to cover next.

How Does the League’s Structure Shape Scottish Premiership Odds?

If you’re used to betting on bigger leagues, then some details and rules from the Scottish Premiership will definitely be familiar. However, Scotland’s top division is also unique, as the format differs from what most of us are used to. Here’s how the league functions:

  • Ever since the 2000/1 season, Scottish Premiership odds have been a thorn in punters’ sides, mostly because the overall size of the league has been reduced. Currently, there are only 12 teams in the top division.
  • Each Scottish Premiership season lasts from August to May and is comprised of two parts. The first one lasts 33 games and each team plays all the others three times. Once 33 matchdays have passed, the league is split into two parts – the top six and the bottom six. Five more games are played, but only between teams in the same ‘part’ of the league. The points from the two stages are added together once everything is said and done.
  • Out of those twelve teams, two get relegated every season. The 12th placed Scottish Premiership team switches places with the winner of the Scottish Championship. As for the other relegation spot, the 11th placed club battles it out with the winners of the Championship playoffs. This means that newly promoted teams tend to stay up because of the added challenge of a play-in match. Scottish Premiership odds are often affected by this strange setup.
  • As for European qualification, the champions start from the first round of the CL qualification tourney, while 2nd and 3rd placed teams enter the first round of EL qualification. Scottish Cup winners get the same privilege, too.

As you may be able to see, Scottish Premiership odds depend on more factors than in other leagues. If you’re unsure about how to tread during the first few fixtures, go hunting for bookmakers offers. A proper bookmaker bonus is all you need to ease the steepness of the learning curve. After that, you can apply your knowledge and use a betting calculator. Insights

Details are important, regardless of what your sports betting goals are. To help you understand Scottish Premiership odds, our team of experts analysed the previous ten seasons. Throughout this analysis, we looked for patterns and particular intangible details that can sway the outcome of your betting slip. Apply these tips and you’ll be ready for battle:

  • Keep track of young players. Talented youngsters going to the EPL or the Bundesliga is a common occurrence. By tracking the performances of these players, you’ll be able to predict big moves and any changes in the team’s output.
  • Once the first stage of the season is done, take a good hard look at previous meetings between the top six/bottom six. Just because a team is in a certain ‘section’, that doesn’t mean that they will perform accordingly.
  • Oftentimes, you should focus on late-season matchups that determine the exact positioning. Teams like Aberdeen and Hibernian are known to make pushes for European qualification during the last few matchdays. Track your betting stats and use a betting calculator, just to be sure that you’re using the right tips.
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