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Why Every Bettor Needs German Bundesliga Odds in Their Slip

German Bundesliga odds have been the talk of the town ever since the early 2000s, once the league recovered from the unification of Germany and teams become more successful. Both European qualification and relegation are important factors in determining who’ll win, so you always have to analyse the ambitions of each team. DFB-Pokal games are also a good supplementary source of markets for bolstering your German Bundesliga odds-filled betting slips. Make sure you take intangibles into the equation, too. Combining them with that is a combo that’s going to lead you to victory.

Ten or so years ago, German Bundesliga odds were nothing more than an afterthought to most punters. Even though the Mannschaft already had a couple of World Cups to its name, as well as several legendary teams up until the 80s, the Bundesliga was not the main attraction in Europe by any means. However, everything changed in the early to mid-2000s, and German Bundesliga odds suddenly became a hot commodity.

Due to several factors (which we’ll explain in a bit), every proper betting strategy must rely on German Bundesliga odds at least partially. That’s why we decided to give you a shortcut to prosperous punts by creating the ultimate set of tips on German Bundesliga betting odds, as well as a detailed breakdown of the league’s structure and some of its nuances that you should pay attention to. Once you’re done reading, every bet or high odds will make much more sense.

How the League Works: Understanding the Basics of German Bundesliga Odds

Did you know that German Bundesliga odds were previously known as a big anomaly in the world of sports betting? That’s right, up until the 1995-96 season, a victory was for worth two points, not the normal three we’re used to seeing throughout the world today.

Actually, this is one of the reasons why bettors took so long to get used to working with German Bundesliga odds. Applying an existing betting algorithm was nearly impossible. Despite the confusing past, this elite competition is much akin to its European counterparts.

Today, the league is comprised of 20 total teams. Usually, the season starts in August and concludes sometime in May. Throughout these nine months, each team faces the other two times – one home and one away fixture. Once each club plays 38 games, the one with the most points wins. If two teams have the same number of points, tie-breakers are used. The most important ones are goal difference, total goals scored, h2h results, and h2h goals scored.

Overall, German Bundesliga odds have become highly sought-after mainly due to the league having an excellent approach to marketing, especially social media. Almost ubiquitous, the German top-tier is the second-ranked league in Europe, according to the UEFA coefficient rankings.

Relegation: How a Battle for Survival Can Impact German Bundesliga Odds

While we’re used to observing German Bundesliga odds by trying to determine who wants to win the league, relegations are often a much more important factor. Statistically, only the top 5-6 teams are aware that they can realistically vie for the title. This leaves 14-15 teams that have other goals in mind. One of these is, of course, relegation. Squads fighting for survival are known to cause upheavals when it comes to German Bundesliga odds. Why exactly?

Think of it this way – there is only one title to be one, but there are three relegation spots. Not only does this mean that a team is, statistically, three times as probable to be relegated than to win the league (team quality aside), but you also have up to 8-9 times ‘flirting’ with the danger zone throughout the season.

Now, we at always like betting on relegation candidates near the end of the season. These kinds of fixtures often result in the best German Bundesliga odds, as oddsmakers often fail to predict an upset. That’s right, motivation is one of the most intangible factors that can alter the outcome of a game, and is often shunned aside. Before you decide to use betting tips from a tipster, don’t be content with the fact they’re verified. As enticing some German Bundesliga odds can be, you should always check to see if relegation is a factor.

How European Qualification Affects German Bundesliga Odds

Another important thing to consider is European qualification. German Bundesliga odds might mostly revolve around winning the title or escaping relegation, but qualifying for the Champions and the Europa League are significant objectives for many teams. Not only is qualification beneficial for the experience of young players, but teams also get a noticeable financial boost for each game they win and for each stage they go through.

That’s why you should consider the following qualification rules when on the hunt for German Bundesliga odds:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place automatically qualify for the group stage of the Champions League
  • 5th place gets a spot in the group stage of the Europa League
  • 6th place goes to the third qualifying round of the EL
  • DFB-Pokal winner goes to the EL group phase
  • If the DFB-Pokal winner has already qualified for the CL through league play, an EL berth goes to the next highest finisher below the CL-ready teams

More than anything, you should observe the ambitiousness of each team. A late-season push for a place in a European competition can result in some juicy German Bundesliga odds, so you should always use a betting algorithm to cross-reference a team’s result with their realistic chances of making it to the CL or the EL. If you’re not sure about a particular bet, you can go hunting for bookmaker offers. Insights

Betting on German Bundesliga odds is much more than just looking at stats and using a betting calculator to test the success rates of some of the football predictions you’ve used. Unlike most leagues, the BL is tactically diverse. Many coaches are unafraid to experiment with new rotations and setups in certain situations. This makes the BL a competition that thrives on details and proper handling of the variables they create.

Our team at is always devoted to singling out the intangible factors for betting on any league. German Bundesliga odds are no exception, as you can reinforce the feasibility of your bets with these essential tips:

  1. Keep track of the youngsters. Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland are just two of the many young players who opt for a move to the BL to develop and play competitive football. That’s right, German Bundesliga Odds can also be affected by the appearance of a new young player on the scene. If you’re interested in outright bets, then you should follow less-coveted transfers of teenage talents from England, Italy, and so on. They can make a difference.
  2. Injury-prone players should be avoided. It’s not necessarily that you should refuse to bet on a team with injury-prone players, but be aware that your bankroll will suffer if you wager too much on a team with a player that’s known to miss significant amounts of time. Don’t make teams with such players the centrepiece of your accas, that’s all.
  3. Derbies mean a lot. If there’s one country where derbies reign supreme, that’s Germany. Even though one team may be weaker on paper, they will certainly put up a fight once they find themselves face to face with a fierce rival. German Bundesliga odds often don’t reflect this, believe it or not. That’s why such clashes are an ideal opportunity to boost your bankroll and have some fun.

Track your betting stats once you’ve applied them and you’ll see an improvement in your win rate, over the course of 4-5 weeks, depending on your frequency. A betting calculator can also hel

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