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How To Use Spanish La Liga Odds for Winning Purposes

Despite being devoid of parity, the Spanish top division attracts sports bettors from all four corners of the world. Even though Spanish La Liga odds tend to favour teams that do well in Europe, nothing is ever guaranteed in this league. Therefore, you need to take a good look at the motivations of a team, whether it is surviving relegations or qualifying for a European competition. Don’t hesitate to use as many tools as possible – such as odds comparison, football prediction and betting calculators, mostly because you will have a hard time correctly predicting matches between mid-table teams. Keep an eye out for risky transfers and always change things up. It’s the best way to utilise the profitability of Spanish La Liga odds.

Spanish La Liga odds have proven to be a worthy challenge for even the most seasoned football bettors. The root of this issue lies in the lack of parity, which has been a problem for La Liga ever since the mid-1990s. In terms of excitement and upsets, the top division of Spanish football severely lacks when compared to its European counterparts. Nevertheless, Spanish La Liga odds are a powerful tool if you know how to use them.

That’s why we’ve created this guide – to help Spanish La Liga odds become a mainstay in punters’ arsenals and for strategies built around them to be considered winning formulas. Once you’re done reading, you will know how to add La Liga betting tips to any existing betting algorithm. Along with the basics, we’ll also elaborate on intangible factors when it comes to finding the best Spanish La Liga odds for your needs.

Understanding Spanish La Liga Odds Through The League’s Inner Workings

You will be happy to hear that Spanish La Liga odds require a lot less work from the bettor’s side, at least when compared to other major leagues. Before you focused on this particular top division, you might have also heard that it has a legitimate claim for the title of the best football league in the world. This is a common hot topic amongst experts and ex-players. Here’s why there is no general consensus.

  • From 2012 to 2019, if you exclude Manchester United’s 2017 Europa League win, only La Liga teams have lifted both the CL, the EL, and the UEFA Super Cup. This was an unprecedented period of dominance, with Real Madrid winning four CL titles and Sevilla winning three EL titles. During this time, Spain was the talk of the town as far as UEFA competitions go and Spanish La Liga odds on the best teams have noticeably gotten lower.
  • As good as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Sevilla (okay, Valencia, too) are, the rest of the league is just putrid more often than not. The level of play and competition falls off sharply once you move away from the top five. This results in Spanish La Liga odds being one of the most unbalanced leagues, with blowouts being a weekly occurrence.

Even though betting tips for La Liga games are abundant, you need to be careful about which tipster you choose to trust. Sure, it may seem that you can knock out an accumulator bet without a proper betting algorithm, but Spanish La Liga betting odds are lucrative in ways beyond the obvious one. In fact, they are a great addition whenever you need a slight odds boost, or if you’ve obtained a bookmaker bonus that rewards accas with 5+ legs.

So, how does La Liga function? It’s a relatively easy league to master, especially if you’ve previously bet on the English Premier League. Here’s how things work:

  1. Spanish La Liga odds are completely compatible with many widely-used betting algorithms, especially because the league is comprised of 20 total teams. Ever since 1929, the number slowly rose from the initial setup of 10 teams, until settling down at 20 in 1997.
  2. Each team plays the other 19 teams a total of two times, with a randomized round-robin system in place to make things interesting. Unlike the Italian andata-ritorno system, La Liga doesn’t have a fixed schedule, so anything can happen from August to May.
  3. The team with the most points takes home the crown. In the case of two teams having the same number of points, rankings are determined by the following tie-breakers: h2h points, h2h goal difference, total goal difference.
  4. Every season, three teams from the Segunda Division get their crack at La Liga football. The top two teams get automatic promotion, while a playoff tournament between teams placed 3-6 determine the third new La Liga team each season. The bottom three La Liga squads get automatically relegated, with no play-in tournament whatsoever.

Even though there aren’t any fixed formats like in Serie A, Spanish La Liga odds haven proven to be quite the fertile soil needed for executing more complex outright bets. Usually, you can predict the top six seasons for the season, so placement bets are all the craze right now. Who will finish top 4/top 3 are some of the favorite markets for all Spanish La Liga odds enthusiasts. While the top of the table is easy to ‘decipher’, there are still factors that can potentially rearrange the rankings. One of them is, of course, European qualification.

Spanish La Liga Odds and European Qualification: Bigger Motivations

Usually, you would see teams prioritising the league crown over almost every other accomplishment. With Spanish La Liga odds, things are a bit different. As you already know, the league has quite a problem with competitive balance. Barcelona has been incredibly dominant league-wise, especially in the last ten or so years. Real Madrid, on the other hand, prioritised Champions League titles.

As perplexing as it may seem, they won just one La Liga title in the same time span in which they won four CL trophies. Atletico Madrid also managed to win one title, while reaching two CL finals. Due to the situation at the top being more or less predictable each year, Spanish top division teams are focusing on qualifying for Europe and making some noise there instead. Spanish La Liga odds are affected by teams fighting for international football, so you should definitely keep an eye on the exact order of the teams in the top 7. Here’s how they qualify:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th get a place in the Champions League group stage
  • 5th and 6th start in the Europa League group stage
  • The Copa del Rey winner starts from the EL group stage, too
  • If the CDR winner has already qualified for European football, the 7th team in the table gets an EL spot instead Insights

The goal of our team at is to provide all punters with the ability to understand and use different betting formats, depending on the situation. Spanish La Liga odds are no exception, so we decided to conduct a thorough analysis of the entire concept. We took a good, close look at the past 23 Spanish top division seasons and came up with three key tips you need to apply if you wish to be carried to victory by Spanish La Liga odds:

  • Don’t jump the gun on teams with injury-prone players. This tip becomes even more important if you’re betting on mid-table teams that rely on a single player. In the long run, a lucrative transfer of an often-injured player can derail a team’s hopes. Avoid Spanish La Liga odds on teams that heavily lean on one guy to perform. This strategy is unsustainable.
  • Compare motivation vs. ability. With or without using betting stats to bolster your performance, you can actually get a good guess about a particular game if you cross-reference the team’s motivation with their realistic ability. The best Spanish La Liga odds come from situations where a squad overachieves, so be aware of underdogs.
  • Use all the tools at your disposal while betting on Spanish La Liga odds. For establishing a tradition of success, always be on the hunt for the best bookmaker offers. A little financial boost goes a long way. Source your tips from a verified tipster and don’t hesitate to use a betting calculator. This tool will help you pinpoint the flaws in your betting algorithm, with you having a much-improved grasp of football predictions once everything is said and done.
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