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Bet365 Live Streaming

Bet365 is seen as the place to go for all things live streaming, while many will state they are the out-and-out number one bookie in the game today. Seen by many as the best bookie to use for football and horse racing live streaming, their request a bet is a feature that keeps them ahead of the chasing pack. With over 200,000 events beamed live to your account each year, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to watching live sport with Bet365. Bet365 are our number one choice when it comes to looking for the best live streaming bookmaker.

Ladbrokes Live Streaming

One of the UK’s biggest bookmakers, Ladbrokes provide a very impressive live streaming section that will provide bettors with most of the sports and features they could want when it comes to watching and betting on live events. If you want to watch football, golf, tennis, darts, basketball and more, then Ladbrokes have got you covered, although it is worth noting that some major football leagues are not offered by their live streaming option, so it is worth doing some research to ensure that your sport and league of choice is available. To get involved with the live streaming, you need to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have a positive balance in your account, although horse racing requires you to have placed a bet of £1 or more.

888Sport Live Streaming

888Sport provide a well-polished live streaming feature that works well with what is a very impressive overall site. However, you should be aware of the fact that 888Sport only offer coverage of horse racing and greyhound racing. Your live streaming experience is predicated on you betting a minimum of £1 on that race. Due to the fact that 888Sport only cover horse and greyhound racing, you can expect to see a very impressive quality of live streaming and an abundance of races on site. Many major international races are shown while big UK based races at Aintree, Cheltenham and more are all given excellent coverage.

Betfred Live Streaming

Betfred provide a one-stop shop when it comes to horse racing and greyhound racing. The bookmaker offers an incredible range of horse and greyhound racing which is all within your grasp for a £1 bet, while they are actually a top-rated bookie because of what they offer alongside their live streaming option. After all, if you can watch all of the races and matches but the betting markets are poor and restrictive, then great live streaming features are pointless. Betfred meanwhile have matched their excellent live streaming function with a brilliant range of sports and betting markets, with very competitive odds thrown in for good measure. Alongside racing, you can also watch a lot of other sports on-site including football, tennis, ice hockey and more, as long as you have a positive account balance.

William Hill Live Streaming

With an impressive 60,000 events streamed live to your account, William Hill provides a very impressive all-around experience when it comes to watching and betting on sport, all in one place. On offer with William Hill’s live streaming feature is football, tennis, darts, basketball, ice hockey, cricket and many more. Most events are completely free to watch, although you will need to part with at least £1 per race when it comes to horse racing, which seems like a small price to pay for this level of streaming service.

Paddy Power Live Streaming

Paddy Power excel in their all-round bookmaking experience and have only added to what they offer to their customers through their live streaming offering. With the live streaming of thousands of events including football, tennis, golf, basketball and more, you can make the most out of their excellent options as long as you have a funded account or a bet placed in the last 24 hours, while, as with most bookmakers and horse and greyhound racing, you will need to have placed a minimum bet too. What allows Paddy Power to excel is their mobile app, which makes streaming when on the move a very viable thing to do.

Unibet Live Streaming

Unibet are continuing to prove that they are one of the top European bookmaking sites in the game today. An impressive 40,000+ events streamed a year shows they are not messing around when it comes to providing sport to watch. Their prominence in Europe means they provide an impressive offering of European sports and league, with football in smaller European countries provided for in abundance. This comes alongside a fantastic offering of other sports, while you will not be left wanting when it comes to snooker or the FA Cup, while darts is also featured on-site. Interestingly, Unibet streaming calendar is very in-depth and easy to use, meaning you do not need to miss out on watching any live events due to a convoluted and confusing calendar.

Betway Live Streaming

As one of the very best bookmakers in the world, Betway provides a very impressive live streaming service that will allow you to enhance the traditional betting experience. With a site that is easy to use and provides a huge range of betting options, their live streaming does not let the site, or the bettor down. By heading towards the live streaming section, you will see their exceptional horse racing options along with offerings of football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and e-Sports. Impressively, we feel that Betway offer a very good quality of live streaming itself, with the coverage excellent, while their fantastic statistical-based analysis really helps to take your betting experience to the next level.

Coral Live Streaming

Coral’s live streaming service is a very well-crafted iteration in the modern bookmaking market. Their live streaming function is located in the sports section, and you can see their ongoing and upcoming live streaming events to help make it even easier to stay on top of what you want to watch and bet on. Streams of the top European leagues like La Liga and Serie A are all available, alongside the MLS, while you can watch sports including tennis, horse racing basketball and many more. You can enjoy all of these sports and events as long as you have a funded account, which can be used effortlessly on your laptop, iPad or mobile device.

BetVictor Live Streaming

BetVictor offers a very good live streaming service that will provide most bettors with more than enough to keep them busy. With sports including horse racing, football, basketball and esports, BetVictor provides punters with a lot of choices when it comes to the sports they want to watch and bet on. Of course, as with most betting sites, you will need to have at least £1 wagered on a specific horse racing event, but this is a small price to pay for such good coverage. You can also make the most out of BetVictor’s excellent live stream replays which allow you to watch any UK or Irish race completely free, thus allowing you to bolster your knowledge of horse racing before you bet.

Why watch with a live-streaming betting site?

Classic online betting may be an area in which bettors believe that the ability to watch a race or match is entirely pointless as so much of the betting is done on an intuitive online sportsbook. This online sportsbook provides so much in the way of in-depth stats when betting which compliments the use of live commentary after your bets. While this is a completely adequate way to bet, it is definitely not the only way to bet.

Indeed, watching and betting on sporting events with the best live streaming bookmakers is seen by many as the best way to bet on sports. By signing up to a live streaming bookmaker that provides you with the option of watching your favourite events, you will be given far more of a benefit to your betting than you might realise.

For starters, the sheer enjoyment of being able to watch a game is often rewarding enough on its own. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to pay for Sky Sports and/or BT Sport, meaning certain leagues, like the Premier League and the Champions League are off limits when it comes to actually watching the action unfold.

With many bookmakers that offer live streaming as an option, you simply need to either have a positive balance in your account or have placed a bet on the event you want to watch, and it is as simple as that.

Second, you are able to really get to know a team, the players, a venue and the way it plays. Reading about a sporting event is one thing, but actually watching how the sides play, how the players react to events and how much of an impact on the game the fans have will often provide far more benefits to the way you bet than a simple text commentary would. This ability to see the small changes in the game through a big tackle, a missed forehand volley or the ball swinging into the batsman sharply can see you making a bet you would not have done if you were following a text commentary. Similarly, it could also see you choosing not to make a bet after seeing these events unfold with your own eyes, which can often be even more important.

Watching any sport at all, live streamed or otherwise will help massively when it comes to betting. There are some bettors out there that will assume that they can wager on a particular sport, league or match with minimal prior knowledge and, as long as they keep to bets with shorter odds, they will be fine. While shorter odds bets are more likely to come in than their longer odds counterparts, it should be considered that this will not offer a particularly big return, this could eventually come back to haunt the bettor if they are not actually thinking about the bet before they make it. Meanwhile, if you watch the sport(s) you are going to bet on regularly, then you are more likely to know that Rafael Nadal excels on clay in the tennis, England struggle to play in the sub-continent on spinning pitches in the cricket, and that home advantage plays a very big part in many matches in English football. The small details and nuggets of knowledge that you can pick up from simply watching the sport you are betting on can be priceless.

What Should you Know About Live-streaming Bookmakers in the UK

First of all, in play betting is the fastest growing angle in betting as it provides both new and experienced bettors with the ability to really maximise their experience of a match, and it goes hand-in-hand with the best live streaming bookmakers and what they can offer to you. For example, while India may be the big favourites going into their T20 cricket clash with New Zealand, the Kiwis could take five early wickets and leave India teetering at 60-5. While many would then flock to back New Zealand, you may see that Virat Kohli is in on 30 and looking good, so you can decide to back India to win the match at what will now likely be far better odds with New Zealand on top. Similarly, you could also then back Kohli to top score for India in the match as the other top order batsmen have failed to score well, while you may have also seen that New Zealand’s pace bowler have gotten a lot of joy out of the surface, so backing Jasprit Bumrah to take the most wickets for India may be an astute bet that live betting has made possible.

The ability to watch and bet in play takes gambling to a whole new level, and it really tests your ability to react to the quickly changing landscape of the game. Of course, a word of warning comes with live betting too, as the temptation can be to make a flurry of bets you have not thought through and are out of character, solely because the match is being played at such a thrilling speed. While the game itself is being played at a pulsating tempo, your betting does not and should not match this. We implore you to take your time and only make bets you have thought through and can afford to make.

As previously mentioned, most online bookmakers will offer you the chance to get involved with free live streaming. Of course, the term free can be used loosely here as while many will not ask for you to pay to watch a specific match, you need to have a positive account balance or have made a bet in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, for horse racing and greyhound racing, you will invariably need to have made a bet of £1 or more on that specific race to watch events unfold live. We would recommend bearing all of this in mind when signing up to a live streaming bookmaker as if they are asking you for anything more than one of a positive account balance, to have made a bet in the last 24 hours or to have made a bet of £1 or more, then you should probably walk away from them.

Importantly, you need to be aware of the fact that while live streaming is live, most streams will be subject to a delay of between 1-10 seconds. The length of the delay will often be dictated by your internet speed. This is important to know because if you are not betting on live events down to the second and you decide that the attack that Manchester United are currently on will end in a goal so you wager on that, by the time you have made your bet the attack could already be over with the ball actually ending up in the other net. Knowing how long the delay will be is very important when it comes to in play betting.

Importantly, limiting yourself to one bookie when live streaming and betting is a foolish move. As you can see from the above list, there are a lot of very impressive and reliable live streaming bookmakers that give you the opportunity to watch and bet on their site.

While you may have a favourite bookmaker to bet with for the football, there may be a better bookie out there to use for horse racing, tennis and many other sports. Similarly, there may be a bookmaker that you watch and bet on horse racing with, but they do not offer live streaming of tennis. This means it makes complete sense for you to have a bookie that excels in their offering for each of your favourite sports. Of course, if you want to bet with a bookie as they have the best odds for tennis then you can still sign up and watch the live stream from another bookie, but this may just turn into more of a hassle as time goes by. However, we would always recommend trying to maximise use of the range of the best live streaming bookmakers and their own specialities along with welcome and existing offers and the fact that different bookies will excel in what they offer for specific sports, leagues and matches.

Live Betting During a Live Stream

As previously mentioned, watching and betting on a sporting event can be an incredibly exciting way to gamble and provides you with a new way to play. Unlike classic betting in a brick-and-mortar store, you can sit back and relax as you watch the game with your bookmaker of choice from the comfort of your own home. Of course, your pre-game bets won’t change as the game goes by, but being able to actually watch every goal, wicket, ace or touchdown can heighten the excitement massively and works perfectly with in play betting

Where you can really enjoy the benefits of live streaming is through in play betting. In play betting provides you with the ability to watch and bet on the game or match as it is being played. This means that you can use your own knowledge and instinct to try to predict the happenings of the game, with the match itself helping you to come to your decisions. This means that you can find betting options that may not have been worth your time at the start of the match have changed completely due to early goals, a tumble of late wickets or a set won to love.

Of course, you need to ensure that you are not swept away in the moment as it can be very tempting to make a big bet on a situation you think will happen as you watch the game. However, had this been a bet that you were placing pre-game, perhaps it would be one you would never even consider, let alone wager on.

Ultimately, in play betting on live streamed events is the logical next step for online bookmaking, and bookies and bettors have been making the most of it for years. Now, with the emergence of excellent mobile sites and the capability to watch and bet on the move, it has never been easier to place a bet on your favourite sport whilst you enjoy watching along.


Live betting is a facet of gambling that has only opened up the industry further. The ability to live stream events helps those that are unable to pay for big contracts with TV companies to watch every game, while in play betting allows you to really test your knowledge and ability to read a game.

Many bookmakers have actually prioritised their in-play betting markets over most other features because they know that whether their players are at the pub, on the bus or sitting at home, it is a function they love. Getting involved with in-play betting and live streaming has never been easier, and the ability to simply sign up with any of the top live streaming bookmakers means it is very simple to get involved with. Alongside this, the fact that most bookies will only ask you for a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours, means just about anyone can get involved with live streaming and in-play betting with the best live streaming bookmakers.

Of course, you need to be aware of the fact that it can be very tempting to make quickfire bets, but this is something you should shy away from as you should always think your bets through thoroughly before making them.

If you do decide that this excellent way of betting is for you, then you can refer to our detailed live streaming bookmaker list above for help and guidance on which could be best for you, while you cannot really go wrong with any of Bet365, Sky Bet or Ladbrokes, who comprise our top three spots.


Simon Flynn is a sports bettor with over 10 years experience in building profitable sports trading systems. Specializing in football – the type where players use their feet – he dreams of hitting that elusive 10-game accumulator one day. Editorial Promise