About us

We are a team of betting enthusiasts who have been placing sports bets online for the last five years. During that period, our main goal has been to beat the bookmakers long term and make a profit. We have used and analysed every different method of betting, from value and arbitrage betting to following tipsters, matched and in-play betting. As a result, we discovered that what distinguishes profitable punters from others is discipline and staying on the top of your betting finances. The best way we found to control our betting finances was to track and analyse our entire betting performance. We now want to share our expertise and experience with others and help them make more informed betting decisions.

Initially, we started by using Microsoft Excel to track our bets, but that required a lot of time, technical knowledge and manual work. So to become better sports bettors and increase our chances of earning money from sports betting, we decided to develop an easy-to-use, time efficient and comprehensive sports betting portfolio management software that covers all betting activities under one roof. From interactive and educational content, odds comparison, bet placement and tracking, advanced analytical and bankroll management tools to buying and selling tips. is an online-based platform that aims to help you increase your betting profits by aggregating your data. It acts as a powerful tool that allows you to track, analyse and share your betting performance in a quick and efficient way. It also acts as a social hub where punters can exchange information and help each other in seeking better profits.

While building our goal was to create software that will enable us to save time by bringing everything we needed in one place. Our advanced odds comparison feature enabled us to place pur bets with the best odds available. automated bet tracker, analytics and bankroll management tools allow us to always control our betting action and limit the emotional decision which often than not cost us money. The systematic analysis of our betting history and patterns allowed us to make informed betting decisions and increase our profits.

The platform is evolving continuously based on punters' feedback and recommendations. As of today, our odds comparison, educational content, betting tracker, the advanced analytics and bankroll management tools remain the core of our services.

Meet The Team

Martin Grozev


Has over 5 years experience with sports betting. Loves statistics, business and finance.His dream is to make punter's life much easier and more data driven.

Martin Todorov

Chief Tech Officer

Martin has always been interested in sports betting and maths. Before becoming a CTO of he was lead developer of highly successful team.

Kristiyan Bogdanov

Solutions Architect

Kris has 8 years of experience as a software engineer. He enjoys to bet and watch sports. His ultimate goal is to help people make the most of their betting data.

Radoslav Angelov

Affiliate Manager

Rado has over 3 years of experience in the betting industry and possesses extensive knowledge of it. He enjoys football and betting.