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Why having multiple bookmaker accounts is essential for betting success

Published on June 22, 2022
Updated on August 2, 2023
Written by Janne

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Why having multiple bookmaker accounts is essential for betting success

Many people will say that only one bookmaker account is enough, but honestly, our iGaming experience has proved us something else – if you want to be successful bettor, you have to consider opening multiple accounts, there are various reason for that – the most obvious one is that bookmakers offer different odds and by having multiple accounts you can bet with the highest available.

Below we will investigate the most significant reasons why having accounts with more than one bookmaker is vital for your success and will help you in your long-term betting journey.

High odds

In today’s highly competitive market the majority of the bookmakers strive to provide the player with high odds and keep them happy. The gambling market is relatively efficient and if we have to be completely honest, some of the leading bookmakers will provide us with similar odds. For example, if you have an account in bet365, and you decide to place a bet on Manchester United to beat Bournemouth, you will be able to do it on odds of 2.00.

At the same time, when you check William Hill and its same market, you will notice that it is priced at odds of 2.10 and the does make the difference in the long run. Obviously, if you don’t have an account with , you will not be able to take advantage of the higher odds. Of course, you can always open an account with the bookmaker when you notice the higher odds, however, you will lose precious time, during the better price might change.

Yes, this might not seem as spectacular difference, but then imagine placing 20 bets with the same difference and each one has a stake of £50 (which is not hard for a couple of days or a week for a regular punter). In this example, if you make simple math, you will realise that you will suffer missed opportunities of £100, only because you have had one bookmaker account and you can’t place your bets on the highest odds.

Our personal advice is to support at least 5 (the very minimum) accounts in your betting portfolio. We live in the era of the new technologies so it is super easy to open a new account, it takes 5 minutes but the benefits of it may last for a very long period of time.

Account Limitation

There is a well-known truth – the bookmakers don’t like winning players. If you have a long run of wins, and you continuously take the bookmaker’s money, you are at risk of account limitation. Considering that, you have to be prepared and to know where you can place a quick bet if you find yourself in such a situation. Having accounts with a big number of bookmakers will help you to enjoy your winnings for a longer time.

The same goes true for the players who place arbitrage bets. They should run away by bookmakers’ radars, and to avoid account limitation in order to complete their betting strategy. The only way to do that is to have accounts with multiple bookmakers.

In order to help you keep your winning bookmaker account alive for a longer period of time, we have written an extensive guide with little tricks that will help you.

Welcome offers

The welcome bonuses are a significant reason to open an account with a new bookmaker. It is not a secret that to attract new customers the bookmakers put on the market the exciting offers as welcome bonuses.

Simply, if you want to place a £30 bet, why you should do it with your own money? You can find a good welcome offer, deposit the minimum required (In most cases is £10), and play with the given bonus money. Considering how easy and quickly it is to open a new account with a bookmaker, you can’t miss taking advantage of good welcome deals before placing your bets.

Of course, there are always wagering requirements, but in this competitive industry, you can find something worthwhile with just a few clicks on our Welcome offers page.

Special offers

The bookmakers provide a big number of special offers, free bets, league/tournament special bonuses, and others. Surely, you can’t find all special offers with only one bookmaker, and the best way to use various exclusive bonuses is to open accounts with multiple bookmakers. That’s how continuously you will be able to add extra cash in your betting bank. By using multiple bookmaker accounts you will regularly benefit from special offers, free bets, and deposit bonuses.

For example, if you like both football and horse racing, and on Saturday you want to place 2 bets on those sports you can do it through 2 special offers, and you can receive your stake back if you lose, or to get a free bet regardless of the outcome.

Although some bookmakers can supply you with special offers for both sports, this is not seen often. If you want to find the best special offers, just check our Special offer page, where we gathered a big number of bonuses for existing customers.


To have multiple accounts gives you flexibility when it comes to betting on less popular sports. If your bookmaker is not offering all sports or leagues that you need to place a bet, simply find someone else who will provide you with what you are looking for.

There are a number of bookmakers, and honestly, there is no sense to stick with just one and miss the opportunity to place a profitable bet on a specific sport where you are more knowledgeable.

Following tipsters

If you and your friends buy a tipster service and so far it has great results (always be careful when deciding to follow a tipster, use platform that verify their results), we advise you to consider opening accounts with multiple bookmakers. Why? Because when you and your mates place the same bets all in one place, soon the bookmaker will realise that the accounts are either linked or you have the same source of information.

That will result in a few scenarios first is to have the selection odds shorten, second limit your account or even remove the market. That’s why the best strategy for you will be to place the tip with different bookmakers, as that will not attract attention and will allow you to enjoy profiting from the tipster for a longer period of time.

User Experience

We all know that different bookmakers have different terms and conditions, design navigation and other things that will influence your experience.

Anytime when you open a new account with some bookmaker, you will find special terms and conditions that you will have to follow. The rules apply for deposit/withdrawal limits, markets for betting, commissions, and so on. Once you have the experience with various bookmakers, you will know where it is the best place for you to place a particular bet.


If you often travel abroad, you will face bookmakers’ licenses issues. When you want to place a bet and you are not in the country where you are living, it is possible to won’t be able to enter your bookmaker’s website, because it is not licensed in the country where you are currently.

The best way to avoid that unpleasant situation is having different bookmakers’ accounts. We advise you anytime when you open an account with a new bookmaker to check the list with the restricted countries that will ensure you are never negatively surprised.

How to keep everything organized?

If you have multiple accounts, and you have money in all of them, you will need to make special efforts to manage all your records. Luckily, we have developed a tool that you can use and manage 10 bookmakers with the same ease as one.

It is part of our sports betting portfolio management software and it is called ‘’My betting portfolio’’. Once you open/ log in to your account you will be able to track your bets, add all your bookmaker accounts, control your betting bank, check at any moment your current amount balance in each account, analyse your performance, and many others.

To sum up

We strongly advise you to take advantage of the new technologies and open multiple accounts with bookmakers. That will significantly increase your chances and opportunities to achieve sport betting profits.

By using multiple sportsbook accounts you can benefit from dozens of special offers and bonuses, an enormous amount of sport and betting markets as well as high odds while having the freedom to place a bet in various countries. We hope that this article will help you with your future betting activities, and will save you the time to consider whether having multiple accounts is worthwhile.

Frequently asked questions

Still not sure about the positives of having multiple betting accounts? We gathered the answers to some of the frequent questions and uncertainties on the topic.

  1. Is it illegal to use more than one sportsbook account?

You don’t have to worry about opening accounts with multiple betting companies. It is completely legal, actually, it is like shopping in several supermarkets, you can go wherever you want, and choose the one that gives you the best deal at the moment.

  1. Do I need to deposit money when I open a new account with a bookmaker?

No, this it is not mandatory but it is recommended. However, we advise you do that right after registration in order to not miss the opportunity to place a bet while you wait for your money to arrive in your betting account. In the betting industry, speed and agility are crucial.

Another reason to deposit money when opening account with a new bookmaker is the welcome bonus. Every time when you open an account, read the small print and understand how the welcome offer works. Most of the welcome bonuses have time to be used (meaning that you have to deposit money in this time), which varies between 7 days and 90 days after registration.

  1. How many accounts I should open?

This decision is up to you. There are no requirements or a success formula about how many accounts you need to open in order to enjoy high profits. Yet, adding more accounts will bring you extra betting opportunities. To answer the question with some statistics, on average, the regular betting punters use between 3 and 5 betting accounts.

  1. I am restricted to have only one account per bookmaker?

Yes, you can only open an account with a certain bookmaker just once.

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