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The Matched Betting Calculator is your most helpful betting tool while you apply the strategy because it shows you the total profit, your liability, and all other important details for your bet. Our matched betting calculator is entirely free and uses the latest high-tech algorithms in order to show you quick and accurate results.

How to Use’s Matched Betting Calculator

  1.  Pick the stage from the matched betting strategy you are currently at. If you need to place your first bets in order to unlock the free bet from the bookmaker, choose the Qualifying Bet option. When you already have your free bet available and want to extract the guaranteed profit from it, choose the Free Bet option.
  2.  Add the details for your back bet at the bookmaker – the stake, odds and commission.
  3.  Add the details for your lay bet at the betting exchange – the odds and the commission.
  4.  Let’s Matched Betting Calculator do the job for you. It will only take a second.

Once the above 4 steps are completed, the Matched Betting Calculator will do all the calculations for you and will show you how much money you have to lay on the exchange. Our Matched Betting Calculator will also give you details about the potential monetary outcome for both the bookmaker and in the exchange. This is a nice, visualised way in which you can understand easier how your guaranteed profit is materialised.

What is Matched Betting

Matched betting is a popular strategy that initially originates from the United Kingdom and Ireland, but has subsequently started to expand its popularity across the world. As a result, it has become a preferred betting option for many punters. There are more and more people interested in earning a second income from matched betting activities, and this explains the high demand for matched betting tools and useful articles about this strategy.

Everything you need to know about matched betting and how to make the most of it together with our calculator is in our matched betting blog post. We strongly advise you to read it in full before starting with the strategy, as in this way you will be prepared for every situation you may encounter while using matched betting.

Matched betting is a strategy that allows bettors to make profit from bookies. Researching the web, you may come across various articles emphasising that there is no such thing as a guaranteed betting approach. However, matched betting is not gambling – thanks to the advanced Matched Betting Calculator it allows punters to avoid the gambling bit of betting.

Matched betting is a system that involves placing more than one bet, to ensure you end up with a guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome of the sports event. If we have to explain it at its simplest, matched betting is a clever way to make the most of bookmaker bonus offers by hedging the risk in the betting exchange.

If you want to execute this betting strategy, you have to make some calculations. In order to save time, we advise you to use our advanced Matched Betting Calculator, which will make everything much easier. It is pretty straightforward, and as each of our bet calculators, it does not really take that much to understand how it works.

What you really need is the following:

  1. Desire to spend some time learning.
  2. Ability to open accounts with various bookmakers.
  3. Some initial capital dedicated to matched betting.
  4. Matched Betting Calculator – in order to compute the lay stakes required.
  5. Free time on the weekends, when most of the games are played.

Initially, you may feel slightly uncomfortable with the idea to place quite a few bets per day, but there really is nothing to worry about – it will only take you a few days to build your matched betting routine. If you think that matched betting is not your thing, you can find plenty of betting strategies while you are exploring our website.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Matched Betting Calculator?

We always try to place customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities. That’s why we developed our Matched Betting Calculator, which will help you to facilitate your betting. We are well aware that many punters use the matched betting strategy to pocket some money.

By using our Matched Betting Calculator, you will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Time – It will save you precious time, which you can spend to open new accounts and use the bonuses for your matched betting strategy, which is its essence. Our calculator shows the results within a second, immediately after all fields are filled.
  2. Free of charge – Our Matched Betting Calculator is completely free. You can use it countless times for all your matched bets. We are here to help you extract the most possible value from this strategy.
  3. Automated – The manual calculations often bring errors. Using our Matched Betting Calculator will ensure that you avoid any human mistakes, and you know exactly how much you have to lay, or how much your guaranteed profit will be.
  4. User-Friendly – If you decide to give it a try, you will manage to use our calculator without any trouble. We have made it very straightforward, and specific sports betting experience is not required. After you use the calculator several times, you will feel completely comfortable with it.
  5. Devices – We know that not everyone is able to be in front of a PC all the time while they place bets. That’s why we’ve developed and designed all our betting tools to be accessible on any device – mobile (Android & iOS) or tablet. The same goes for our Matched Betting Calculator.

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