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Our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator is designed to help you quickly work out your potential winnings. The Lucky 15 Calculator is completely free to use, it is fully automated and can be used on all devices. If you do not feel comfortable with placing Lucky 15 bets due to a lack of understanding, don’t worry we have you covered. We will explain how Lucky 15 works in detail and provide easy-to-understand numerical examples.

How to Use’s Lucky 15 Calculator

Using our Lucky 15 Calculator is a very simple process and everyone can benefit from it. In order to check how much would be your profit and returns when placing Lucky 15 bets, you just have to fill in a few inputs.

  • In the left fields you have to fill the odds of your selections.
  • From the right drop-down menu, select the outcome of each selection.
  • Below those 2 steps, add the total stake, or the stake per bet.
  • Voila. After a second, your profit or loss will be calculated by our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator and automatically displayed to you.

No stress, no waiting, no errors, you have your profits and returns on the screen in front of you. Remember our mantra, to get the most out of the bookmakers you should always place your bets with the highest possible odds.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

If you are a bettor who wants to cover a range of outcomes and combine various bets into one multiple bet, you could consider using the Lucky 15 bet as one of the preferred options.  In its essence, Lucky 15 is a “full coverage bet” because it includes all possible combinations of multiple bets from four selections. The Lucky 15 bet consists of – 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a four-fold accumulator. It is a very popular type of bet among punters, especially for horse racing lovers, because its full coverage makes it a less risker bet than the standard multiple bet. The bet is similar to the Yankee bet, but the big difference is that the Lucky 15 bet includes 4 singles.

With Lucky 15 bet you are making 15 different bets, meaning that if you wish to place £1 per bet, your total stake would be £15. The good part of the bet is that it can generate you a return even if only 1 selection wins. Of course, more winning selections you have, the higher returns and profits you will receive. To stay on the top of your betting finance we advise you to use our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator before placing the actual bet so you are completely aware of how much you are risking and of course what is the potential profit.

You can place a Lucky 15 bet in pretty much any bookmaker, even more, most of them provide great bonuses for their customers who want to place a Lucky 15 bet. Usually, the bonuses are profit boosts, money back if one selection loses, or only one selection won, etc.

Lucky 15 Bet Example

To complete the topic with Lucky 15 bet, we want to take a look at one example, which will secure that you know how the bet works. Don’t forget you can use Lucky 15 in various sports, with various events, and even to combine different sports and events.

Let’s take a look at this simple horse racing example, and imagine that you’ve placed it with a £1 per bet or a total stake of £15. We are not applying any bonuses or profit boosts (which are usually provided by the bookmakers) in this example

  • Dream to win the 15:50, at odds of 3.00
  • Desire to win the 16:30, at odds of 4.00
  • Magic to win the 17:10, at odds of 4.50
  • Destiny to win the 18:50, at odds of 2.50

Option 1 – If only one selection wins (Dream at odds of 3.00), you will receive total returns of £3, means that you will be sitting at a loss of £12.

Option 2 – If two selections win (Dream-3.00, and Desire – 4.00), you will receive total returns of £19, means that you will have a total profit of £4.

Option 3 – If three of your selections win (Dream 3.00, Desire 4.00, and Magic 4.50), you will have total returns of £109 and total profits of £94.

Option 4 – If all selections win – You will have total returns of £384, with the significant total profit of £369 with your £15 Lucky 15 bet!

Notice that we just highlighted the process at its most straightforward way, but our Lucky 15 calculator made all calculations.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Lucky 15 Calculator?

As customer satisfaction is a top-of-mind for our company, we’ve developed Lucky 15 Calculator to facilitate your betting. Even the best punters and tipsters are looking for free and quick tools that can improve their betting. Errors are always possible while you calculate your profits and returns, so the best way to do it is through an automated calculator.

Our Lucky 15 Calculator is the most straightforward way for your calculations, and even if you are not familiar with any other calculators, you will not face any difficulties to use it.’s Lucky 15 Calculator advantages are:

  • The Lucky 15 Calculator is free to be used
  • It is developed to be easy and comfortable for each user
  • It is quick and shows your profits and returns immediately
  • It is detailed, and it shows you how much profit and returns you generate from each win selection
  • It is designed to be a helpful tool for everyone, and all calculations are done automatically.
  • It can be used 24/7 on any device, regardless of whether you use your mobile, PC or tablet.

In case you do not yet feel comfortable to place Lucky 15 bets, but you still need to compute the different type of bet we have developed various and free to use bet calculators. Feel more than welcome to go ahead and use Editorial Promise