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Yankee bet can be little confusing to newbies this is why we did not only developed Yankee Bet Calculator that will automatically compute the outcome for you, but we have also explained in detail what a Yankee bet is and provided a simple and understandable example. Feel welcome to use our free Yankee bet calculator to know the potential outcome of your bet.

How to Use Our Yankee Bet Calculator?

Our free Yankee Bet Calculator is more than easy to be used, even those who never used that type of calculator will manage to take advantage of it.

Firstly, you need to enter the odds of your 4 selections in the left fields in our Yankee Bet Calculator. In your right is located a drop-down menu, from which you have to select the outcomes of each selection. Below those 2 steps, you have to add the total stake of your bet, or stake per bet.

Since our Yankee Bet Calculator is 100% automated you will immediately, receive detailed information about the returns and the profits of each of your bet selections.

Remember that for the best results of your Yankee bets, we advise you always to use the best bookmakers’ odds as that will ensure maximum returns when you are winning.

Yankee Bet Example

As we explained below, Yankee bet is a betting system, which is composed of 11 bets. We know that at first 11 bets can sound a little overwhelming but remember that you can always use our Yankee Bet Calculator to calculate the potential return or loss on your bet. In order to be completely sure that you understand the nature of the Yankee bet here is a numerical example of how everything works.

We will use horse racing example as this sport is most popular for Yankee bets according to our research.

Lets’ imagine that you’ve placed the following selections with £1 stake per bet and total stake of £11:

  • Dream to win the 15:50 at odds of 2.83
  • Destiny to win the 16:30 at odds of 3.00
  • Magic to win the 17:10 at odds of 2.50
  • Desire to win the 18:50 at odds of 3.50

If Dream and Destiny are your only winning selections, you would be paid out on the one double that they create. Everything else would be count as a loss, which means that your total return will be £8.49 and you will be sitting at a loss of £2.51.

If Dream, Destiny, and Magic all win the races, you would be paid out on the three doubles and one treble that those selections create – a total return of £44.29, and total profit of £33.29.

If Dream, Destiny, Magic, and Desire all win, you would be paid out on the six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold that those selections create, which will generate you a total return of £228.46, and total profit of £217.47.

With that example, and within perfect conditions with your £11 stake you can make a significant profit of £217. Of course, this will be challenging, but in sports betting there are always a chance of amazing wins. If you have the right betting and sports knowledge, you know where the best odds are, and of course, you use the right Yankee combination, you can take an edge over the bookies and maximise your betting profits.

If you doubt the calculations in our example and the potential return looks too good to be true you can use the Yankee Bet Calculator above and test the outcome yourself.

What is Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is a combination of 4 selection bet that includes 11 separate bets. The bets that contain on the Yankee are – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator. Yankee bets are possible in most sports, but they are most common for horse racing, football, and greyhound racing. Bear in mind that this type of betting can’t be used on only one single event – 4 selections from 4 different games/events must be placed. This can be 4 horses, 4 football teams, or any other sports that you want to use for your Yankee bet. In addition, and if you want, you can combine different sports and place a bet across many sports.

In order to generate you a return, at least 2 selections that have been added on your Yankee bet must win. Before placing any Yankee bets, you have to check out how much the bet will cost you. As there are 11 bets being placed, your stake is multiplied by 11. So for example, if you want to put £1 per bet, the Yankee bet will cost you £11 in total. Notice that in some of the bookmakers you will need to use the drop-down menu on your bet slip to get this option, and to place your Yankee bet successfully.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Yankee Bet Calculator?

As we mentioned, Yankee bet involves various multiple selections. Calculating them by yourself can be a complicated task, and some errors are possible, especially for those who just started with that type of betting.

This is the main advantage of using’s Yankee Bet Calculator – it is simple, and it calculate your profits and returns very quickly. Furthermore, as all other bet calculators, we provide our Yankee Bet Calculator is 100% free to use and automated.

That’s why we’ve created this special and free Yankee Calculator in order to help you to make more educated and quick Yankee bets. Editorial Promise