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SportsBroker Review 2024 in the UK

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Up To £20 Matched Deposit
18+. For New Customers Only. Minimum deposit £10. Deposit will be matched with bonus funds. Minimum bet and payment method exclusions apply. Time limits and T&Cs apply. See full T&Cs below.
18+. T&Cs Apply.
  • Pros
  • Interesting format based on real results
  • Football and NFL Available
  • Speedy withdrawals
  • 24/7 support
  • Great attitude to responsible gambling
  • Cons
  • Limited payment methods
  • Could offer more sports
Written by Chris
Published on October 25, 2023
Updated on March 21, 2024

Our Summary

Founded in 2016, SportsBroker offer a different angle on sports betting to most online betting sites with their own exciting take on pool betting. It’s about studying the form, understanding the stats and knowing that winning isn’t everything because performance counts, too. Use your sports intelligence to pick not only the winning team but one that will outperform its opponent. When you place your bet on a team, you’re adding it to a team pool of bets from like-minded fans. Your team pool goes up against the opposition’s. Win and your team pool takes 70% of the opposition’s. Lose and they take 70% of yours. Draw and it’s all square and down to performance. This is a new approach which requires a different line in thinking to most forms of sports betting. Read our comprehensive SportsBroker review for more of an overview of this innovative platform.

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Bonus & Offers
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Sports, Leagues & Markets
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SportsBroker is an exciting pool betting platform based on results and performance. Pool betting with an exciting twist! provides something different to most of the other websites featured on  SportsBroker is pool-betting with an exciting twist. It transforms betting by placing focus on in-game performance in addition to the match result. If your team wins your know that your pool will get 70% of the opposition pool. Then, depending on how the team performed, based on match stats, you could gain another 30%. Likewise if your team loses, you know that 70% of the pool has gone to the opposition. However, depending on performance your losses could be reduced by 30%.

This is a summary of how it works:

  • When you bet on a team, your money is pooled with others who bet on the same team.
  • The aim is for your team’s pool to win money from the other team’s pool by winning the match and outperforming them.
  • If your team wins the match, your pool wins 70% of the opposing team’s pool. However, if they also perform better based on in-game stats, they can win up to 30% more, meaning you can win up to 100% of the opposing team’s pool.
  • If your team loses, your team’s pool will lose 70% to the other team’s pool, but if they outperform their opponent, they can reduce their losses by up to 30%.
  • As soon as the game ends and the bets are settled, you will win or lose an amount based on your bet size in proportion to the pool.
  • SportsBroker takes just 20% of the winnings of the team who made a profit.

I have analysed everything about SportsBroker, from the welcome offer, to the game play, promotions to customer support, in order to to give my verdict on their offering. 

SportsBroker is regulated by the UKGC

SportsBroker enables players to win money by participating in pool betting and is licensed by the British Gambling Commission (UKGC) with Account Number 62840.

SportsBroker’s website follows all safer gambling practices. They check that all of their customers are adults and perform KYC and AML checks. In addition, the website monitors its customers and has systems that prevent gambling harm and money laundering. 

The website makes reference to ‘safer gambling’ and have links to several outside agencies for any customers requiring help.

SportsBroker: Different to Football Index

SportsBroker started out a peer-to-peer trading platform where you would buy virtual shares in football clubs in, for example, the Premier League, and those shares increase or decrease in value based on real time performance.

They were always at pains to point out that they were completely different to Football Index which also functioned as a platform where players could trade shares, however, rather than investing in clubs punters invested in and traded in footballers.

BetIndex, who operated Football Index, was licensed by the UKGC until March 2021 when it was forced to enter administration following a mass withdrawal of customers after dividends on footballers were slashed.

The Gambling Commission was heavily criticised by MPs for licensing Football Index, as its fall-out led to customers being left £90 million out-of-pocket, reclaiming losses with administrators.

In theory, the business model used by SportsBroker is different to Football Index. Football Index paid out dividends on players for certain actions / media presence and bought and sold players at the price the player listed, meaning Football Index were paying winnings from the customers funds.

SportsBroker was based on two pots of funds in each team during a live match, those funds go up and down from pot to pot during a live match as certain events happen on the pitch. This meant the punters could enter and exit from this pot at any time instantly. The system worked by players winning money from players who have backed the opposite team if their team performs well, this meaning the platform is sustainable and all players’ finances are always secure.

Their shift to pool betting is similarly well organised.

What I analysed on SportsBroker

At, our research and analysis of any betting platform is always thorough. Putting together this SportsBroker review was no exception. We went in-depth, looking at every factor that matters to punters from security systems through to the welcome offer and payment methods.

Here are the main categories we covered with our Sportsbroker review: 

  1. Licensing 
  2. Leagues covered
  3. Options for bettors
  4. Promotions and bonuses
  5. Overall user experience
  6. Registration and verification process
  7. Depositing money
  8. Withdrawing your winnings
  9. Customer support and help centre

SportsBroker licensing, safety and trustworthiness

SportsBroker Ltd is licensed and regulated for the UK market. They are open and transparent and perform stringent checks on customers. UKGC License Number 62840

SportsBroker complete list of licences

Malta: Malta Gaming Authority (licence currently under voluntary suspension)

UK: British Gambling Commission – UKGC

What makes SportsBroker safe

Safety is paramount for all bookmakers. They handle a huge amount of personal information, and have a duty to keep your money protected. Responsible gambling must also be emphasised. Policies need to be in place to help bettors control their betting.

What makes a betting site safe

  1. Security of your funds
  2. Keeping personal data protected
  3. Current and applicable licences
  4. Responsible Gambling
  5. Easily accessible terms and conditions
  6. Additional information on staying safe

SportsBroker have a number of measures in place to ensure the safety of your money and your data. They have a responsible gaming section which includes a number of tools to help punters control their gaming and to enjoy the website in a safe and responsible manner, along with links to 

Sportsbroker: Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission
SportsBroker are a trustworthy company whp are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission.

Welcome offers and promos – bonuses at SportsBroker

SportsBroker offer a matched deposit up to £20 as a welcome bonus. Minimum deposit is £10. They will offer various other incentives and promos throughout the year, mainly based around promo codes for discounts.

SportsBroker new player bonus: Up to £20 matched deposit, miniumum £10 deposit

New players at SportsBroker receive up to  £20 matched deposit with a Up to £20 Deposit Match Signup Bonus – Terms and Conditions apply.

To participate in this promotion you must complete the registration process at SportsBroker and deposit a minimum of £10. You will receive free bonus funds equivalent to the amount of your first deposit, up to a maximum of £20 (your “Bonus Funds”).
In order to unlock the Bonus Funds for withdrawal, you must place a minimum of ten times the total value of your Bonus Funds (“Qualifying Bets”). Such Qualifying Bets can be made by using such Bonus Funds, funds from your Deposit Balance or a combination of Bonus Funds from your Bonus Balance and funds from your Deposit Balance. When you place a Bet, your Bonus Balance will be used first. Once you have made the necessary Qualifying Bets, your ‘Bonus Balance’ will be moved to your ‘Deposit Balance’ and will be available to withdraw. Other than in this instance, your Bonus Balance is not available for you to withdraw.
If you place a Bet using your Bonus Balance and: (a) the Bet wins (i.e. proceeds you receive are more than the original stake), the respective stake will remain in your Bonus Balance; (b) the Bet loses (i.e. proceeds you receive are more than the original stake), the respective stake will be removed from your Bonus Balance.
Your Bonus Funds balance (“Bonus Balance”) will be displayed separately to your deposited funds balance (“Deposit Balance”). When you place a Bet, your Bonus Balance will be used first. Any winnings from a Bet placed using either your Bonus Balance and Deposit Balance will be returned to your Deposit Balance.
Bonus Funds must be used within 30 days. If the Qualifying Bets to a minimum of ten times the total value of your Bonus Funds are not made within 30 days of the Bonus Funds being granted, they will be automatically removed from your Bonus Balance.

Your Deposit Balance may be withdrawn at any time, subject to any provisions in the SportsBroker General T&Cs

SportsBroker General T&Cs apply

By partaking in Up to £20 Deposit Match Signup Bonus, you confirm that you have read and understood and accepted the privacy policy.

SportsBroker game rules and general Terms and Conditions apply.

This promotion is available to individuals in the United Kingdom, aged 18 years and over who register as new customers of SportsBroker during the promotional period. For the avoidance of doubt, any customers who currently or have previously held an account with SportsBroker will be considered existing customers and will not be eligible for this promotion. SportsBroker may, at its absolute discretion, restrict who is eligible for this promotion.

SportsBroker Refer a Friend Bonus

When you refer a friend at SportsBroker, you and your friend get £25 each

SportsBroker VIP program/loyalty program

SportsBroker does not have a VIP program or a loyalty program at the time of writing. 

Solid welcome offer
Simon Flynn: The welcome offer is similar to many similar welcome offers from traditional sportsbooks, however it comes with a wagering requirement. There is also a refer a friend bonus. There are no other promos at the time of writing.

Sports and leagues available at SportsBroker

Sportsbroker currently offer pool betting in football and American Football. For football you can choose matches from the Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, MLS, J1 League, Eliteserien, Euros and other Internationals. They have also branched out into American Football with the NFL.


 Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, MLS, J1 League, Eliteserien, Euros, Internationals

American Football:


SportsBroker sports and leagues covered: A number of popular leagues covered
Simon Flynn: For UK punters the majority of the popular football leagues are covered, as well as American football’s NFL. I feel that La Liga and the Bundesliga would be popular if they were available. However, punters may also enjoy diversifying. Possibly the NBA might be a good addition, while it may be worth the company doing some market research to see if there is a demand for Rugby League and Rugby Union, or for cricket, especially with the IPL.

SportsBroker: How it works

SportsBroker .

SportsBroker: Dependent on real results and preformance statistics
Simon Flynn: The prices are consistent and the performance statisitics are standardised.

SportsBroker. What it is and how to play

SportsBroker is pool betting, where you can bet on a variety of football leagues, plus American Football’s NFL and your wins and losses are determined by results and performances.

SportsBroker: The aim and how to play

Sportsbroker is pool betting, based on both results and performances. In pool betting, when you place a bet on a team, your money goes into a team pool, this then goes head-to-head against the opposing team’s pool. The aim is to win money from your opponent’s pool based on 2 areas, the match result and how each team performs during the game.

How you win, how you lose, how the returns are calculated

As we have said it is the result and the performance that count with SportsBroker. This is how it is broken down:

Match result

To start with, the team that wins the match will take 70% from the other team’s pool, but in-game performance can increase or decrease this percentage. Let’s take a look at how that works:

In-Game Performance

Throughout the match, teams accumulate points based on in-game stats. The team with the points advantage will convert this to a percentage which will affect how much you can win, or reduce your losses by.

If your team is winning this is the additional percentage they will take from the opposing teams pool, up to a maximum of 30%.

If your team is losing, this is how much they will reduce their losses by, essentially clawing back some of their money up to a maximum of 30%.

If your team draws the team with the points advantage will take that percentage from the team with the fewest points, up to a maximum of 30%.

How Your Stake Affects Your Returns

When the full-time whistle blows, SportsBroker instantly settles up, with you winning or losing your proportionate cut of the team pool based on your original stake. SportsBroker take 20% of the rise in the winnings from the winning team’s pool.

Naturally, backing a winning underdog could result in a bigger return as less punters share the winning pot. It is up to you to study the form and select the team you believe will win the money from the other teams pool.

SportsBroker: How to get started and play

This is how to get going with SportsBroker and enjoy playing:

Getting Started

Download the SportsBroker App, register and then deposit a minimum of £10 to start betting. As stated earlier, SportsBroker will match the first deposit made by new customers by up to £20 (Terms and conditions apply).

Make your picks

Select a game from the matches list. We offer matches from the: Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, MLS, J1 League, Eliteserien, Euros, Internationals and NFL.

Study the upcoming matches and also the size of each team’s pool. The size of both team’s pools depends upon the total value of the bets placed on each team. The bigger a team pool, the more other sports fans think that team will win the match.

Once you’ve decided on a team to back, click on that team and place your bet. This is then added to your chosen team’s pool. When the match kicks off, all team pools are locked for the duration of the game and cannot be added to.

Results and performances

Win and your team pool wins 70% of the opposing team’s pool. Lose and the opposing team pool takes 70% of your team’s pool.

SportsBroker use official OPTA and SportsRadar stats to determine your performance score, each team gains or loses points for selected live events, and those points add up to give each team a points total.

Depending on how both teams perform you can also win up to an additional 30% of the opposition’s team pool if your team wins the match. So, it’s possible to dominate the match and take your share of 100% of the opposing team’s pool.

If your team loses but performs extremly well, you can reduce your losses by up to 30%, taking your loss to only 40% despite losing the match.

The difference in the points accumulated by each team equals the percentage gain for the team with the points advantage. For example, if Team A has 40 points and Team B has 20 points, that’s an advantage of 20 points for Team A – In the case Team A wins the match they will take an extra 20% from their opponent’s pool, if they lose the match they will reduce their 70% loss by 20% and in the case of a draw they will simply take 20% of their opponents pot.

Winnings are paid immediately after each match to your SportsBroker account balance. SportsBroker takes just 20% of any rise in value of the winning team’s pool. You can deposit to or withdraw money from your SportsBroker account at any time you wish.

How performance scores are calculated

SportsBroker are very open and transparent on how the performance scores are worked out. The company use official OPTA and SportsRadar stats to determine performance points.

Performance Points: Football

Shot on Target2.5
Corner Won0.4
Tackle Won0.4
Shot off Target1
Aerial Duel Won0.2
Ground Duel Won0.2
Shot Blocked1
Red Card-3
Yellow Card-0.75
Total Game Points Scored0.50
First Downs0.10
Passes Completed0.30
Passing Yards0.15
Rushing Yards0.22
Entered Red Zone0.20
Fields Goals Scored at 30-39 Yards0.30
Fields Goals Scored at 40-49 Yards0.90
Fields Goals Scored at 50 Yards and over1.80
Touchdown Conversion Points Scored0.50
2pt Touchdown Conversion Scored by Passing2.00
2pt Touchdown Conversion Scored by Rushing1.50
Interception by Defense2.00
Sacks on Opponent1.20
Fumbles Recovered0.50
Fumbles Forced on Opponent0.50
Safety Scored1.50
Kick Blocked (Field Goal or Punt)1.50
Fumbles Forced on Opponent by Special Teams0.50
Fumbles Recovered by Special Teams2.00
Touchdowns by Special Teams2.50
Missed Fields Goals-1.50
Touchdown Conversion Points Missed-1.50
Yards Lost from Sacks-0.50
Interceptions Thrown-1.00
Fumbles lost-1.00
SportsBroker: An innovative way to test your sporting knowledge using real time
Simon Flynn: For football fans and NFL fans who enjoy some recreational spending on the sport it is an exciting option, offering a different to try to profit from your footballing knowledge and understanding. 

How easy do I find it to use SportsBroker’s site?

To start with, I created an account and deposited funds, on the desktop version of the website.  The KYC section is very thoroughThe desktop version on both the PC and the mobile is smooth and functional, with a simple but pleasinfg design. It is a similar story on the mobile app.

I bought a few shares, did a bit of trading and looked at how things worked.  I contacted customer service and looked at the academy section and the bank of FAQ.

You can keep tabs on all the teams in your portfolio and how they are performing for you using the My Bets tab, while the Wallet tab is the equivalent of a cashier. The other tabs are Matches, which display the games which are scheduled for that day and the day after, and Leagues, where you can look at the leagues and teams available to add to your portfolio. Then there is the  Academy, which helps you get to grips with the gameplay, in the style of an interactive FAQ.

Desktop version👍
Mobile on the web👍
Mobile apps👍
  • Desktop: The desktop version is smooth, simple and pleasing to the eye.
  • Mobile on the web: The mobile website gives you everything that the PC version does
  • Mobile apps: The website feels simple, and SportsBroker have managed to condense things down into the app version. SportsBroker’s app is excellent. Almost all options are built into the interface so page loads are minimal which means everything feels free flowing, and in most cases you can get to where you want to be in 2 or 3 taps. It has clearly been designed from the user’s point of view. For example, certain useful elements you might want quick access to (such as the buy and sell options) will stick in place as you scroll through the rest of the info on the page, giving you the freedom you need to explore as well as remaining convenient. The app works in exactly the same way as the desktop site, making the experience very similar.
SportsBroker User Experience: Smooth, effective and pleasing to the eye
Simon Flynn: SportsBroker provide a smooth and effective experience on the PC, Mobile Desktop and App.

How to register a new account with SportsBroker?

Registering for an account with SBK is an easy process. Upon opening the app for the first time, you are prompted to ‘join SBK now’, which begins the pain-free registration process.

Here are the steps to register for your account:

  1. Click on “sign up”
  2. Enter your email, create a password and opt in to the bonus.
  3. Complete your personal details
  4. Agree to terms and conditions
  5. Complete process and then verify account
  6. Deposit, claim bonus and get started
Quick and easy sign-up process at SportsBroker
Simon Flynn: Smooth and straightforward sign up process.

Documents and information you need to share with SportsBroker to open an account

It is necessary to provide SBK with documentation to verify your identity before you can place wagers and claim winnings. This is standard practice for UK bookmakers.

SportsBroker will ask for:

  • Two forms of identification, for example drivers licence and passport
  • Documents with your address (bank statements, utility bills, less than three months old)

SportsBroker at times, might also ask for evidence of funds. In this case, you would need to provide one of the following:

  • Evidence of betting winnings
  • Payslips
  • Bank statements
Thorough verification process at SportsBroker
Simon Flynn: Just like the seamless registration process, verifying your identity is very easy at SportsBroker. If there are no issues, you should be fully verified within a matter of hours. They do, however, tick every box in terms of proof of age, identity and address so ensure you have the necessary documentation to hand.

How reliable are SportsBroker’s payment methods?

SportsBroker only accepts payments from debit cards. However, the system for withdrawals and deposits is straightforward, fair and fairly quick. 

Payment methodMin depositMax withdrawalAverage deposit timeAverage withdrawal time
Visa£10N/AInstant1-6 days
Mastercard£10N/AInstant1-6 days
Maestro£10N/AInstant1-6 days
Quick and effective payments at SportsBroker, but debit cards only
Simon Flynn: While payments are straightforward and quick enough some punters may prefer more payment options as the site only accepts debit cards.

Cryptocurrency available at SportsBroker

SportsBroker does not enable customers to deposit or withdraw funds using cryptocurrency. 

Time to collect your winnings? Here’s how to withdraw your winnings from SportsBroker

Withdrawals are quick and easy at SportsBroker. Your cash can be in your bank account on the same day.

Here are the steps to withdraw your winnings:

Step by step guide on how to withdraw from SportsBroker

  1. Go to wallet
  2. Click on “withdraw”
  3. Choose the amount you want to withdraw/the method of withdrawal
  4. Confirm the withdrawal of funds.
  5. Check your account to make sure the transaction has been processed and wait for the cash to arrive.
Straightforward withdrawal process at SportsBroker
Simon Flynn: Punters should have no issues withdrawing their funds at SportsBroker. There isn’t much information to fill out, and most transactions will be processed quickly.

Is SportsBroker’s customer support actually helpful?

SportsBroker give customers the option to make contact through email and live chat. They provide effective and prompt customer service. They are active on X (formerly known as Twitter) at the @SportsBroker handle Their academy boasts a robust FAQ section.

Email👍[email protected]1-24 hours
Live chat👍On website24/7
Excellent customer support
Simon Flynn: All interactions with SportsBroker’s customer support were excellent. Informative and able to address any issues.

Responsible gambling

SportsBroker has a comprehensive Safer Gambling section. There are links to Be Gamble Aware and a number of tools to help customers.

Customers are reminded that SportsBroker is a real money gaming app and that they should play responsibly.

There is the option right at the outset to set deposit limits. Tools available include:

  • Setting your deposit limits This limits the amount of money you are able to deposit into your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can set this directly within your account or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Setting your ordering limits This limits the amount of money that you are able to use on orders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Set this directly within your account or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Player history This is a summary of all your orders, results, deposits, withdrawals and pending orders. View it directly within your account or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Self-Exclusion You can stop placing orders within your account for a period of time of your choosing. Set this directly within your account or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Account Closure You can close your account indefinitely. Set this directly within your account or contact customer support for assistance.
Safer Gambling measures at SportsBroker
Simon Flynn: SportsBroker take responsible gambling very seriously. They have a number of tools available and urge customers to play responsibly. Their attitude to this underscores their reputation as a responsible and transparent company.

Conclusion – An innovative real money gaming site dependant on real-time sport

SportsBroker is an innovative and interesting platform, which allows you to put your knowledge and understanding of Football and/or NFL. It is an enjoyable pool betting platform where your sporting knowledge can increase your chances of making a profit. The website takes responsible gambling very seriously, provide excellent customer support. In the past their excellent academy section was excellent and allowed players to get to grips with the ins and outs of the gameplay. Hopefully, the academy will provide similar advice for pool betting.

The site would benefit from more payment methods being available and it would be interesting to see some more sports and leagues added. Overall the site makes an interesting change from traditional sports betting and adds greater interest for sports fans who have some cash to spend on their favourite sport.

Other sites to consider

If you enjoyed SportsBroker you might enjoy SpreadEx, where you can enjoy spread betting as well as their fixed odds sportsbook. 

Check out the best betting sites in the UK with

Frequently Asked Questions provides something different to most of the other websites featured on  SportsBroker is pool-betting with an exciting twist. It transforms betting by placing focus on in-game performance in addition to the match result. If your team wins your know that your pool will get 70% of the opposition pool. Then, depending on how the team performed, based on match stats, you could gain another 30%. Likewise if your team loses, you know that 70% of the pool has gone to the opposition. However, depending on performance your losses could be reduced by 30%.

No. Debit cards are the only banking option.

Yes, they have a UKGC license and a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Pool betting is when you place a bet on a team, your money goes into a team pool, this then goes head-to-head against the opposing team’s pool.


Chris is a former athlete and a qualified PE teacher. He is a keen football fan, watching many matches at different levels throughout the season, and enjoys following many different sports. With betting and sports sites, he has a keen eye for detail and can to highlight positives and negatives for users. His experience in sport as a performer, teacher, writer and fan allows him to see things from many different perspectives. Editorial Promise