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Smarkets Exchange

Smarkets Exchange
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Written by Janne
Published on June 15, 2022
Updated on February 20, 2024

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Smarkets Exchange
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Claim Your Smarkets Welcome Bonus

A different type of betting hit the scene a couple of decades ago, something that some punters love, while others struggle to get on with the new concept. This is exchange betting, where you place bets against someone else, rather than with a bookmaker.

Smarkets are one of the options for those who want to play the exchanges, rather than betting with a traditional bookmaker. This gives you the option to place a bet on something to win, or accept a bet and act as the bookmaker, so you are wagering on an outcome to lose in this instance.

Best of all, Smarkets offer their new players a welcome bonus to get started, so you can explore the site, check out the markets and see if this type of gambling is really the right thing for you.

How to Claim the Smarkets Welcome Bonus?

The moment you arrive on the Smarkets website, you will realise that the basis of their entire business model is simplicity. As black and white clash in a minimalist user interface, everything is accessible and highly visible. The process of claiming your welcome bonus takes a minute or two and you’ll see the money in your account almost instantly. Complete the following steps to claim your welcome bonus.

  1. Go to through the button below.
  2. Click the Sign-Up box, which is located in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  3. Input your personal data into the registration form. Don’t make any mistakes, as that might lead to the blocking of your account.
  4. Go to the Deposit section.
  5. Now, pick any payment processing platform and deposit at least £20, which is the minimum amount if you wish to be eligible for the Smarkets welcome bonus. Before you make your choice in terms of payment options, know that Skrill and Neteller transactions make you ineligible for the welcome bonuses. Cards or bank transfers are the way to go.

That’s all there is to do, when you have completed those steps, the welcome bonus will be in your account and you will be free to begin exploring this site and everything it has to offer.Offer Image

Can I Combine My Smarkets Welcome Bonus with Other Offers?

Unfortunately, no. The description of the welcome bonus clearly states that it’s not possible to combine the promotion with any other offer meant for new customers. While this may be disappointing to some, keep in mind that this welcome bonus enables you to explore Smarkets in its entirety.

What Do I Gain from Claiming the Smarkets Welcome Bonus?

A lot, actually. Most punters don’t realise it, but betting with a welcome bonus essentially means being free to enjoy taking punts however you like, without worrying too much about the outcome.

It’s simple – you get a gift from Smarkets and you’re free to use it across the entire website.

This gives you an excellent chance to see if the brand’s cutting-edge design and features are enough to appease your requirements. With a welcome bonus, you can explore the site, place some bets and know the funds will be given back to you on losses as part of the bonus.

Smarkets Everything You Need to Know

Smarkets launched as a betting exchange all the way back in 2008, and it has grown significantly since then to become one of the major players in the exchange betting industry.

But where does Smarkets’ betting experience rank among the exchange elite? Let’s take a look.

Why do people use betting exchanges?

Ultimately, the main difference between a bookmaker and an exchange is you get a great deal more control when using exchanges. The provider of the exchange acts only as an intermediary between punters who are betting against each other, meaning their business model isn’t reliant on enticing you to place losing bets.

Exchanges make their money on a basis of a commission fee. In comparison to a regular bookie who will ensure that any odds on their site are in their favour, the odds on an exchange are completely dictated by the punters, making them an enticing prospect for bettors who want to squeeze a little bit of extra profit.

Think of it this way. If the odds on offer with a bookmaker are bigger than the exchange, everyone will bet with the bookmaker in question. To entice people in, exchange layers have got to go a step further, and be the biggest on the market, if they want people to bet with them.

With no bookmaker margin here, the odds available on an exchange are often where you will find that little bit of extra value.Offer Image

Smarkets Commission

In terms of commission, Smarkets offer a very competitive 2% commission on all bets made on the exchange. This reduced commission is also a carrot for matched bettors, as over time it can greatly reduce the amount of qualifying losses a player can make in order to trigger free bets and bonuses.

Smarkets User Interface

The layout is predominantly black, which really is great for your eyes if you are on the site for a long time, as well as for the late-night gamblers. Back bets are represented by green buttons, while blue is the colour you want for the the lay options.

The load time as you navigate between markets is also very quick. If you’re in a rush to place bets, then you can be confident that the site speed won’t let you down.

In fact, at the time of writing, Smarkets beat Betfair in a couple of online site speed tests.

Smarkets Liquidity

This is something that is hugely important to serious exchange users, who rely on big liquidities in order to place their most profitable bets.

“What is liquidity”, I hear you ask? Well, liquidity is the amount of money that is available for punters to bet against. Let’s say there is a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona coming, and you want to bet against the Barca win…

In order to do this, you need enough people to have bet for the Barcelona victory, as this will make up the potential winnings from your lay bet. If there is no liquidity on the opposite side of your bet, you’re in trouble, as exchanges like Smarkets will not pay you out of their own pocket.

The only way exchanges work is if there is enough people wanting to wager on both sides of the bet. The good news is that based on what we have seen here from Smarkets, that appears to be the case, especially as you move closer to kick off.

Smarkets Markets

Markets on exchange betting sites cannot be compared to bookmakers. As we’ve just mentioned above, liquidity is needed on the exchanges, so if many markets are available, that will be spread thin and it will be harder for you to get your bets on.

Smarkets are a little behind Betfair in terms of markets, though not by much, and there is a great range of choice on offer here. This is certainly the case when it comes to what sports you can bet on too.

The key for a good exchange is to have the right balance between the number of markets and the liquidity on offer, and Smarkets appear to have the right balance at the moment.Offer Image

Smarkets Betting In-Play

Something which drags Smarkets down in comparison to its competitors is the limited options when it comes to betting in-play. This is not necessarily with the events that are available, but down to the markets that are on offer, which are pretty limited.

However, as we have already mentioned, markets available are linked to liquidity, and if Smarkets feel there are enough users on the site to warrant them opening up more markets, they will surely do that in the future.

One thing that Smarkets recently introduced which is of use in the in-play market is their “Trade out” function. This works in largely the same way as cash out, but the Smarkets tool allows you to trade out individual bets within a market, so you are getting out of a single bet, not your full wagers on the market.

Smarkets App

We’re all busy people who are no longer at home and ready to bet, and for this reason, betting apps have being created and become a staple for many punters.

Smarkets have put together a great betting app that you can use to place your wagers while you are on the go, so no need to wait until you are home, and you won’t miss a thing. Touch ID verification is available for Apple users, meaning you needn’t worry about fiddling around with usernames and passwords when you’re in a rush.

The layout is very smooth, which enables you to get anywhere you need very quickly. It just feels that little bit easier to glide across different markets when using the Smarkets app, which over a long period of time means a lot of extra minutes and hours saved.

All the essentials are available to you within just one tap of the Smarkets app. The homepage shows users the most popular & relevant markets, so if you bet on the big events, you are likely to find them here.

Smarkets Wellbeing Measures

We at think it’s important to let you know about the measures that bookmakers take to ensure that you do not bet yourself into trouble.

Smarkets offer limits on deposits, potential losses and stakes, while also offering users the option to take a break of up to six weeks from their platform.

Self-exclusion is also an option for punters who feel that they want to take a slightly more extended break from the site. Smarkets have made this very easy to do on their site and app. Proceeding with self-exclusion locks your account for six months.

Smarkets Overall

Smarkets has enjoyed fantastic growth, particularly in the last couple of years, to really offer exchange players an alternative to Betfair, who previously dominated the market.

It will be more years before Smarkets reaches parity with Betfair at the top of the exchange stakes, but they are currently doing all the right things to ensure marginal gains are made.

First up, their website and app are among the most slick on the market. Switching between markets is an absolute breeze, and when time is at premium, those extra seconds count in the world of exchange betting.

The commission of just 2% is also a great carrot for pulling in new users. Betting exchanges should always be about the players, and Smarkets is well aware of that. Those two facets combine to make Smarkets a fantastic alternative to the Betfair Exchange. However, they still need to do a little bit more in order to take themselves to the top.

Smarkets could probably do with a few more markets on their site, to entice more international punters. With exchanges, it’s usually a case of “liquidity first, markets second”, so we reckon if Smarkets’ fast growth continues in the form of more players with more cash to spend, more markets will be available soon.

Finally, Smarkets need to step up their game with the in-play markets they offer if they are to close the gap between themselves and the big boys. At the moment, the options available to punters are pretty disappointing, which makes it unlikely that Smarkets would be the one-stop shop for punters looking to do all of their betting in one place.

But on the whole, Smarkets is an excellent site with a lot of redeeming features. They still have work to do to reach the very highest echelons of the sports betting market, but thanks to its competitive commission structure and an excellent user interface, they are well on their way.

If you do not like Smarkets and based on our review you do not feel comfortable to open an account with them – we advise to check our bookmaker offers page where you can find many other bookmaker reviews and offers.

All of our reviews are 100% objective and always try to show both the pros and cons of having an account with a certain bookmaker. If you believe some of our reviews needs to be improved, please let us know.

Activating Your Smarkets Exchange Bonus Code in 4 steps

  • Copy the Smarkets Exchange bonus code from
  • Follow the link on our page and you will be met with a registration form on the website
  • Enter your bonus code in the blank space above which is written “Bonus code”
  • Fill in all the necessary information and start playing on Smarkets Exchange

Everything You Can Accomplish with a Smarkets Bonus Code

When former equities trader Jason Trost started Smarkets with a team of 35 experts, everyone was interested in their ideas about reshaping the gaming industry. 11 years later and the excitement still hasn’t subsided.

One of the reasons for Smarkets’ consistent success is a carefully designed bonus code system. Whatever type of sports betting you want, there is a bonus code for everything. In this guide, you’ll find out everything there is to know about the Smarkets bonus code.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of the Smarkets Bonus Code Offer

What makes punters from across the globe flock to get their own Smarkets bonus code? Well, perhaps the main reason could be the fact that a bonus code is a free trial of sorts.

Smarkets is aware that most gamblers don’t want to trust a bookie with a lot of money when they try them out. So, they provide incentives to allow customers to explore all the features and play in a relaxed environment.

There are also options for combining the bonus code with tools like the football predictions from With good enough tips, you will be able to tip the scales and have a greater chance of placing a winning bet.Offer Image

How Good is the Smarkets Bonus Code?

We don’t blame you for asking, mainly due to the fact that many bookmakers often balance between the lucrativeness of the rewards and betting freedom. A good bonus code is supposed to give you the ability to bet anywhere on the site if you desire to do so. For instance, if a bonus code gives you £1,000 worth of free bets on ice hockey, it’s worthless if you’re not a fan of this particular sport. You should be able to bet anywhere and that’s precisely what you get from a Smarkets bonus code. There’s currently only one offered:

Smarkets Bonus Code for Literally Everything


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this bonus code, you have to know that deposits via Skrill or Neteller render you ineligible for the reward. A minimum deposit of £20 is needed for you to be able to redeem the award. Then go and make your bets on the site, and if you lose then Smarkets will refund up to £10 of your losses, to give you another chance to win. It’s a simple offer, and one that allows you to go ahead and find out more about this website and how it works.


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