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How to Use’s Sure Bet Calculator

Using our Sure Bet Calculator is not something difficult, so even if you are not familiar with any betting calculators, you will get used with the calculator very quickly. All you have to do is to fill only a few things – the type of the bet, the odds, and the total stake that you are willing to invest in your bet. Our Sure Bet Calculator will do all other calculations within a second and will replace all the annoying manual calculations.

Follow those steps when you use our Sure Bet Calculator:

  1. Choose whether you want to place a 2-way or 3-way Surebet.
  2. Add the odds for all selections.
  3. Add the entire stake you wish to use for your bet.
  4. Within a second, you will be able to see the amounts that you have to allocate in order to lock your bet into sure profit.
  5. Decide whether to place a real bet or not. hint – to keep your account open for longer please make sure you round the number when placing a Surebet. For example, if our Sure Bet Calculator shows you that you have to place a bet with of £49.12, please place a bet of £50. By adopting this approach to your Sure betting strategy, you will increase the chances of making money in the long run as you will keep your bookmaker account opened for longer! Furthermore, in order to avoid limitations, we advise you to change the bookmakers that you use for Sure bets regularly, which will help you to stay away from bookmakers’ radar.

What is a Surebet

Please note this is a brief explanation of what is a Surebet, and if you want to learn more about the topic, check out our comprehensive guide that covers everything from A to Z.

Surebet (Arbitrage, arb) is a situation from which regardless of the outcome of the event, the punter guarantees profit on their bet placed. Surebet is an opportunity that occurs due to market inefficiency and different odds being quoted by various bookmakers. Surebet opportunities can exist in many sports and betting markets, all you need is to be dedicated, fast, and prepared with a Sure Bet Calculator, which will calculate the amounts that you need to apply. Keep in mind that in some occasions the tipsters that you are following could provide Surebet tips, but you have to place them very quickly because the bookies are smart and once they notice unusual activity, the market or the odds will be removed.

Surebet Example

If you decide to use the Surebet strategy, you have to know that it could bring you steady profits with no or little risk. Our betting experience has proven that the strategy is profitable in the long term, and if you want to make incredible winnings for a few days, this approach is not yours.

However, in order to show how Surebet works, we would like to give you the following example, which was calculated by our Sure Bet Calculator.

Event – Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic
Odds Federer to win on Unibet 2.10, odds Djokovic to win on William Hill 2.20.
Place one £10 on Federer to win on Unibet and £10 Djokovic to win on William Hill:
Total stake – £20
Potential wins Unibet – £21
Potential wins William Hill – £22

By placing a Surebet regardless of the outcome, we have guaranteed profit – if Djokovic wins we will make £2 and in case Federer wins we will make £1.

Of course, as with everything in sports betting, we should be careful about unexpected pitfalls. Bookmakers can in some occasions change their odds quite quickly so by the time you have placed your bet in bookie A the odds in bookie B may have changed and potentially cause you some serious financial damages. So our advice is to start with small stakes and gradually increase the amount of funds you place on Surebets.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Sure Bet Calculator? Sure Bet Calculator is a useful tool that will help you check whether a certain betting odds create a Surebet (also known as arbitrage) opportunity. Use it to quickly calculate the specific stakes you have to use in order to place a bet on each outcome of the event! By knowing the correct amount with which you have to place a bet, you put yourself in a position where you make a profit regardless of the outcome of the event – therefore you have Surebet.

You can use our Sure Bet Calculator to compute the stakes for 3 – way Surebet, for example, 1X2 market, as well as for 2 – way Surebet for instance, over/under markets. In both cases, all you have to do is to add the odds for the selection as well as the entire stake – once that is done, our calculator will automatically do the maths for you. Keep in mind that, you can use our Sure Bet calculator for free, on any of your devices (PC, mobile, or tablet), and as much as you want. Having a good set of betting tools and features will definitely boost your betting knowledge, and you will have more chance to beat the bookies.

Of course, you might want to use another approach for your betting, so explore a bit our website, and take advantage of the countless articles, features, and betting opportunities. We’ve created all of them with the primary goal to help the punters in their betting journey. Editorial Promise