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We are well aware that most of the bettors are placing regular accumulators or single bets, but a big part of them may not realise how many various betting types there are around.

Following the fact that delivering exceptional customer experience is our first priority, we’ve developed free Patent Bet Calculator. It will help you to calculate your Patent bets’ profits and returns quickly and will save you plenty of time no matter if you are a beginner with that type of bets or not.

If you are wondering about how Patent bets and Patent Bet Calculator work, we would like to enhance your betting knowledge by providing detailed information about the bet and the user-friendly Patent Bet Calculator.

How to Use’s Patent Bet Calculator?

Using our Patent Bet Calculator does not pose a difficulty, as it is developed to be very handy. Our priority is to provide simple but at the same time very useful tools and this will never change. What do you need in order to use our Patent Bet Calculator? Only bookmakers’ odds for your selections, their outcomes, and the stake that you are willing to spend. The calculator will do the rest automatically, while you are deciding whether to place a real bet or not.

How does the Patent Bet Calculator work?

  • In the left field, you have to enter the odds that you are using for your Patent bet.
  • From the drop-down menu in the right, select the outcomes of each selection.
  • Add the stake that you wish under those 2 steps.
  • The Patent Bet Calculator will provide you with details about the profits and returns of your bet.

Same as each of our bet calculators, the Patent Bet Calculator is designed to be easily accessible to everyone who wants to use it. Its major advantages include replacing all the manual work and saving you precious time for additional calculations.

What is a Patent Bet?

A Patent bet is a bet type that requires you to place 7 bets from 3 different events. It includes 3 singles, 3 doubles, and 1 treble bet. The good part of this bet type is that it could generate you a return even if only one selection wins. Patent bet is also known as a “full coverage bet” because all possible outcomes are covered by it. In simple words, if you have one winner from three selections, you will receive a return, but in order to generate a profit, in most of the cases, all three selections have to win.

As the Patent bet consists of 7 different bets, if you wish to place it with £1 per bet for example, your total bet would be £7, which is an affordable amount. The prospects for low initial investment and high possible returns explain why this type of bet is so popular among punters and tipsters. Besides, if all selections win, the Patent bet could generate you a bigger profit than the regular multiple bet, and this is one more reason to consider using it.

Of course, more win selections mean bigger returns, so make sure that you select the right events for your Patent bet.

The bookmakers regularly provide offers in order to impress the punters that want to place a Patent bet. Moreover, the best bookies enhance the winnings if all selections win (usually with 10% or 20%). Patent bet works in every sport, and you can use it completely if you are a football fan, horse racing lover, or interested in any other sport.

Patent Bet Example

Patent bet is a system that would be very advantageous for each betting punter. Of course, in the beginning, you may face some troubles to make everything manually, so we advise you to use our Patent Bet Calculator, it will help you with all the calculations. With the next example, we would like to show you how the bet works and how the profits and returns are calculated.

Let’s assume that we want to place a Patent bet on football with £2 per bet, which means £14 in total.

  • We are predicting that Real Madrid will beat Barcelona at odds of 3.00.
  • We think that Inter Milan will defeat Juventus at odds of 2.80.
  • We believe that Liverpool will outscore Manchester United at Old Trafford at odds of 3.10.

We will make it easy to understand, and we will cover only three scenarios of the bet:

  • If only Real Madrid wins, we will have £5 returns, and a total profit of -£8.
  • If Real Madrid and Inter Milan, win we will receive £28.40 returns and a total profit of £14.40.
  • If all three selections win, we will have £122.64 returns, and we will enjoy a net profit of £108.64!

This simple example shows why the Patent bet is so preferred among the punters. It covers you even if only one selection wins, and generates a good profit if two or three selections win. In the example above, we used the best bookmakers’ odds, and we advise everyone to do the same while placing their Patent bets.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Patent Bet Calculator?

By putting customer satisfaction at the centre of our business, we are always aiming to develop beneficial tools. Our Patent Bet Calculator is one of those features that will make punters’ life easier and will help everyone whose intention is to make more educated betting decisions.

The main advantages of’s Patent Bet Calculator are:

  • It replaces the manual calculations with automated results, and protects you from any mathematical errors.
  • The Patent Bet Calculator is free, so you are able to take advantage of it 24/7 without having to pay any money.
  • It is very user-friendly, and it does not require any extra betting knowledge or skills.
  • It is the perfect solution if you are in a hurry to place a Patent bet. The calculator will show you the potential winnings instantly. 
  • It works on any of your devices (PC, tablet, mobile both IOS or Android)

Placing a Patent bet is not so complicated, and thanks to our Patent Bet Calculator, you can manage your bets very easily and quickly. We made the calculator for anyone who is eager to explore the Patent bet or for ones who prefer that type of bet style. However, even if you are not a big fan of Patent bets, you can check the calculator in order to enhance your betting knowledge. Editorial Promise