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How to Use’s Odds Calculator?

Our Odds Calculator is developed to make things simple. The Odds Calculator only requires you to enter the value of the odds into the cell describing the initial format of the odds – everything else is automated. It will literally get the job done for you on 4 steps as described below:

  1. Enter the original odds into the corresponding cell of the Odds Calculator. For example, if you want to convert fractional odds into decimals, simply enter the fraction odds into the cell.
  2. Once you enter the original cell into the appropriate cell, we will do the computing automatically for you.
  3. Add the stake with which you are planning to bet.
  4. We will show you the potential payout based on the odds and stake you have entered.

Once the above 4 steps are entered,’s Odds Calculator will do the computing for you and will show you immediately the exact value of the odds in the format you are interested in. Further, it will calculate the potential winning for you, meaning that you can have an understanding of the big picture. By knowing the exact value of the odds, you can estimate the potential return of your wagers accurately, and plan your betting moves.

What is Betting Odds

Understanding the idea behind the betting odds and how they work is fundamentally important about your betting results. So let’s actually try to answer the major question – “What are odds? “. The easiest way to explain what odds are is by saying that they are a numerical representation of how likely it is an event to happen. In betting it is slightly different as the odds are a representation of payoff to stake, for example, they tell you how much you will money you receive back if your bet wins.

To clarify further betting odds are linked to the probability of the event in question so if you take the throwing of a die as an example, you know that it has six sides each with a different number on it from one to six. This means that the probability of throwing a three is 5/1 as every one time you get three you would expect another five times to get one of the other numbers.

There are various betting odds formats, and probably the most popular once are decimals (1.36), fractional (2/1) and American (-100). Decimals odds are widely popular in Europe, fractional odds are the most common once in the United Kingdom, and as the name suggest the American odds are the most popular in American and some Asian countries. If you travel in a country that the majority of people and bookmakers use different odds format from yours, you can easily use the Odds Calculator, and convert the odds into your preferred format. Of course, you can use a mathematical formula to do that manually, but the best and quickest way is to benefit from the technologies available and use our Odds Calculator. Keep in mind that, the Odds Calculator is also known as an odds converter, so if you are speaking with someone who talks about odds converter, they are referring to Odds Calculator.

Furthermore, if you are using tipsters for your betting, and they are applying different odds format, you might be confused. That’s why we advise you to have on hand a quick Odds Calculator, which will make sure that you won’t miss good betting advice even though you are not familiar with some odds format. Besides, we have covered the topics of how to convert odds in an extensive guide and provide detail explanation how to do it – so if you are that type of a person fell welcome to read “How to convert betting odds” where you will find everything you need.

Alternatively, you can use our Odds Calculator above, which will help you to have everything automatically calculated in just seconds, without any charges.

Odds Calculator Example

Most of you probably have been in a situation when a particular bookmaker offers a boosted odds of 30/1 (for example) for your favourite team to win against its biggest rival, while the bookmaker that you usually use gives you 1.80 for the same market. Maybe you have never taken advantage of an offer like that because you have been unaware of what exactly those odds format means.

Ones who are familiar with the odds formats will immediately understand that this is value odds, and they will use the offer as soon as possible. The experienced punters will calculate the possible wins in a fast way through the Odds Calculator, or, if they are good at maths, they will make manual calculations to find out that 30/1 in fractional is actually 31.00 in decimal odds. Sounds much higher than 1.80 which was provided by your bookie, right?

Why is it Beneficial to use’s Odds Calculator?

Believe it or not, even the experienced punters sometimes have difficulty when they want to take advantage of an available offer for high odds, but they are not familiar with their format. That’s why our Odds Calculator is the tool that eliminates any troubles during the process.

Odds Calculator main advantages are:

  1. It is very user-friendly, meaning that it does not require any further betting knowledge and you will get used to it quickly.
  2. It is 100% free – the calculator could be used 24/7, without any fees. So you can enjoy it and take benefit from it as much as you want.
  3. The Odds Calculator is super quick, and you will know all odds formats and your potential profit within a second.
  4. It is fully automated, and it avoids any human errors.
  5. The Odds Calculator works on any devices, so if you are not in front of your PC, don’t worry, you can use it on your Mobile or Tablet.
  6. It gives you betting knowledge. After you decide to use the Odds Calculator, shortly, you will learn and get used to the odds and their different formats.

Placing bets with different formats, it is not so difficult. All you need to do is to keep an Odds Calculator close to your preferred betting tools, which will secure that you are fully aware of what odds you use. If you are keen to learn more about different betting calculators, you can always take advantage of our plentiful selections of fast and fre Editorial Promise
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