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While you are enjoying your bets, we are continually working to make your betting experience more pleasant. That goes true for the new and entirely free Heinz Bet Calculator, which will be a great addition to your betting. It will help you to calculate easily your potential profits and returns from your Heinz Bets. As each of our bet calculators, the Heinz Bet Calculator is entirely automated, user-friendly, and saves you a precious time.

How to Use’s Heinz Bet Calculator

Our Heinz bet calculator is carefully arranged and accessible for everyone. Without making you do unnecessary things, and only with a few clicks, the calculator will show you comprehensive information about your possible profits and returns. Utilising our Heinz Bet Calculator, you can gain a significant advantage over the bookies because it will give you the potential results immediately, which will allow you to place your bet with the highest possible odds for the desired event.

How does the Heinz Bet Calculator work? It is straightforward, just follow the steps below:

  • In the left fields, add the odds that you used, or you plan to use.
  • Using the right drop-down menu will allow you to select the outcome of each of your selections.
  • Enter the stake that you are willing to invest in your Heinz bet.
  • Just a second after all fields are filled, the profits and returns will be visible down below.

We believe that everyone will manage to work with our Heinz Bet Calculator as it is pretty user-friendly. You need just the odds, the outcomes, and the stake, the rest will be done automatically be our bet calculator.

What is a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet is a bet type that includes 57 separate bets from 6 different sports events. The bet consists of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a six-fold accumulator. We admit that the Heinz bet sounds very complicated, particularly for punters who have never tried it. We want to assure you that it is not so hard to be placed, especially if you decide to use our Heinz Bet Calculator. Heinz bet is a ”full-coverage” bet, which means that all variables of doubles, trebles and accumulators are created.

Each time when you are starting with something new, make sure that you are aware of how much it will cost you. The Heinz bet has 57 different bets, meaning that your stake will be multiplied 57 times. If you wish to make £1 per bet, your total bet would be £57. At least 2 out of 6 selections added on your Heinz bet must be winning in order to generate any return. Of course, something that attracts punters to place Heinz bet is the fact that it can generate exceptionally high profits. If all of your selections win, you will get an excellent profit, besides, if 3, 4, or 5 selections win you will also enjoy great winnings. That’s why many punters and tipsters are going into Heinz betting with the hope that they will hit a big win through it.

Gaining the interest of the punters has always been the goal of the bookies. Meaning Heinz bet is a type of bet that bookmakers are widely offering. They regularly offer additional profit boosts and covers if one or two of the selections lose. The bonuses depend on the bookmaker that you are using, so make sure that your choice supports Heinz bets.

If you decide to give it a try and place Heinz bets, you can do it on every sports you want, because Heinz bet type is suitable for each event.

Heinz Bet Example

We want to make sure that you feel comfortable when you place Heinz bet, and that you know everything about it. That’s why we are attempting to provide you not only with useful Heinz bet calculator but also with simple examples of how the bet actually works.

Let’s imagine that we want to place a football Heinz bet, with £1 per bet, which means it will cost us £57. Keep in mind that we selected the games and the odds, but our Heinz bet calculator made all of the calculations about how much the profit and returns might be. Furthermore, we tracked our bet through the bet tracker, and strongly advise you to do the same each time when you are placing a bet, no matter what type it is.

Our selections are:

  • CSKA Sofia to beat Levski Sofia at odds 2.30
  • A draw between Napoli and AC Milan at odds of 3.25
  • Liverpool to beat Burnley at odds of 1.25
  • Bayern Munich to win against Hannover at odds of 1.10
  • Boston Celtics to grab the win against LA Lakers at odds of 1.89
  • Cristiano Ronaldo to score a penalty against Fiorentina at odds of 3.60

We will observe only a few scenarios that might happen if we place that type of a bet

Option 1: If we don’t have any winnings or we have only 1 (CSKA Sofia), we will have £0 returns, and a total profit of -£57.

Option 2: If two of our selections win (CSKA & the draw) – we will have £7.48 returns, and a total profit of -£49.53.

Option 3: Three winning selections (CSKA, the draw, and Liverpool) will bring us returns of £23.76, but we will still sitting on a loss of -£33.24.

Option 4: If four of our selections win (CSKA, the draw, Liverpool, and Bayern) – we will have total returns of £57.37, and a total profit of £0.37.

Option 5: Five winners (CSKA, the draw, Liverpool, Bayern, and Boston) will secure us returns of £180.72 and a total profit of 123.72.

Option 6: If all selections win – our returns will be £866.58, securing us a total net profit of £809.58.

We covered just a few of the possible scenarios, but still, you can see that larger number of winning selections mean higher profits. Of course, we’ve added some games with low odds, which is not a kind of good strategy. Still, you can see that if all of our games win, the profit that could be generated would be exceptional. Thanks to the Heinz Bet Calculator, we did that example with just a few clicks.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Heinz Bet Calculator?

Developed with the customers in mind, our Heinz Bet Calculator possesses many advantages, which you can use for your betting, entirely free of charge. We put a lot of efforts to design a calculator that is comprehensive, and saves time, as we believe that many of you will be using it on a daily basis.

The major advantages that our Heinz Bet Calculator features are:

  • No surprise – it is very easy to be used. Any punter can benefit from it, and calculate their profits and returns quickly.
  • When we said quickly, we meant very quickly! Our Heinz Bet Calculator works like a rocket, and shows the calculations within a second.
  • Free of charge – No fees, no charge, no money. Use it as much as you want, for as long as you want, and it will cost you £0 for the entire time.
  • Automated decisions – Calculating 57 bets by yourself could lead to errors and jim-jams. The calculator is the best solution to determine your Heinz bet’s profits and returns without making any math mistakes.
  • Want to place a Heinz bet on the train when you are travelling to work? Don’t worry, our calculator works on any device, and you can use it even if you are not in front of your PC.

We truly hope that our Heinz Bet Calculator will become the tool that will enhance your betting activities. If you do not feel like a Heinz bet’s punter, don’t worry, you can always find another opportunity, which will help you to beat the bookies. Just scroll a little bit through our website, explore all of its features, and buil Editorial Promise