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Our Hedging Calculator is the right answer when you are having any trouble manually calculating your lay bet stake, liability, and total profit. Same as all of our bet calculators, the Hedging calculator is fully automated and free to use.

How to Use’s Hedging Calculator

As with all other features that we have developed so far, our Hedging Calculator is simple, and each punter can take advantage of it. Here is what you have to fill in order to use our Hedging Calculator to do the math for you:

  1. Add the stake of the bet that you wish to back in the cell called “Back Stake”.
  2. Enter the odds where it says “Back Odds”. We advise you to use only high odds because they will bring much better results.
  3. Once the above two are done, add the lay odds and the exchange commission.
  4. Let Hedging Calculator do its job and help you with all the calculations.

All the computations are done automatically in just a few seconds, so can focus on the betting opportunity. We suggest once you enter the above data to consider whether the bets are valuable for you and if yes, to place them at soon as possible because the odds could be reduced quickly.:

What is Hedging?

Hedging is a betting approach used to minimise the risk or lock your bet into profit by using a combination of back and lay bets. Hedging is a betting strategy that is utilised by more advanced sports bettors. It is a well-known phrase, and many punters are taking advantage of this strategy on a daily basis. Hedging concept is based on that you are placing two bets on the same betting market but on different results, which will allow you to benefit from the odds movements. Many punters think that the hedging is same as arbitrage betting, but those who are familiar with the strategy know that there is a big difference. While you make the arbitrage bets simultaneously, the hedge bets are subsequent to the bet that you initially placed. They arise when there is a change in circumstances that you did not expect, and it can be used to protect you from huge losses.

One of the mandatory rules to complete a hedging strategy is speed. Once the hedging opportunity occurs, you should place your bet quickly, because the bookmakers or the betting exchanges could remove it very soon. You can make hedge bets on every sport that you wish no matter you are football, horse racing, boxing or another sports fan.

Hedging Betting Example

We will try to explain how hedge betting works in the simplest possible way. The following example will show you how Hedge betting works and how you could be on profit regardless of what is the final result. Keep in mind that our Hedging Calculator made all the calculations.

We will use the game between Arsenal and Chelsea for the example

  1. We want to back the market under 2.5 goals pre-game at odds 2.10 with £10.
  2. Then, during the game, we decide to lay the bet because we change our mind, and we think that the game will finish with more than 2.5 goals scored. We add the in-play odds for the market over 2.5 goals, which are 1.80, and the calculator shows us that we have to lay the bet with £11.67.
  3. At the end of the game, regardless of the outcome, we will have an overall profit of £1.67.

Our personal view is that with the right technology or betting tips, you do not need to have that much experience to start hedging your betting positions and lock into profits or simply minimize your losses.

The hedging strategy can be used both pre-game and in-play, for best results we suggest that you combine pre-game betting with in-play betting. As usual, that will, of course, involve more risk but will also help you maximise your profits.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Hedging Bet Calculator?

Our first priority is to satisfy the needs of each punter. We are well aware that there are many of you who plan to start with hedge betting, but they do not want to bother with additional calculations. We completely understand that because many times in our long betting experience we have been in the same position.

That’s why we advise to use our Hedging Calculator in order to save a significant time to calculate your potential profits, liability, and the right amount for your lay bet. Furthermore, the calculator is 100% free, and you can use it as many times as you want. Its automated algorithms will calculate with high accuracy everything, and you will know exactly how much you have to lay. If you are using multiple devices, you will not face any troubles if you wish to use our calculator, because it works on any PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

If you think that you are still not ready to place any hedge bets, we advise you to explore our website, where you can find many different betting strategies which are explained in details. Editorial Promise