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This calculator is a useful tool for those who plan to open a new account with a particular bookmaker or intend to use a bonus for existing customers provided by their bookie. Furthermore, using the calculator will allow you to know the minimum and the maximum that can be won using free bet and bonuses.

How to Use’s Free Bet Calculator?

We developed a wide variety of bet calculators, and each of them is extremely easy to use and working without any fees. The same goes true for our Free Bet Calculator. It is running really quick in order to save you time, which you can spend to decide whether it is valuable to take advantage of a particular offer.

In order to work with the calculator simply do the following steps, and it will calculate everything for you

  1. Enter the total stake of your bets.
  2. Enter the odds of your bets. If you think to place a multiple bet, firstly you have to multiple the odds and then to add the aggregated odds into the field.

Keep in mind that for the best results, we advise you to use the highest bookmakers’ odds for your bets. Well, this is everything you need, our Free Bet Calculator will show you how much the profit will be in both scenarios – if the stake is returned or not.

Then you have the opportunity to decide whether it is beneficial for you to use the free bets/offers or to continue searching for another lucrative bonus.

What is Free Bet?

We would believe that there is absolutely no way that you have never heard the term a free bet. Free bet is so widely used in the sports betting industry, and all bookmakers are using various types of free bets to attract new customers.

Free bets are a type of bonus that bookmakers use in order to attract new customers to join their platform. Free bets are also used to keep loyal customers happy and active on the site. Most of the free bets will only return the profits, which is where the tricky bit comes.

For example, if you place a £10 free bet at odds 2.00, you will get back only the profit which in this case will be £10. When you are hurrying to take advantage of some offer, you might miss the small print, and place a bet without knowing the bonus’s conditions. That’s why our Free Bet Calculator is a great addition to your betting because it will give you a real picture of what you can expect. Furthermore, if you use a tipster for your betting and you think to place the suggested tip with a free bet, to determining out how much the bet will payout if you win, maybe a little tricky. So just keep using the Free Bet Calculator, it will help you always stay aware of how much a free bet will return to you.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Free Bet Calculator?

We always try to provide the punters with beneficial features in order to make their betting activities easier and more successful. That’s why our Free Bet Calculator is designed to help to define your potential profits with the stake returned or not.

Here are a few advantages if you decide to give a try to our calculator:

  1. As its name, the calculator is completely free. Even if you are using it a thousand times, you can do it without any fees.
  2. It is fully automated and calculates your potential stake returns accurately. It is more reliable than a pen and paper because it limits any mistakes.
  3. The calculator is straightforward to use. Even if you have never used a bet calculator, you will manage to take advantage of our Free Bet Calculator.
  4. Works on any device – even if you are on the go, you can benefit from the calculator. It works on PC, tablets, and mobile devices (both IOS and android).
  5. The Free Bet Calculator works fast as lightning – it will show you the results within a second.

Experienced or not, each punter has had the question of whether a particular offer is beneficial for them. With our Free Bet Calculator, this trouble is avoided, and so the betting could become more enjoyable. If you want to find plenty of free bet and bonuses, just visit our bonuses page. Editorial Promise