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What is An Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap betting which is commonly abbreviated with “AH” is popular way of betting used by some of the most profitable punters around the globe. Commonly people new to betting feel frustrated with Asian handicap concept due to its complexity. Asian Handicap calculator is designed to help bettors work around the potential outcome of a game with all possible Asian Handicap options – quarter, half or full handicaps.

From our experience people who have recently started betting usually spend about a week until they can fully understand the mechanics and the benefits of betting on Asian Handicap markets. Once you get familiar with AH betting there is a huge chance this will become your preferred betting market.

Why use’s Asian Handicap Calculator?

In your early days betting on Asian Handicap markets we strongly recommend you to use our Asian handicap calculator. It will help you to quickly define the winning outcomes for the selected markets. Asian Handicap calculator will also show you exactly how much profit you will make from your bet. Editorial Promise