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How to Use’s Accumulator Bet Calculator?

Our long betting experience shows that all the manual mathematical calculations are time-consuming activities, and they could slow down the placing of the desired bet. That’s why our accumulator bet calculator is designed to work extremely fast but also with high accuracy. The user-friendly interface makes the process very convenient, and each punter can take advantage of the calculator. If you decide to give it a try, you need to know only a few things about your accumulator bet and add them into the fields. Then the calculator will protect you from any errors that may occur during manual calculations, and it will show you the correct results within a second.

Following those steps, you will make sure that your accumulator bet is calculated correctly

  1. From the left field dd the stake that you are ready to invest into your bet.
  2. From the right drop-down menu, select the number of selections that you want to add on your accumulator bet. Keep in mind that they should be between 2 and 20.
  3. Below those 2 steps, you have to add the odds of each selection and their outcome (won, lost, push).
  4. Once everything is added, our accumulator bet calculator will show your potential profit/loss and the aggregated odds.

You can easily notice that using our accumulator bet calculator is pretty simple and won’t make you any difficulties. Keep in mind that for the best results of your accumulator bet we recommend you to use the highest possible bookmakers’ odds.

What is an Accumulator Bet

As mentioned above the accumulator bet consists of at least 2 selections from different events, the maximum number of selections depends on the bookmakers that you use and their accumulator betting rules.

In order to win an accumulator bet, all selections must win, otherwise, the bet will be considered as lost. The odds provided for the first selection are multiplied with the odds of the second, and the result is multiplied by the odds of the third selection – that repeats until the last selection. This compounding effect is often preferred by people new to sports betting because of the attractive odds generated and therefore, the significant return that can be achieved with a small stake size. Besides, in order to try to boost their betting bank, many punters choose to follow tipsters that are willing to post accumulator betting tips. Some of the tipsters are really good when it comes to accumulators and provide their followers with valuable and regular suggestions.

Something trendy while we talk about accumulator bets is the feature named accumulator bet generator, which helps the punter to find valuable accumulators quickly.

Why is it Beneficial to Use’s Accumulator Bet Calculator?

Our main goal is to help the punters’ during their daily betting activities. We know that many of those who are placing bets are loving to place accumulators. Sometimes this could be a time-consuming task, that’s why we created our accumulator bet calculator. It is designed to help you avoid the hassle of computing the odds and identifying what the potential outcome with which you can end up is.

Here are a few advantages of our Accumulator Bet Calculator:

  1. As same as each of our bet calculators, the accumulator bet calculator is entirely free, and you can use it 24/7 without any fees.
  2. It saves you time, which you can invest in finding valuable betting selections for your accumulator bet.
  3. The calculator works on any device – PC, tablets, mobile phones (both IOS and Android).
  4. Its automated algorithms will prevent you from any errors. Imagine if you have to calculate 10 or 15 selections, it doesn’t sound that easy, and calculations mistakes may occur.
  5. The calculator is developed to be a useful tool for each punter, and with its easy navigation, you can use it even if you have never touched another calculator.

Use our accumulator bet calculator to calculate your preferred stake, compounded odds and return on your entire bet. If you are keen to learn more about accumulator betting feel free to check our extensive accumulator betting guide, which will provide you with more details and plenty of examples.

If you think that the accumulator bet does not match your betting style, you can always explore our website where you have access to many betting articles, strategies, and tools.


Simon Flynn is a sports bettor with over 10 years experience in building profitable sports trading systems. Specializing in football – the type where players use their feet – he dreams of hitting that elusive 10-game accumulator one day. Editorial Promise