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Swiss Super League Odds – A Good Choice or Not?

Even though Swiss Super League odds aren’t seen as the holy grail of football betting, they’re still a valid addition to any sports betting strategy. Because the league is comprised only out of ten teams and there aren’t any complex mechanisms in place, it’s very easy to add the Swiss top division to your arsenal. Be careful when betting on teams fighting for the CL, EL, or just to avoid relegation. In these situations, anything can happen and the odds are sufficiently high for you to take the plunge and capitalise on the risks you take.

Even though teams from Switzerland have been far from world-beaters in European competitions, Swiss Super League odds are a very attractive offer in the current sports betting market. However, some punters are still wary of choosing the Swiss top division as a supplementary choice for a proper accumulator bet.

In the following sections, we’ll analyse the potential of Swiss Super League betting odds as your go-to option for quieter days. Use the information we provide you, and you’ll be able to effectively combine your knowledge with betting tips, all while permanently reinvigorating your bankroll.

How Are Swiss Super League Odds Formed, Anyway?

Swiss Super League odds greatly depend on the format of the league, which has been reformed on several occasions. Compared to other top divisions in Europe, the Swiss one is relatively small in size, which contributes to the overall climate of volatility which had always surrounded the competition.

If you’re using an existing betting algorithm, let’s say for the German Bundesliga, you can just readjust it so that it’s usable for 10-team leagues. Even though the changes to the overall format have been numerous, we’ll only be going to cover the current version of the league:

  • Swiss Super League odds are affected by the 10 teams that make up the league. Since the country is small, there is no need for sub-divisions or other setups employed by some leagues. From August to May, they face off against one another in true round-robin fashion, with two home and two away fixtures.
  • For every win, teams are awarded, while a draw nets them only one. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Certainly. As the season concludes, the points are added and the tie-breakers currently in place are goal difference, goals scored, h2h goal difference, away goals scored and draws.

Understanding Swiss Super League Odds Through European Qualification and Relegation

In a 10-team league, it can seem that winning a title is much easier than in, let’s say, the English Premier League. However, Swiss Super League odds often take into account the fact that teams face each other quite often. This results in better tactical preparedness, as well as an easier path to getting used to certain players and their teams’ gameplans. Other than winning the league, teams fight either to compete in European competitions or to avoid getting relegated. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 1st place qualifies for the Champions League play-off round
  • 2nd place gets a spot in the CL second qualifying round
  • 3rd place goes directly to the Europa League group stage
  • 4th and 5th place start in the EL third and second qualifying rounds, respectively

As for relegation, only the last team gets directly sent down. Since the 2018/19, the 9th placed team has to play the 2nd best team in the Swiss Challenge League (the second division), in order to determine who will play in the Swiss Super League next season. Insights

While all football leagues in Europe and other parts of the world have some similarities between them, generalising never leads to winning your bets. That’s why we at take pride in our analytical outlook towards each and every football competition as a separate entity. The same goes for Swiss Super League odds. Over the course of our research period, we believe that the following tips will prove useful to your goals of winning as many SSL punts as possible:

  • Track your betting stats and review them frequently. Whether you continue to bet on a league or not is your own choice. However, you can’t make a conscious decision if you’re not constantly analysing your output. Change up your strategy if you enter a rough patch.
  • Don’t rely solely on betting tips. As enticing as it seems, copying and pasting tips on Swiss Super League odds isn’t a sustainable strategy. To be certain of your tips’ potential for success, you have to analyse both teams’ current situations. Also, be sure to verify the accuracy rating of every tipster off of whom you consider sourcing your tips.
  • Use bookmaker offers. Betting with a bookmaker bonus is a shortcut to financial safety, especially if things go wrong. Once you’ve finished using your betting calculator, it’s good to pick up a few promotions and boost your bankroll.
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