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Turkish Super League Odds: How to Diversify Your Bets

While it’s not the most popular league, the Turkish Super Lig is one of the fastest-growing, in terms of both popularity and quality. It’s ‘built’ much like the EFL-based system in England, but Turkish Super Lig odds are considered to be some of the most volatile in existence. Focus on the basic bets, such as 1x2s and over/under markets. Usually, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Galatasaray are the most viable title candidates, so pay attention to them. Double-check every time, use a proper algorithm and you should be good to go.

Even though most of Turkey is in Asia, the country is 11th on UEFA’s Club Coefficients list. For this reason, many punters have taken notice of Super Lig odds and their impact on most of the currently popular betting strategies. Ever since the early 2000s, broadcasters across the globe have begun taking attention to Turkish football, especially after their national team finished third in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

So, what makes Super Lig odds so exciting? Well, much of this has to do with how the league itself is constructed. That’s why we’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the top tier of Turkish footy. In the following sections, we’ll cover everything from betting tips to relegation mechanisms, all in an effort to help you bolster your slips.

How the League Works: Understanding the Basics of Turkish Super Lig Odds

One reason why the Turkish Super Lig odds are so popular is the relative degree of similarity, especially when compared to the English Premier League. Another factor is the fact that many players that were great in the PL, such as Didier Drogba and Robin Van Persie, have played a season or two in Turkey. Because of this, Turkish Super League odds have become a hot commodity, especially with the competition’s fandom spreading to all four continents.

Back to the basics – how does the Turkish Super Lig work? It goes something like this:

  • Unlike the PL, and many other leagues, the Super Lig has 18 teams. The season coincides with all the biggest European competitions, as the games take place between August and May. You’ll see the usual round-robin system being implemented, giving each squad a total of 34 games to play each season.
  • The pointing system is pretty much the same as in the Big Five, with three points going to winners and the teams each getting one point when a draw occurs. If two clubs have the same amount of points at the end of the season, the tie-breakers are head-to-head record, goal difference, and goals scored (by order of priority).
  • For those interested in Super Lig odds, another familiarity is the relegation-promotion system. The bottom three teams get demoted to the 1. Lig, while the top two from that tier join the Super Lig. Just like in the English Championship, there is a play-off between teams placed third-sixth.
  • As for European qualifications, they’re also an important thing to know when studying Turkish Super League odds. Each season, the top-placed team gets a direct spot in the Champions League group stage, while the runners up get a spot in the second round of the CL qualification tournament. The third-placed team starts from the third Europa League qualifying round, while the fourth-placed squad begins its European journey in the second round. Turkish Cup winners enter the play-off round of the EL.

As you see, understanding the Super Lig odds is not a daunting task by any means. However, the competition is traditionally known as fertile soil for upsets and unexpected results, which even lead to some match-fixing allegations. This resulted in the 2011 Turkish sports corruption scandal, which ultimately resulted in a 2015 retrial, thereby acquitting all the people and clubs that were originally convicted. Fenerbahce even demanded €135 million in damage reparations from the UEFA and the TFF.

The History: Looking at Turkish Super Lig Odds from a Temporal Perspective

Even though finding the best Super Lig odds depends mostly on your knowledge of the current state, there is so much more to winning bets than just looking at the teams’ recent form. In Turkey, you won’t find your classic two-team rivalry. Instead, there are three teams to keep an eye out for – Galatasary, Fenerbahce, and Besiktas. They won 56 of the last 63 Super Lig titles, which resulted in a situation rarely seen in global football except, maybe, in the Serie A. Oh, and they are all from Istambul – talk about football heaven.

If you disregard Trabzonspor’s reign in the late 70s and early 80s, as well as Bursaspor’s miracle run in 2010, you can always expect the three main suspects to win the league. They are regulars in the Champions League round of 16 and the Europa League, while Galatasaray won it while it was still the UEFA Cup in 2000, along with the UEFA Super Cup that same year.

Turkish Super Lig Odds – What Are the Best Bets?

Despite not being as popular PL odds, Turkish Super League odds revolve mostly around the same principles.

  • 1×2. You’re basically predicting the outcome of the game – a win, loss, or draw, depending on which team’s perspective you’re observing from.
  • Over/under goals. Regardless of the end result, you’re trying to determine whether the total number of goals will surpass the margin given by bookmakers, or fall below it.
  • Handicap. These Super Lig odds determine the advantage a team has. If one squad is considered a favourite, they have to win by a certain margin, while the underdogs can lose, but not by too many goals.

Who Will Win the League? – Turkish Super Lig Odds on Futures

Instead of focusing on one fixture at a time, you can find the best Turkish Super League odds for future markets. This means that you can predict who will win the league before it even starts, or while it’s still taking place. The best way to capitalise on these odds is to use bookmaker offers, as a proper bookmaker bonus can help enhance your potential profits, as well as the feasibility of your football predictions. Insights

In order to truly master the science of Turkish Super League odds, you need to pay attention to some seemingly less apparent details. Take these pointers into consideration, and you will be able to utilise the Super Lig as a proper betting tool:

  • Don’t trust a tipster who doesn’t post tips on other leagues. Since the Super Lig is a melting pot of many football styles and cultures, you should only follow people who have the widest knowledge, especially as the transfer market comes to an end.
  • Use betting stats from the last several seasons. When you’re crafting a great accumulator bet, you shouldn’t use a betting algorithm that doesn’t consider long-term form to be a factor.
  • Check how injury-prone players are doing. If there are talented wingers and midfielders who have bad luck when it comes to injury, their imminent re-injury can cause the odds to move. Avoid betting on teams with too many such players.
  • Don’t wager too much on relegation candidates to lose, as the Super Lig is known for last-round safety battles.
  • Use various betting calculators to further boost the viability of your Super Lig odds and predictions.
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