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How Can Italian Serie A Odds Help You Win More

Italian Serie A odds aren’t that much different than what you see in the English Premier League or French Ligue 1, but there are several elements that you shouldn’t ignore if you wish to win on a consistent basis. Direct relegations should be the first focus area, with European qualification and tracking the transfer marketing also being contenders. Separate teams into tiers and only use verified tips to support your existing betting algorithm. Aim for long-term winnings, but don’t be afraid to use Italian Serie A odds as a shortcut to bets whenever possible. Intangible factors are to be considered, too, if you wish to be a successful Serie A punter.

Italian Serie A odds are often misunderstood by the general sports betting population. This isn’t a particularly ‘ancient’ sentiment, as this league was considered to be the absolute best in the 1980s and 90s. The early 2000s were also a successful period, but everything came crashing down as the Calciopoli scandal shook the world in 2006. Ever since then, Italian Serie A odds aren’t as coveted as before.

Aside from Inter’s legendary treble in the 2009-10 season, teams from the peninsula haven’t been that prominent in European competitions. However, Italian Serie A odds have seen a proper revival in the last two seasons, with teams like Inter, Atalanta, Sassuolo, and others making things difficult for Juventus. As league is becoming more competitive it is important to make sure you use odds comparison features that will ensure you betting with the highest odds. That’s why we created a comprehensive guide to everything that affects and molds Italian Serie A odds, all in order to help you boost your bankroll.

History of Serie A

In Italy, football was born at the end of 1887, one of the first showings of this new sport. It was played in Turin, a few years later (1891) Edoardo Bosio a Turin trader, founded the Internazionale Torino, one of the first Italian football clubs.

From then on, other teams were founded, currently existing today, exactly: Genoa, Udinese, Milan, Juve 1898 Società Sportiva Vigor of Ascoli, Vis Sports Club of Pesaro, Milan Cricket and Football Club, Anglo and Panormian Football Club of Palermo.

The merger of these leagues led to the 1929-1930 convention, which led to the present Serie A.

The most successful club in the history of the league is Juventus, followed by the Milanese teams of Inter and Milan. The title is known by the name of “Scudetto”. Since 30 April 2009, the Serie A consists of 20 football teams and is recognized as one of the best football leagues in the world.

To date, Serie A, officially called Serie A TIM for sponsorship reasons, has seen 67 teams participate and the only team to have played all the Serie A championships is Inter, with 90 appearances.

Returning to the purely historical aspect, parallel to the establishment of Serie A, the rule was born whereby the team that won by getting the most points at the end of the seasons earned the title of Italian Champion.

Slowly there was talk of winning the “Scudetto” as in the year 24-25 they got into the habit of sewing a distinctive sign (in the shape of a shield) with the Italian flag on the uniform of the winning club.

But how was this custom born? According to history, a few years earlier, during a friendly football match played in Rijeka between Italian soldiers and local civilians, the improvised Italian footballers sported this symbol on their uniforms, a tricolour shield to proudly represent their homeland.

At that time the city (now Croatian) was under the control of a paramilitary group led by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio (who, disappointed by the territorial divisions of the First World War, had not accepted the loss of Fiume).

It was the same writer, a football lover and a lover of Italy, who created that coat of arms with the colours of the nation and made it show off to the Italian military in place of the Savoy shield. Since then, the idea began to appeal and to make its way officially into the world of football. Until 1924 when it became a mark of recognition for the victorious team of the previous championship at 360 degrees.

Then in 1958, Umberto Agnelli proposed adding a star for every ten championships won. For this reason, today it is counted that Juventus (team with the highest number of league titles won) boasts three stars, while Inter (the only team never relegated and often victorious in national triumphs) has only one as well as Milan, which also has one.

Year of incorporation of the clubs :

1899 Football Club Sampierdarenese of Genoa

1900 Lazio Podiatry Society

1902 Biellese, Vicenza, Montevarchi Calcio Aquila.

1903 Polisportiva Sassari Torres, Cremonese, Hellas Verona.

1904 Polisportiva Robur Siena, Naples (which merging with the Naples International will give rise to Naples

1905 Anconitana Calcio, Lucchese Libertas, Perugia

1906 Spezia

1907 Como, Sora, Venice, Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, Polisportiva Ars et Labor Ferrara

1908 International Milan, Savoia Torre Annunziata, Novara, Prato, Casertana, Carrarese, Sporting Club Lecce, Derthona FBC

1909 Fano, Pisa, Treviso, Bologna, Baracca Lugo, Pro Patria of Busto Arsizio, Carpi, Casale

The Structure: How Does the League Itself Affect Italian Serie A Odds

Unlike most top-5 European leagues, Serie A was comprised of 16 or 18 teams for most of its existence. On two occasions, there were 20 clubs battling it out, with the 1947-48 season even including 21 teams because of political reasons. As you might have suspected, Italian Serie A odds were difficult to work with because four fewer teams rendered almost every existing betting algorithm useless. Things were even more difficult without computers and traders had to spend a lot more time in computing odds.

Ever since the 2004-5 season, Italian Serie A odds are much easier to analyze as the standard 20-team setup was introduced on a permanent basis. Teams enter Serie A by being first or second in Serie B. As for the third spot reserved for promoted sides in Serie A, a playoff tournament is played. However, Italian Serie A odds have another interesting detail to them. Oftentimes, you see a dominant 3rd-place Serie B hang on because of the 10-point difference rule. If the 3rd team is 10 points or more ahead of the 4th team, they are automatically promoted.

The Serie A season begins in August and ends in May of each year as most of the other European football leagues. In these nine months, all 20 teams play one another two times, but with a twist. Because of this twist, even the best Italian Serie A odds can be tricky to bet on. You see, the first half of the Serie A season (the andata) involves a clash between all of the teams, while the second half (the ritorno) involves the teams playing in the exact same order they did during the first half.

What does this mean, then? Well, it gives bettors more time to analyze Italian Serie A betting odds, because it is possible to establish a pattern when comparing a team’s performance in the andata with the seemingly same challenges during the ritorno.

The addition of this pattern gives you a better chance when faced with Italian Serie A odds on outright bets. For instance, if a relegation candidate is facing Napoli, Inter, and Juventus one after the other at the end of the ritorno, you can bet on them to be relegated. It’s difficult to tout futures as an essential part of any sports betting strategy, regardless of your use of bookmaker offers. With the double round-robin system in Serie A, you can predict how will the rankings progress throughout the season. That leads us to the next important element.

How Relegation Battles Shape Italian Serie A Odds

One prominent reason why Italian Serie A odds are so unique is the presence of 1×2 markets coming in at a cool 2.50 near the end of the season. In the Bundesliga, you won’t see these numbers that late in the season. One reason why this happens is the difference in relegation mechanisms. In Germany, the third-worst team battles the third best 2. Bundesliga team to see whether the teams will switch leagues.

Italian Serie A odds are often high in the last 5-6 matchdays due to the fact that the bottom three teams go to the Serie B automatically. There isn’t much leeway when it comes to avoiding relegation, so you’ll often see teams 12-20 fighting for dear life until the season comes to an end. When you’ve found a reliable tipster, you can enhance your strategy by separating Italian Serie A odds according to the placement of the teams involved in each fixture. We at believe that the following six groups exist:

  1. Championship contenders
  2. CL knockout stage contenders
  3. Europa League mainstays
  4. Mid-table teams
  5. Average teams
  6. Relegation candidates

Because there is such a rigid system in place, you can’t basically ‘scratch off’ 30-35% of the entire league, if you want to approach bets such as top 4 finish, top 3 finish, and any point difference bets. Aside from this type of insight, you will find analyzing Italian Serie A odds easier to analyze, even without the use of a particularly complex betting algorithm.

Why Is European Qualification a Key to Understanding Italian Serie A Odds?

To further improve your ability to assign each team to a particular group, you can combine your focus on relegation battles and also single out teams that vying for a spot in the Champions League and the Europa League. Italian Serie A odds are greatly impacted by these aspirations, which often result in every match being important for teams predicted to place 4-10.

With the recent European success of teams such as Sassuolo and Atalanta, everyone wants a piece of the pie. To fully understand Italian Serie A odds, you need to memorize the following routes teams take to Europe:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th go directly to the Champions League group stage
  • 5th and 6th qualify for the Europa League
  • The Coppa Italia winners also get a Europa League spot. However, if the team also qualified for the CL/EL, the 7th-placed team goes to the EL

Again, every strategy depends on the specifics of a season you’re betting on. Whether you’re eyeing a single or creating a big matchday accumulator bet, always try to play with a bookmaker bonus. When it’s unclear who has what it takes to go to the CL/EL, you need a financial cushion to help you weed out the pretenders from the contenders.

Serie A Season 20/21

We take advantage of the last break for the national teams of the year to take stock of the situation on the 2021 championship odds proposed by the leading bookmakers. Notwithstanding that according to the operators, there is no absolute favourite for the conquest of the tricolour, Juventus is once again the main suspect.

Immediately behind, Inter is sharing the front row on the bookmakers’ odds with the Bianconeri, but both teams are performing below expectations from the start of the season.

The one who has impressed everyone is Pioli’s Milan, whose odds have radically lowered in recent weeks, thanks to the Rossoneri’s leadership in the standings.

The hope of us fans is that we can witness a championship fight until the last rounds or that even the Serie A regulations can determine who will win the championship in case of equal points. According to experts, Andrea Pirlo’s Juve remains the favourite to win the Scudetto, but the change on the bench and the strengthening of the Inter squad seems to open some glimmers to see a more competitive championship. The Serie A calendar started a few weeks ago, and round after round we’ll understand what the real values are on the pitch.

Winning odds Serie A today: the odds on the 2021 championship

  • Juventus 2.85
  • Inter 3.55
  • Milan 5.75
  • Naples 6.25
  • Atalanta 7.00
  • Rome 17.00
  • Lazio 34.00
  • Sassuolo 51.00
  • Fiorentina 501.00
  • Sampdoria 501.00
  • Cagliari 501.00
  • Verona 501.00

Unlike in past years, Juventus’ leadership seems to be anything but consolidated. The bianconeri – despite the subdued start – share the role of favourites for the Scudetto with Conte’s Inter. Behind them are Napoli and Milan.

Will Juventus win the Scudetto?

The Juventus club has already rewritten the history of Italian football, updating the record list every year. The Old Lady has reached 36 league titles, also doubling the count against the bitter rivals, Milan and Inter stationary at 18. For this new season, Ronaldo and his partners once again start in pole position, despite the fluctuating start. On the other hand, just take a look at the Juventus squad to understand the range and firepower of the Juventus team.

Odds Inter wins the championship 3.55

For the bookmakers, there is no doubt: the real antagonist of Juventus to win the championship will be Antonio Conte’s Inter. The Nerazzurri has strengthened the squad with precious additions such as Hakimi, Vidal, Kolarov and Perisic and will do everything to bring the tricolour back to the shirt 11 years after the last time.

Napoli 2021 Scudetto Odds 5.75

Woe to say the word “scudetto” in front of Gattuso. The Neapolitan coach was clear: Napoli must work day after day and try to stay in the top positions. The super start, in reality, gives a glimpse of significant growth margins for a team that seems to have all the credentials to play a vital role in terms of the title.

Milan championship odds 2021 6.25

The sprint starts for the Rossoneri who at the break for the national teams in November are at the top of the Italian league standings alone. Pioli’s team seems to be more aware of their own means and will probably fight for the lead in the standings for a long time, counting on the maturity and experience of a champion like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Lazio 2021 Scudetto Odds 34.00

The excellent performances from last year from Lazio, unfortunately, seems gone. However, we are talking about a great year that made the Capitoline fans dream as it had not happened for almost 20 years. It was the Lazio of Veron, Almeyda, Salas, Simeone, Nedved, Mihajlovic and Simone Inzaghi. And now the latter is the commander of a team perhaps with less talent than that of 20 years ago but with the same competitive hunger. Last speech postponed to 2021?

Atalanta championship odds 7.00

Gasperini’s team is no longer a surprise and has been awarded the title of “big kill” for several seasons. The Goddess is a steamroller and has proven she can play against anyone. At this point, the hypothesis of winning the Scudetto in 2021 is not only a pure gamble.

Serie A championship standings: the roll of honour

Juventus is the most successful team in Italy and this is obvious from the title historical table, which you can see below. The Bianconeri can currently boast 36 league titles. Obviously, in the Serie A roll of honour, we do not take into account the two titles first assigned and then taken away from the Old Lady for the facts of calciopoli. Behind the Juventus team, we find the Milanese couple but clearly detached. While curiously Genoa is the fourth most successful club in Italy.

  • Juventus – 36
  • Inter – 18
  • Milan – 18
  • Genoa – 9
  • Torino – 7
  • Pro Vercelli – 7
  • Bologna – 7
  • Roma – 3
  • Fiorentina – 2
  • Napoli – 2
  • Lazio – 2
  • Casale – 1
  • Novese – 1
  • Hellas Verona – 1
  • Sampdoria – 1
  • Cagliari – 1 Insights

Aside from betting stats, we at love to focus on one other area – the intangibles. Whether it’s using a betting calculator or balancing out your bankroll, you always need to look beyond the numbers to get an edge over the bookmakers. To find the best Italian Serie A odds, you should apply these betting tips. They’re a result of several years’ worth of research directed at Italian football:

  • Premier League castouts shouldn’t be ignored. Oftentimes, Italian Serie A odds take a hit when a PL flop shines on the peninsula. Players like Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling are just two examples of footballers having a greater impact in Italy. Keep an eye out for such transfers.
  • Don’t ignore derbies. In Italy, regional rivalries are big things. Teams can have both historical ‘beef’ and rivalries that are due to cultural reasons. Inter and AC Milan are from the same city, so their clashes are always fiery. Juventus and Torino always put on a show, regardless of how each of the two squads is doing at the moment. These matches mean much more than three points – they’re a matter of pride, so you can expect.
  • Twilight years are a big thing in Serie A. More than anywhere else in Europe, players are having spectacular seasons at ages when they are considered washed-up at best. Italy is known for being a nice place to retire while still being relevant and fighting for something. Italian Serie A odds for Golden Boot winners can often be spoiled by players 33+, so be careful.
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