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How helps you choose new bookmakers and claim the bonus?

We have selected the top bookmaker bonuses for you from various bookmakers. Feel welcomed to browse the page, check the betting bonuses as well as read our detailed bookmaker reviews. Make the right choice for you and bet with confidence!

Welcome to bookmaker bonus page. We have made the effort and managed to aggregate large amount of information thanks to our team. We reviewed various bookmakers that are operating in UK, US and all around the world. Our team selected the ones that comply with our high-quality standards and featured them here. The purpose of our bookmaker bonus page is to help you make informed decisions when looking for a new bookie to add to your bookmaker portfolio.

Regardless, whether you would you like to test your new betting strategy, find new exciting bookmaker bonus or a free bet we advise you to browse our bookmakers bonus page as there is plenty of interesting information. We can proudly say we guarantee you that you will find the new bookmaker you are looking for and it will be accompanied with the most up to date betting bonus.

Here at we always put the user at the heart of everything we do. We advise you to read our bookmaker reviews prior choosing one. All the reviews you will find on bookmakers bonus page are authentic as we personally test each and every bookmaker before featuring them. By reading our reviews you will certainly get to know the bookmaker much better as well as you will learn interesting insight about the industry.

Choosing a new bookmaker to use is always good not only because you can get higher odds, better customer service but because of the betting bonus offered by the bookmakers to all new users. All the bookmaker bonuses that are featured by have been toughly tested and validated by a member of team. Although we are 100% dedicated to maintain up to date all bookmaker bonus offers, free bets and promotions on our page the bookmakers can surprise even us. If you spot a bookmakers bonus or an offer that is not up to date please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Types of Bookmakers Bonuses

We know that bookmaker’s bonuses sometime can be a little bit confusing as there are different types of promotions and sometimes there is different name for the same bonus type. The whole philosophy behind is to help the user to make more informed and knowledgeable decisions so we decided to provide you with explanation of what the different bookmaker bonuses mean to you as a user

Bookmakers Free Bet (matched bet)

A free bet is when a bookmaker gives you some money for free and you cannot withdraw but you can place bets under certain condition. For example, let’s stay that you have opened an account with bookmaker X and they entitled you £25 in free bets. You place a bet with the full amount on Manchester United to wind at odds of 2 and you win £50. The bookmaker will only pay you the winnings to your account – in this case that will be £25. Your new bookmaker balance will be £25 that you can either withdraw or keep on betting with.

There are some sub types of free bets. For example, you open a new account with bookmaker X they reward a free bet of £25. There are many bookmakers that will offer you on continuous basis free bets in order to make you happier customer. Bookmakers are also using free bets to make you place a bet in case you have been inactive with them for quite some time.

When you are entitled a free bet and it wins you are only paid out the winning this is known as stake not returned free bet. Many bookmakers also use another term for a free bet and they name it “matched bet” where you end up with your bet size doubled.

In case you lose the free bet you will not get your debit card charged. The free bet is exclusively given to you and if lost there is nothing to worry about.

Bookmakers sign up bonus (welcome bonus)

This type of bookmaker bonus is very common and largely popular across the industry. Most of the bookmakers use the sign up bonus to attract new customers and in 99% of the cases that bonus is offered only once per customer by the bookmaker in comparison to the free bet that can be offered many times to the same user while using the bookmaker.

The sign up bonus is also known as a welcome bonus and in most of the cases is limited amount of money offered by the bookmaker and it will match your first deposit. For example, bookmaker X offers welcome bonus of up to £150 match on your first deposit. If you open an account with this bookmaker and deposit £60 they will match your deposit with £60 in bonus money, making your account balance £120. In case you want to claim the whole bookmaker welcome bonus you have to deposit £150 and you will be rewarded the entire amount of funds, making your account balance £300 (£150 deposit + £150 bonus money).

Most of the bookmakers welcome bonuses come at certain terms and conditions. You should pay attention to the specific requirements when opening new account, which is one more reason to read our extensive bookmaker reviews. There can be requirements such as minimum odds to place your bets at, how many times you have to turn over the bonus amount before being able to withdraw the money and so on.

Let me try to explain better how the bookmakers sign up bonus works. For example, you sign up to bookmaker X and deposit £50 and receive £50 sign up bonus, you place a bet with the full amount (£100) on Manchester United to win at odds of 2 and you win £200. In this case your account will be funded with £200 which includes both the stake and winning.

Roll over requirements simply mean that you have to bet the bonus amount X times. For instance, you have been entitled a sign up bonus of £50 with roll over requirements of 3 times. That means you have to turn over the £50 three times generating a turnover of £150 at the required odds before being able to withdraw bonus money!

How scores bookmakers

We hope you are already aware of how bookmaker bonuses page can help you make the right choices when looking for something new. Nevertheless, let us tell you a little bit more of how we assess the bookmakers when we are reviewing them.

When team member reviews a bookmaker the first thing he or she evaluates is the design of the bookmaker, the website speed and how easy is to open an account.

Bookmakers use many approaches to position themselves on the market and attract new users. Having fast website and good design that clearly underlines the benefits of registering with a certain bookmaker is from crucial importance in today’s highly competitive betting market. ranks high bookies that managed to articulate clearly their advantages over the competitors, load fast, have a simple on-boarding process and of course offer attractive welcome bonus.

Something else we always spend some extra time with when reviewing a bookmaker is the betting opportunities offered. A good bookmaker should offer various sports at least 20 and cover not only the top tier leagues. They must go for the lower leagues and ensure they have good coverage for both pre-game and in-play events. A good bookmaker should cover a minimum of 80 betting markets per top tier event and 40 for the lower leagues to score high with review.

Another component we rank high when we evaluate a bookmaker is the odds offered. When we talk about online sports betting odds is one of the most important elements for being profitable. Bookmakers that are offering consistently higher odds will score better results in reviews.

To score high in reviews bookmakers should offer exceptionally good customer support. We all have been there when we are new to a bookmaker, we got attracted by the fancy design and the exciting sing up bonus but we have no clue how to claim it. We have two options either to spend hours of reading the FAQs or get the answer in 2 minutes by speaking with someone on the live chat. Which one would you prefer? Of course the live chat option! Simply contact one to the customer service representatives and ask your question and in no time you will be told how to claim the bookmaker bonus.

We also pay significant attention to the bookmaker engagement with the player. Bookmakers that have super exciting welcome bonus but offer no continuous promotions or free bets will score worse with compared to bookies that have slightly less attractive welcome bonus but they continuously engage with the punter and offer him special bets and promotions.

Promotions and bookmakers bonuses are important but we are also assessing the players restriction levels. There are various types of punters – there are some people that are placing a bet every now and then, there are people that are placing a bet each Saturday and there are some other punters that take betting a little more serious. Some bookmakers tend to limit punters that have specific betting behavior and won one or two big odds events. We do not score very high bookmakers in our reviews that are limiting players as soon as they start winning some money.

Last but not least we are paying a huge attention to the legal site of the bookmaker. We are checking the licenses they have, which country they are allowed to accept players from as well as we are having a dedicated person who is searching the web for any issues with a given bookie! Bookmakers that are regulated and have no complaints around the web are logically scored high by as that means they are secure for the players.

Frequently Asked Questions

A welcome bonus is a bonus awarded to players signing up with a bookmaker. Most commonly the bonus will be through an increase to your first deposit, but it could also consist of free bets, free spins or other incentives. Welcome bonuses are only a positive for players at the end of the day, but make sure to read the T&C thoroughly to understand the requirements that need to be met before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Simply, the bookmakers want more customers to use their services and place bets with them. A welcome bonus is an incentive that the bookmakers offer in order to attract new customers to make a registration on their website.

You have to fulfil the requirements pointed in the terms and conditions such as make the first deposit, or place a bet on a particular event.

If you are using a legit bookmaker that possesses a license in your country, claiming a welcome offer is a completely safe process. The licensed bookmakers are monitored regularly by the authorities so they provide only safe services.

Welcome bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes, which means that choosing one comes down to personal preference. Whether you are looking for a big bonus, easy rollover requirements, or anything else, we have you covered. Keep in mind that, as a general rule, most bonuses with high value are tougher to wager, and likewise, smaller ones are easier.

Most of the welcome bonuses are tied to a wagering requirement, meaning that you have to bet the money a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it. After this process is complete you are free to withdraw, and we have verified that all bonuses follow their terms and conditions. Always make sure to read what T&C applies to the bonus you are using at your bookmaker.

Bookmaker bonuses differ a lot in size depending on who you sign up with. Our bookmaker’s bonuses start from £10 all the way up to over £100, and as such the amount that can be made is up to you. The more bookmakers you utilise, the bigger your profits can be!

On you will find dozens of different welcome bonuses from reliable bookmakers. The best bonuses are mainly available in the high class and middle-tier bookmakers.

Yes, using your welcome bonus while being on your mobile or tablet is no problem at all! Some bookmakers offer an app to place your bets through, while others have a site compatible with these devices. Rest assured, there is no difference in using a welcome bonus matter what device you prefer to use.

Yes, you can do it quickly without leaving our website. All you need to do is to place bets with the bookmakers that we are integrated with.

Yes, if you would like to do that, please go to ‘’Edit profile’’ and subscribe for ‘’emails from’’.

You can use pen and paper to do it, but why? The easiest way to make all of your calculations is through a Free bet calculator, which will show you the potential winnings in seconds.

Most of the welcome bonuses are available for all sports bets exclusively without limiting the sport. However, we advise you to see whether this is described in the offers T&C.

Mainly yes, but nowadays many bookmakers mix their welcome offers between sports and casino. This is described in the terms and conditions of each welcome offer.

No, this is not an option. You can have only one account at every bookmaker.

No, even if you are not in your country, you have to provide your personal details, and as we said - you can’t have more than one account or take more than one welcome offer. Editorial Promise