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Are Polish Ekstraklasa Odds a Suitable Addition to Your Slip?

Polish Ekstraklasa odds are, believe it or not, one of the best additions to acca bets on quieter days. Since fixtures take place over the course of the workweek, you can easily fill a few legs with some great derbies. Before you start placing bets, you need to know that the Ekstraklasa features two separate stages of the competition, both of which have their own distinct impact. Make sure you use all the available tools and don’t forget to find a legitimate source of Ekstraklasa betting tips.

Polish Ekstraklasa odds are somewhat of a touchy subject with most bettors. A majority of people consider the league a laughing stock, but they failed to consider the potential lucrativeness that is entailed by betting on the Ekstraklasa. We’re not talking about the quality of football, but about profitability.

When it comes to that, Polish Ekstraklasa odds are an excellent addition to any accumulator bet. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to use the league’s own structure to track betting stats more easily and be able to notice the best betting tips from a mile away.

The Structure of the League: How Polish Ekstraklasa Odds Come to Life

Thankfully, Polish Ekstraklasa odds can be used with basically any existing betting algorithm. However, a problem arises because the league has two different stages, which can be offset by combining algorithms for the Scottish Premiership and the Swedish Allsvenskan. Because of the existence of these two stages, there are a lot of unexpected results. Here how you can understand Polish Ekstraklasa odds more easily:

  • There are 16 clubs competing in the Ekstraklasa. The season lasts from August to May and consists of 30 total matchdays, which means that every squad faces all the others in a round-robin, home-and-away setup. This makes Polish Ekstraklasa odds similar to the ones you would see for the Allsvenskan, but there is a catch.
  • After the 30 matchdays, the league doesn’t end. Instead, the 16 teams are split into groups of 8 – championship contenders and relegation candidates. Teams 1-4 and 9-12 play at homes four times, while having only three away fixtures. All the points from the first stage of the season are retained and the ones from the second one are added. Polish Ekstraklasa odds for this playoff-like tournament are different, as teams can afford to make mistakes. The competition gets tougher, especially in the championship group.

It’s also worth mentioning that Polish Ekstraklasa odds are never particularly high and realistic at the same time. Ever since the 1980s, the lack of parity was apparent and the issue never seemed to move towards a significant change until the last few years. For instance, Piast Gliwice won its first title in the 2018/9 season, finally managing to dethrone Legia Warsaw and snap their reign of supremacy.

Analysing How Polish Ekstraklasa Odds Depend on European Qualification and Relegation

Finding the best Polish Ekstraklasa betting odds also depends on your timing. We at believe that battles for European spots and escaping the danger zone give you the most realistic chances of finding high odds that will win. Here’s what you need to look out for in terms of European spots for teams from the Polish top division:

  • 1st place gets a spot in the Champions League first qualifying round
  • 2nd and 3rd places start in the Europa League first qualifying round
  • Polish Cup winners begin their journey in the EL second qualifying round, but if they already qualified for a sport in Europe, the last EL sport goes to the 4th placed club

Polish Ekstraklasa odds are also impacted by teams’ attempts to escape relegation. Each season, the bottom two teams go down and the top two teams from the I Liga go up. Insights

While our specialty lies in analysing obscure leagues around the world, we have to admit that Polish Ekstraklasa odds were a challenge at first. However, it didn’t take us long to notice some key patterns and determine what is the best way to approach Ekstraklasa betting. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Source your football predictions from a verified tipster. No matter how high some Polish Ekstraklasa odds might be, they’re not worth anything if the person tipping them doesn’t have the credentials to warrant your trust. Be smart and only use tips from users with high accuracy ratings.
  • Make use of bookmaker offers. You should analyse statistical data pertaining to the Ekstraklasa before taking the plunge, but you can never be certain about your chances in the beginning. Until you figure out how the league works, take punts with a bookmaker bonus. Consider it as a practice drill.
  • Track your betting stats. Aside from using a betting calculator, you should also conduct reviews of your performances on a weekly basis. As you change strategies, you will have access to tangible evidence, which you can use to quickly determine what’s best for your bankroll. Every decision you make has to be backed up by data, not hunches.
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