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Placing in-play bets is simple and does not require any specific skills, however, you certainly have some basic knowledge prior to placing your in-play bets. Our in-play odds comparison will facilitate the entire process for you and will ensure that you always make the most of your bets. On our website, you can place bets fast, in various bookmakers, on plenty of betting markets, with the highest possible in-play odds all that with just a few clicks and on each and every device.

Live Odds and Betting Explained

Live betting is an exciting betting opportunity that allows you to be more engaged with the game and support your favourite team or player while they are playing. This type of betting is characterised by fast odds changes that depend on what happens during the game. Meaning you should be making decisions quickly and place your bets within minutes if not seconds on some occasions. Keep in mind that the odds are changing all the time as the game continues and different micro-events are happening during the event, which influences the outcome probability of the game.

The live odds and the pace with which they change depending on the remaining time of the game, goals scored, ball possession, yellow or red cards, and many other important predictable and not predictable factors that might affect the outcome of the game. During a live game, you will place your bets with fixed odds and your future profits will be calculated using the odds you have bet with, regardless the odds for these particular market will be changing all the time. Almost all reliable bookmakers provide their customers with the in-play betting feature, as this is not only trendy because of the ability to place bets on your mobiles, but simply because it is way more fun and exciting.’s Live Odds Comparison Goal

We love betting on live events and know how annoying it is not to be able to compare in-play odds from multiple bookmakers in once place. Here in, we are aiming to resolve this exact issue and provide you with most up to date in-play odds by using the newest technologies and only show you accurate live odds that will never mislead you. We know that on many occasions, the difference between a long term profit or loss can be the odds you are betting. Our strong advice is always to make sure that you use an odds comparison feature for your in-play bets as that will ensure you will back your selections with the highest possible odds increase your chances of profiting from sports betting in the long run.

Clearly, we are technology-driven software that heavily relies on modern machinery, but we know that nothing can replace human interaction. This is why we commit a huge effort to work closely with the bookmakers to be integrated with them and receive all in-play odds with a minimum delay. Both sides (we and the bookmakers) are working hard in order to make in-play odds comparison a place that will support you in your betting journey and will make your life a little easier.

If you have decided to add in-play betting to your activities, we will be proud to offer you the best bookmakers’ odds/markets. In our in-play odds comparison, we support various sports, and we are continuously adding more so we can cover all sports available for betting. You can currently place in-play bets on football, tennis, basketball, cricket, golf, ice hockey, boxing, esports, volleyball, and snooker.

What we believe it should be underlined is that you can sync your Betfair exchange and Smarkets account with in-play odds comparison and place bets directly from our site avoiding switching different tabs which will indeed save you tone of time.

When you place your bets via our in-play odds comparison, we will automatically add them to your betting tracker as well as settle the outcome for you and calculate the profit and loss. Meaning that we are automating the entire admin work for you and allow you to stay on the top of your betting finance.

Live Betting Advantages and Disadvantages

When you decide to place in-play bets, you need to know a few things about the process so you can make sure it is something that will fit your betting profile.

It is more difficult to develop a strategy for in-play betting as there are a lot of unpredictable events that can happen during the game and not only influence the market but event cause the removal of certain betting markets.

Quick decisions are the way to success when you place live bets. The events during the game might happen very fast, so if you find an opportunity to place a bet, don’t wait too much, because the live odds can be quickly reduced or removed.

Something interesting you should know before going ahead with in-play betting. The TV broadcast and the live streaming available on the bookmaker site are with coverage delay. Sometimes, the in-play odds and the betting markets are blocked for betting a few seconds before something happened on the TV screen, which by the way can be annoying. The bookmakers’ systems receive the live information directly from the stadium and block the game immediately if there is a red card, goal, penalty, etc.

Keep in mind that you don’t have time to do in-depth research during the game, so make sure you have done your homework before the game. As in-play odds are often changing you would mostly place your bets on your prior knowledge and intuition. Live betting offers a lot of betting opportunity but keep in mind that it is really high paced, meaning you should emotionally be ready to deal with both more wins and losses.

In-play betting requires more time and dedication. In order to make the best betting opportunities and place your bets with the highest live odds, you would have to watch the events you decided to bet on. You do not only have to spend more time watching the game itself, but you also have to stay focused and pay attention to each detail, to follow the game, and to watch for critical events and ensure that you place your bets in the right moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to update our in-play odds each and every 30 seconds. However, on some occasions, there might be a bit of a delay based on the information that we are receiving and limitations from the bookmakers.

When the in-play odds are flashing in green, that means the odds go up ( for example an odd of 2 has moved to 2.10), on the other hand when they are flashing in red the odds go down ( for example an odd of 2 decreased to 1.90). We advise you use our flashing signals to quickly identify what direction the odds you want to place your in-play bet are going.

Yes, you can do that with two exchanges as of now – Betfair exchange and Smarkets! Simply log in to your accounts by clicking “Bookmaker Sync” in the top navigation bar and log in to your accounts. Once you do that you will be able to place live bets from in-play odds comparison without leaving the site!

Yes, simply click the in-play odds for the selection you want and it will be added to your bet slip. Add the stake and click bet now, we will redirect you to the bookmaker’s website with loaded bet slip! Please make sure that the odds are the same and always double check the stake size.

Yes, as long as you place in-play bets from our odds comparison and you leave the “Add to bet tracker” box ticked the in-play bets will be automatically added to your bet tracker! Editorial Promise