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Compare Boxing Odds For Today's Events

Find and bet with the highest odds from verified and reliable bookmakers.When it comes to boxing odds, you need to look at the fighters’ records, but only use them as starting points. Focus on the Method of Victory for each of their fights, while also keeping an eye on the strength and qualities of their previous opponents. Older boxers are considered to be underdogs, while southpaws will always receive favorable treatment. Follow the news about both fighters if you want to predict boxing odds moving in either direction.
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How to Use Boxing Odds to Your Advantage

Boxing odds are a niche claimed to be mastered by many, but is, in reality, something most punters aren’t really sure how to comprehend. That seems weird because boxing has been the staple of the sports betting community for more than a century. Nowadays, the sport has been turned into a science of its own, but no amount of popularity or stat-tracking software can make the boxing odds concept simpler. Why is this the case?

Well, boxing odds seem much more complicated than they actually are, mostly because the sport itself is ambivalent to a high degree. If you have a proper foundation, it’s easy to find your way. And that’s exactly what we seek to accomplish with this guide to boxing odds. Once you’re done reading it, you’ll know to observe the sport like an expert, which will, in turn, allow you to find the very best boxing odds and add them to your sports betting arsenal. It’s a piece of cake, trust us.

Who Calculates Boxing Odds?

Boxing odds are calculated by oddsmakers. These professionals are somewhat like the sports version of data analysts. Their job involves them following all the major boxing circuits (with MMA often included in the mix), keeping track of what’s going on and using that information to determine the probability of a certain outcome in a fight.

Upon the announcement of a big event, let’s say a title match, boxing odds are first released in the form of futures. These are the roughest estimates oddsmakers can up with at the moment of a match’s announcement. For promotional purposes, boxing odds are calculated even for unannounced matches, just for the sake of feeling out the situation. If the process is so straightforward, then why are there different boxing odds at every betting site?

The moment you start using the boxing odds comparison tools at, you’ll see that different bookies offer different returns on the same market. This happens because oddsmakers have varying opinions of what affects the first boxing odds that are posted. Even though they use the same software and the same logic, not every factor is held in the same regard.

This comes as no surprise, mainly because there is a multitude of variables in play. To determine what are the most common factors in calculating boxing odds, we’ve followed over 20 bookies that specialize in various competition levels. We also took a deep dive into every second of both boxers’ careers and determine that these things matter the most:

Previous record. Almost always, the word ‘undefeated’ gets thrown around when talking about boxing betting odds. Too many oddsmakers are willing to post low odds on a boxer, just because he’s won all of his fights. Even though it’s impressive to be undefeated as a pro, there are levels to the significance of this world. To determine whether the favorite really is the favorite, take a look at his previous opponents. Boxing odds don’t always reflect the fact that someone only fought opponents with a shorter reach. And-O records can be deceiving, so betting on the opponent is the epitome of snatching the best boxing odds for your slips

Method of victory and the stats surrounding it. Even though wins are always a good thing, not all victories are created the same and boxing odds are quick to be affected by this factor. If you are comparing two boxers to one another and the first has a 9-0 record with all KOs, while the other has the same record but with 3 KOs and 6 wins by decision - who do you think is better? That’s right, when you’re looking for today’s boxing odds, remember that KOs and TKOs are a sign of dominance. Don’t wager a lot on boxers who always win by decision or whose fights go to the distance.

Southpaw or not. If there is one thing that’s certain in boxing, it’s the notion that orthodox boxers always struggle against southpaws. Boxing odds do take the rarity of southpaws into consideration, allowing you to get a higher return on some of your bets against the southpaw. Why does this even happen? Well, using a southpaw stance requires your opponent to hit you in a completely different manner. This results in failed punches because most boxers don’t train to penetrate the southpaw stance. Before picking a set of boxing odds, compare the stances.

Age of the boxers. While boxers can still be beasts well into their 40s, there’s only so much beating the human body can take. Boxing odds for even the best fighters are known to plummet as they get older. If you’re betting on the winner, that’s something you definitely need to consider. To be fully in control of this factor, you need to do research about everything. Even small details, such as the quality of the boxer’s diet, can help a lot. High boxing odds for props on older boxers aren’t uncommon, especially when it comes to TKOs and Time of Victory.

Now you know how to analyze boxing odds using the aforementioned factors. You can see that we mentioned several other sub-factors, so there are plenty of avenues for expanding your knowledge. Find a starting point for your boxing odds research and you’ll end up with a much smoother bankroll. But before you start practicing your craft, it’s essential that you learn how to predict the movement of boxing odds.

How Do Boxing Odds Move?

Boxing odds move whenever something disrupts the probability of a certain outcome within the fight itself. A common mistake is to think that boxing odds don’t move easily because there aren’t that many variables in play. After all, we’re talking about only two boxers, right? Certainly. However, the lack of other people doesn’t seem to affect the notion that boxing odds are some of the most moveable on the market. Then what’s wrong? It comes down to the following reasons:

Fights are announced months in advance - anything can happen

We’re living in the age of readily-available information - oddsmakers have all the insight and aren’t hesitant to change the odds

Since there is so much information, bettors buy into the hype and sway the market with excessive favoring of a certain outcome

Because of the influence of these factors, boxing odds are very susceptible to changes. We at BettingMetrics are always keen on finding the exact answer to something, so we wanted to get to the bottom of this whole ‘moving thing’. For a whole six months, we’ve observed how boxing odds move and what are the main culprits. Here’s a summary of your findings:

The severity of an injury. Boxing odds take a hit whenever a boxer gets injured in training. In the months leading up to the big fight, things like this happen a lot. Depending on the severity of an injury, all boxing odds will see movement. Avoid betting on injury-prone boxers at all costs.

Shape. Today, boxing odds change on a daily basis because boxers are eager to flex their bodies and moves on social media. If an underdog seems in better shape than ever, take a punt on him before everyone notices.

Delays. Believe it or not, delays have given birth to some of the best boxing odds we’ve ever seen. Moving the fight a few months into the future can mean wonders for the recovery of both boxers. More training, too. Insights

As boxing experts, we didn’t want to stop at merely understanding boxing odds. Instead, we believe that it’s important to know what lies behind even the most attractive markets. That’s why we’ve run another round of tests, just to see what you should watch out the most when it comes to boxing odds. While these pointers may be considered as intangibles, they are reflected in the boxing odds on your slips

Personal beef also has an effect on boxing odds. A normally average boxer will definitely step up against someone who he has a grudge with. Like it or not, drama has always been a part of the sport and it’s what you should look for when analyzing boxing odds.

Crowd support can also put a dent in your boxing odds. If an arena is overwhelmingly in favor of the underdog, a key moment of cheering on can quickly lead to a disaster for his opponent. That’s why you should look for polls on the fight and cross-reference your boxing odds with them.

Personal issues. What a boxer does in his everyday life can make or break even the juiciest boxing odds. Beware of athletes who are known to get trouble with the law or land suspensions. They can, however, land you big wins.