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Extended Injury Time and Keeper Regulations: Unveiling the Premier League’s New Rules

Updated on August 29, 2023
Written by Chris
Extended Injury Time and Keeper Regulations: Unveiling the Premier League's New Rules
  • Changes to Added Time and Time-Wasting Disciplinary Action.
  • Amendments to Offside Rule.
  • Changes to Technical Area and Dissent

The English Premier League has stormed back into action, as reigning champions Manchester City dominated Burnley with a commanding 3-0 victory on opening day. However, the return of football brings with it a set of rulebook changes, as the England Football Association unveils a series of revisions aimed at shaping the game’s on-pitch conduct.

Rule Changes Unveiled in Premier League

Here are some of the significant modifications that have taken effect:

1. Extra Added Time:

At last year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar, football enthusiasts were introduced to the concept of extended injury time. Referees now have the green light to include time spent during prolonged goal celebrations, injury stoppages, and substitutions. A novel approach pauses the clock during play stoppages, and this accumulated time is appended to the match’s conclusion. This has not sat well with all players, with Manchester United’s Raphael Varane criticizing the move for neglecting player concerns while elongating match duration.

2. Disciplinary Action for Time Wasting:

Both goalkeepers and outfield players, responsible for throws-in or free kicks, risk penalties for employing time-wasting tactics. The spectrum of penalties varies from a cautionary warning to the presentation of a yellow card.

3. Altered Offside Rule:

The universally debated offside rule has taken a perplexing turn. Per an amendment by the International Football Association Board, a player clearly in an offside position will no longer automatically regain an ‘onside’ status when an opponent interacts with the ball. The amendment clarifies ‘deliberate’ attempts as instances where a player controls the ball with potential for passing, gaining possession, or clearing the ball through kicking or heading.

4. Goalkeeper’s Penalties:

Emiliano Martinez, Argentina’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper, faces a challenge under the newly-introduced rule that targets distractions during penalties. Goalkeepers are now liable for disciplinary action if they attempt to divert or unsettle the penalty taker.

5. Technical Area Restructuring:

Coaching staff are now restricted from overcrowding the technical area. Only one official is allowed in the designated box located outside the bench.

6. Curbing Dissent:

Players encircling referees to request cards or actions against opponents now face heightened chances of penalization.

7. Foul Threshold and Time Efficiency:

Ironically, players may receive some leniency to maintain time efficiency. Referees have the discretion to let the play continue if they believe that a free kick arising from a stoppage would squander more time.

As the Premier League’s latest season unfurls, these amendments signal a concerted effort to refine the sport’s fairness, pace, and conduct on the field.

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