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What Are Bet Builders?

Updated on September 5, 2023
Written by Chloe
What Are Bet Builders?

Bet Builder is a feature that bookmakers provide their customers with that gives them the option to place multiple bets within a single match or event from a variety of markets.

The process is quite straight-forward, with most of the top bookmakers making it easy to follow in terms of the steps required to build your bet.

Essentially, it involves choosing a match on which you wish to bet on, with Football largely the most popular sport to use it on, selecting the ‘Bet Builder’ option on the screen, and depending on the interface that the bookmaker deploys, it’s likely that you will essentially be able to select your bets within that event and they would subsequently be added to your bet slip.

In layman’s terms, Bet Builder is the option to place different bets on the same event and combine them into a single bet. That’s the key difference between this and an Accumulator, as the latter allows you to bet on multiple events or matches while Bet Builder is only allowed within a single game or event.

That in turn would produce the overall odds for your bet, and upon confirmation by the customer, that would go through and you’ve built a bet which you can view in your ‘My Bets’ section.

It’s an easy way to place multiple bets on any single event that in turn provide more favourable odds, with most offering up to six selections. All that customers need is a registered and verified account, and the required funds in their account to place the bet.

Top 10 Bookmakers That Have the Bet Builder Feature

  • bet365
  • Paddy Power
  • Coral
  • 888sport
  • Unibet
  • Betfair
  • BetVictor
  • William Hill
  • Betfred
  • Ladbrokes

Most, if not all, the best betting sites provide the Bet Builder feature, with varying interfaces and degrees of ease, but some of the best ranked including, but not limited to, 888sport, Unibet, William Hill, Betfred, bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Betfair.

Depending on the betting site of choice, they come with various terms and conditions that sometimes limit the number of markets that you can bet on within the Bet Builder feature, while others work with a welcome bonus code too.

The bookmakers noted above have the most polished and user-friendly Bet Builder features, and while some work based on higher limits as to the number of bets you wish to add within that same event, most also provide the feature both on mobile and desktop.

The trend seems to be that those who have moved into this corner of the market previously with similar features, perhaps even simply just named differently, have developed and improved the option to satisfy the needs of their customers and will continue to do so moving forward.

Why Are These the Best Bookies for Building a Bet?

The bookmakers listed above have established their name and brand in the industry through a combination of reliability, scope of the markets that they provide and an easy, user-friendly interface that makes it simple for customers to place their bets.

That filters through to their respective Bet Builder features, and those positive aspects all combine to make it a straight-forward process.

As noted above, these bookmakers also largely allow you to place up to six bets within that event, and so that is more than enough to successfully build a wager that should provide appealing odds.

Occasionally it may come down to personal preference, but ideally you want to choose one of those named above as they will provide the most reliable and easy-to-use service.

How to Use the Football Bet Builder?

The practicality of the process makes it an appealing option to place multiple bets on one single event.

As detailed above, it essentially involves choosing a football match you wish to bet on, selecting the Bet Builder feature when available on screen, and begin compiling your picks within the selected markets that you wish to bet on.

Once that step is complete, review your selected bets before confirming, and then sit back and wait to see how the game unfolds to determine whether or not the bet that you built is successful.

The choice of markets to use is down to the individual, as there are the more popular and perhaps simplified ones such as Match Winner and First Goalscorer. However, if you wish to delve deeper and predict a scoreline, that will of course reflect in the odds that you are given once your selections are complete.

Pros and Cons of Using Bet Builders

The easy nature of building the bet makes it a simple, non-time-consuming process and so if you wish to place more than one bet on an event, this allows you to do so quickly and without the effort of scrolling through more data than you need which in turn creates indecision and hassle.

Ultimately, it puts you in control of the bet to make the picks you want for that particular event.

Further, the odds eventually add up as you continue to add more bets in different markets and start to maximise the possible returns you could see, and so it’s certainly likely to make a bigger impact on your account wallet.

That said, it could work the other way too and if you’re looking to play it safe and focus on one or two markets that stand out and offer good odds, then Bet Builders allow you to do that as well.

It gives you the chance to assess the odds as you continue to add more markets to the equation, allowing you to make an informed and balanced decision as to whether it’s worth adding more and taking on more risk or hedging your bets and playing a steady long-haul strategy.

In terms of cons, you are likely to be limited on the stake you can put down and for now at least, the feature doesn’t cover as many sports as we would like but that could improve in time.

Bet Builder Strategy Examples

Liverpool vs Watford

  1. Liverpool vs Watford – Match odds – Liverpool
  2. Liverpool vs Watford – Correct score – 3-0
  3. Liverpool vs Watford – First goalscorer – Mohamed Salah

Wolves vs Aston Villa

  1. Wolves vs Aston Villa – Both teams to score – Yes
  2. Wolves vs Aston Villa – Total goals – Over 3
  3. Wolves vs Aston Villa – Match odds – Villa

Chelsea vs Real Madrid

  1. Chelsea vs Real Madrid – Total goals – Over 4
  2. Chelsea vs Real Madrid – Marcos Alonso to be booked
  3. Chelsea vs Real Madrid – Mason Mount Over 1.5 Shots on Target

There are a vast array of available markets within the Bet Builder feature, including those detailed above.

Once you have selected an event, the more popular markets all tend to be available to add to your wager, and then it’s about which additional markets either appeal given the sureness in that coming off, or ones that provide the most value.

It’s a simple process to choose too with the markets you want available to scroll through on that same screen, and it’s then down to judgement and instinct in terms of what could come off.

While they have gained traction and popularity in more recent times, there have been differing versions of the same feature that have been around for a while.

Whether it’s the Request a Bet type feature that most prominent bookmakers provide or otherwise, the variations have largely been about asking the bookie to give you the odds on a multiple-market bet that you wish to place.

That in turn led to the Bet Builder feature which simplifies the process, and in turn it continues to become a more popular tool for customers that puts them in control of what they decide to piece together.

Bet Builder Odds – Is there a Difference?

In short, yes. For example, if you were to place three single bets for a total of £10 on a specific game, the likelihood is that the odds, and subsequently the profit available, will be lower than what you would get from a treble through a Bet Builder feature.

That is part of the appeal of building your own bet using this option, and if you can identify the right markets within a specific event, the odds can be more advantageous as you’re essentially creating your own accumulator for a single event as you go along.


Bet Builder has grown into a popular feature, predominantly used for football, but it has a growing scope and popularity among other sports too.

It’s an easy-to-use option that allows you to put together your own multiple-market bet for a specific event, and that in turn bumps up the odds and the potential returns.

Given its smooth running and the speed with which you can place a wager with the top bookmakers and the financial advantages that come from it, there is certainly a lot of positive things that can be said of the Bet Builder feature.

As ever, bookies are always evolving and improving the service that they provide, and there’s no doubt that the Bet Builder feature will continue to go from strength to strength.

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