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Football Betting Tips for Danish Superliga 2022/23

Although the Danish Superliga has only existed since 1991, it’s fair to say that the nation has a rich footballing history, and the most storied chapter would have been written just a year after the formation of this new competition.

History that came in the form of the national side winning the 1992 European Championships in Sweden and although the football on show may not have been the most entertaining, it was still good enough to beat the fearsome Germans in the final.

Of course, the real legend behind the 1992 championship-winning side, is the fact that they were not even meant to be in Sweden that year and they only made the finals after Yugoslavia was expelled from the competition before a ball was kicked.

With Denmark taking their place, a fairy tale that not even Hans Christian Andersen could have written was penned into football folklore and since then the Danish squad of 1992 have been revered as legends.

Legends that would have started their careers at the likes of Brondby or FC Copenhagen and although these two teams and the other clubs within the Danish Superliga are not as fearsome on the continental stage, they are at least respected. That’s why some of our Superliga betting tips posters do Danish teams in European competitions, too.

It is precisely this historic event that started the rise of Danish Superliga predictions. Newspapers around Europe started adding this budding competition into their sports columns.

When looking at the current UEFA co-efficient rankings, Denmark finds itself just inside the top 20. This is by no means the sign of a top competition, but there have been many improvements over the last decade or so. As such, Danish Superliga betting tips are more plentiful than ever.

However, that is not to say that the football is any less in quality, and with a fervent fanbase cheering on the 12 clubs that enter each season, it is a league that is near the top of the table in terms of decibels.

In terms of the league itself, it is similar to the Scottish Premiership, in that there is a regular season and then a split after that. Although unlike in Scotland, the teams only play each other twice before the split (once home and once away).

From there, the top-six clubs move into the Championship round, while the bottom six move into the Relegation round. pays close attention to this part of the season. Coincidentally, it’s also when most of our tipsters share their Danish Superliga betting tips.

From here, the teams in each half of the split play each other twice for a total of 32 league fixtures. With the winner of the Championship round wins the league, while the worst two clubs in the Relegation round drop to the second tier of Danish football.

This is the phase where Danish Superliga predictions are released in droves. If you intend to capitalize on stiff competition for the title, or bottom feeders fighting it out, this is the time to focus.

Who Are the Best Bookmakers for the Danish Superliga?

We’re talking about one of the more respected leagues within Europe. That means that every single bookmaker out there will offer odds for it. However, that doesn’t mean you should use your Danish Superliga predictions just about anywhere.

We can vouch for all our recommended bookmakers, and you can see a few of them down below. While should you prefer, you can head over to our bookmaker section, where you can see their current welcomes bonuses, promotions, and read our extensive reviews of them.

Don’t forget to combine this with our exclusive Danish Superliga betting tips, coming straight from dedicated tipsters. A great bookie is no good if you can’t get the latest scoop in terms of what’s going to happen.

Previous Season Recap

For those who take even a passing interest in Danish football, the name Brondby is one that will likely ring a bell. Although they are one of the more popular and well-known clubs within the Nordic nation, they have not had the recent dominance to match.

Last season, though, they defied all Danish Superliga predictions. After having a title drought since 2005, they rightfully reclaimed the crown and reminded everyone that they’re one of the most successful clubs in the country’s history.

With Brondby topping the regular season standings, confidence was growing within the camp and with Midtjylland hot on their heels while only two points behind, the Championship round was one that was neatly poised. It was a great time for Danish Superliga betting tips here, we’ll tell you that!

One that saw the then defending champions Midtjylland, look to win a third league crown in four seasons and although that was their intention, they would find themselves denied by just a single point at the end of the campaign.

For Brondby it was nothing less than jubilation for every player who wore their colors throughout a rather frenetic season and with the club celebrating on a domestic level, they were also handed an entry to the 2021/22 Champions League Play-off round.

Runners-up Midtjylland had to make do with entry into this season’s Champions League Second qualifying round, while Copenhagen would eventually be joined by AGF Aarhus in the first staging of the Europa Conference League.

In terms of the Europa League, it was sixth-placed Randers that represented Denmark. While at the bottom of the table, both Lygnby and Horsens found themselves demoted to the second tier. This was pretty much in line with most of the Danish Superliga predictions on the site.

Notable transfers

Even though the league isn’t a stranger to big deals, they don’t happen very often. However, there are always situations of Danish Superliga betting tips being foiled by last-minute transfer bombs.

This year, it’s Midtjylland who have made the single biggest outlay of the summer. It’s far from a surprise, given their smart approach to onboarding new players and selling old ones.

With €4.5m being shelled out on the services of Marrony, the Brazilian forward will now be charged with scoring the goals that return the league crown back to them and if he does, this expenditure will be worth every cent.

Even though that may be the single biggest outlay, it is FC Copenhagen who has flexed their muscle the most during the transfer window. And with the next four most expensive signings of the summer landing in the capital, it seems as if they are serious about giving rivals a run for their money.

Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson, Kamil Grabara, Lukas Lerager, and Davit Khocholava will now link up for this contending team. While most experts believe this is an A+ decision by FCK, there are still question marks surrounding the fit of the whole squad. Regardless, Copenhagen’s efforts have been remarkable, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see their Fantastic Four hit the ground running.

Which Teams are Favourites to Win Danish Superliga 2022/23

In terms of who the favorites are for this season, it is hard to look past Midtjylland as they will have a point to prove and a point that says, that their second-place finish last time around was nothing more than a momentary blip.

With the club being one that has mastered the Moneyball approach in the past, their team of analysts will once again be charged with crunching the numbers and dissecting the spreadsheets and if they can crack the code, they will likely be the team to beat at the end of the season.

If they are to be challenged, then it is likely to come from the capital city, and with FC Copenhagen looking to remind people of their own Danish dominance, they will look to be in the title mix by the time the Championship group gets underway.

While in terms of defending champions Brondby, there is a feeling that they may struggle to match their herculean efforts of last season, and although the title may elude them, they will still be looking to earn a European berth at the end of the campaign.

Regardless of what happens, there will be suitable Danish Superliga predictions to choose from, we’re sure. This competition is known for going down to the wire, so keep your eye on the tips to capitalise.

Who is danger of relegation?

When it comes to the topic of relegation, there is a consensus within the Danish football community and it is one that suggests that the teams who earned promotion at the end of last season, may struggle during this.

Which means it may be bad news for both Viborg FF and Silkeborg IF, as they will look to avoid a return to the second tier at the first time of asking and their first task will be to try and amass as many regular season points as possible.

Because both outfits are likely to be found in the Relegation group after the regular season split and they will likely be fighting with the likes of SønderjyskE and Vejle, in a bid to stay out of the bottom two places.

Superliga Players to Keep an Eye on This Season

When it comes to which players to watch in the Danish Superliga this season, the answer will have something of a Brazilian flair to it and that is due to Midtjylland’s duo of samba soccer stars. A duo that comes in the shape of Evander and Marrony.

While Evander has been at the club longer, it is the arrival of Marrony that has got tongues wagging and if these two can fire on all cylinders, then they will surely fire Midtjylland to the top of the table.

They are not the only talents that Midtjylland can call upon, as both Jens Cajuste and Pione Sisto are invaluable to the team and when you consider the club’s link with Brentford, an eventual move to English football is not all that far away.

While if the talents of Jonas Wind can once again be on display for all to see, the FC Copenhagen forward may well put himself in the shop window, as far as a move across Europe is concerned and one that his employers may find rather difficult to turn down.

Or, there might even be a dark horse involved. Regardless, follow our Danish Superliga betting tips for Best Player and Best Goalscorer markets, as well.

How do we Produce Our Betting Tips and Predictions

Danish Superliga predictions different from other top leagues in Europe and this is due to the nature of the top teams being much stronger than those within the bottom half and this is reflected by the end-of-season split between the Championship and Relegation groups.

That’s why Danish Superliga betting tips come in two waves. The first half mostly revolves around big derbies and trying to reach the Champions League, while the other is a battle for survival.

Gaining expert knowledge and betting tips should be the goal of every successful bettor. But tips aren’t standalone tools. Even if a tipster is verified, their Danish Superliga predictions might not be correct. Always cross-reference everything with tangible stats!

We believe our Danish Superliga betting tips are special because they come from the community. All the predictions come from real people that bet for a living, not just a bunch of geeks behind computer screens. But there’s a little bit of that, too.

Which Superliga Matches do You Offer Predictions for?

Our tipsters and experts work with strong statistical knowledge of the Danish Superliga, and also a wealth of experience when it comes to betting on the league. This means that they do not favor betting on certain teams or matches and they are not affected by any personal or previous biases.

Instead, they base their betting tips on well-researched stats and data which leads to all markets being relevant and of interest to those who are looking to gain further insight before another weekend’s betting activity.

You can expect to see betting tips for each of the six Danish Superliga games that take place per gameweek and on any given round of fixtures, there are usually several Danish Superliga betting tips for users to utilise.

How Often do we Offer Betting Tips from the Danish Superliga?

As mentioned above, Danish Superliga predictions are posted for all rounds of play. Our tipsters love betting on Danish football in general and more often than not, the game you are interested in will have a betting tip for it.

Our in-house experts at are not shy to feature Danish Superliga picks either and it’s one of the more popular European leagues out there. This means you can expect to see well-researched game previews and betting tip articles and weekly Danish Superliga predictions.

Remember, all this information comes from verified tipsters. Feel free to enter their profile and check out their track record. is a big believer in transparency, and that’s exactly why we insist on all Danish Superliga betting tips sources being publicly available.

All You Need to Know on Superliga Betting

In comparison to other popular European leagues, your only concern with betting on the Danish Superliga should be to find the highest odds, and for that our odds comparison page is sure to help you out.

Other than that, a great welcome bonus or special promotions are always something to keep an eye out for. However, you can also rest assured, as finding odds for the Danish Superliga is not anything that can be considered a challenge.

Of course, you should look at stats and Danish Superliga betting predictions on a regular basis. It’s a fool-proof way of locating any anomalies and potentially profiting off of them.

Remember, sports betting is never a one-way street. You have to use all the tools at your disposal, including Danish Superliga betting tips, to gain an edge.

Which Bookmaker Bonus is Best for my Danish Superliga Bets?

There are many types of bonuses you can use to capitalise on Danish Superliga predictions even more. We’ve tested the majority of them and the most popular are those that offer boosted odds, free bets, and money-back promotions.

Most of the Danish Superliga bonuses come with easy-to-meet requirements (for example maximum stake or minimum odds criteria) and this means, you will be able to fully enjoy your bets each weekend and across the course of the season.

Compare Odds For the Superliga

With you can compare odds for the Danish Superliga with all bookmakers available in your country. Due to the Danish Superliga’s popularity, we offer a vast range of betting markets for you to choose from. Find the best deals and combine them with our Danish Superliga predictions.

At we think that betting with the highest possible odds should be a given, and we want to see all bettors maximise their earnings – that’s why we ALWAYS advocate going through this process before placing your bets.

Of course, you may consider yourself someone who just bets for fun, and if that is the case, why not look for the best odds that are on offer and earn yourself a handsome pay-out for all your betting efforts.

It might not seem like much, but losing out on a couple of euros every time you use Danish Superliga betting tips adds up over time.

Use our odds comparison tool to see which online bookmaker has the best Superliga odds for a market. That way, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal, while possibly finding a great site in the process.

Teams Competing in Danish Superliga and Their Stadiums

Season start-end: 16th July 2021 – 21st May 2022

All teams and their home stadiums:

  • AaB – Aalborg Portland Park
  • AGF – Ceres Park
  • Brøndby – Brøndby Stadium
  • Copenhagen – Parken
  • Midtjylland – MCH Arena
  • Nordsjælland – Right to Dream Park
  • OB – Nature Energy Park
  • Randers – BioNutria Park Randers
  • Silkeborg IF – JYSK Park
  • SønderjyskE – Sydbank Park
  • Vejle – Vejle Stadion
  • Viborg FF – Energi Viborg Arena

Promoted: Viborg FF, Silkeborg IF

Reigning Champion: Brondby

Danish Superliga 2022/23 Overview

There’s a lot to be excited about this ongoing Danish Superliga season. Brøndby might be in the hunt for yet another title, but a slow start of the season slowed them down quite a bit. As of March 2022, they are in 3rd place. Even though FC Copenhagen and Midtjylland have been better in the beginning, their recent form pales in comparison to Brøndby’s.

The most pleasant surprise of the season is, without a doubt, Silkeborg. Nobody expected much from this newly promoted side, but they’ve been better than the likes of Randers, or AFH. Even Viborg FF aren’t pushovers. Still, they’re going to have to do much more if they are to escape a return to the second tier of Danish football.

Honestly, now is the best time to look for Danish Superliga betting tips. The league is as competitive as ever, with only 10 points separating the leaders and the mid-table. So, if you want to bet on one of Europe’s fastest-growing leagues like a pro, check out our Danish Superliga predictions, and you’re good to go.

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