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Are Czech 1 Liga Odds Worth Betting on?

Even though Czech First League odds don’t involve football in its most spectacular form, they’re still a viable source of moderate-to-high winnings on ‘quieter’ matchdays. Therefore, you should study the league itself and analyse the way group play at the end of the season affects particular teams. Battles for safety and European spots are always a hotbed for excitement in the Czech First League, so you won’t ever be bored. To make sure each bet you place is fruitful, use all the necessary betting tools and don’t forget to optimise your betting algorithm if you feel something is amiss.

Czech First League odds aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions betting on football. However, this doesn’t mean that you should disregard markets from the Czech top tier, especially if you’re looking to fill out an accumulator bet.

Even though the league itself isn’t a hotbed of world-class talent, Czech First League odds can be a useful supplementary solution if you know how to approach each market. That’s precisely what we want to show you in this guide about the 15th league in UEFA’s coefficient list. You’ll also learn how to effectively use betting tips, as well as how to track your betting stats.

Understanding How Czech 1 Liga Odds Are Shaped: The League

Just like many other countries that were a part of the Soviet block, the Czech Republic saw many changes take place ever since the dissolution of the USSR. Even though the Czech First League was autonomous, the whole design was much akin to the old Soviet concepts. Because of this situation, Czech First League odds saw a plethora of changes throughout the last three decades or so.

For brevity’s sake, we’ll only focus on the current format and the way it helps you pinpoint the best Czech First League betting odds. Here’s how the league is organised:

  • Much like the Scottish Premiership or the Swedish Allsvenskan, the Czech First League features a season that is divided into two parts. From July to April, 16 teams play each other in a double round-robin setup. During the 30 matchdays, Czech First League odds undergo significant changes, especially ones pertaining to futures or perhaps some distant fixtures.
  • Once the 30 games are played, teams are separated into the following groups: 1st-6th, 7th-10th, and 11th-16th.

Even though Czech First League odds are generally valued by punters from across the world, the group play is till unclear when compared to other leagues. Let’s take a look at the significance of this stage of competition.

How Group Play Determines European Qualification and Relegation

When it comes to the finalisation of Czech First League odds, the group stage of the season answers two crucial questions – who will participate in European competitions and who will be relegated.

  • The teams placed 11th to 16th play each other just one time in ‘the relegation group’. Direct relegation awaits the team that finishes second, while squads that ended the season as 14th and 15th have to play against the 2nd and 3rd teams from the Czech National Football League, the second tier.
  • As for European qualification, the top team starts from the second round of the Champions League. When it comes to the Europa League, the 4th and 5th team battle it out against teams that finished 6th and 7th, just to see who goes to the EL. The Czech Cup winners get a spot, too. Insights

Even though Czech First League odds are a proven ‘supplement’ to any acca with five or more legs, you have to take a couple of precautionary steps to ensure that all your punts will be winning ones. Complete the following steps and your bankroll will be grateful:

  • Before you dive into the wonderful world of Czech football, don’t forget to find a few bookmaker offers to prepare for the ordeal. Aim for getting a minimum £/$/€ 50 from a bookmaker bonus or two, just to have financial backing in case things go wrong.
  • Make sure your tips come from a tipster that has experience with Czech First League odds. Check (pun intended) the success rate of their football predictions, as well as the impressions posted by other punters.
  • Once you’ve gotten used to Czech Super League odds, compare your findings and stats to any betting algorithm. Isolate the differences and use a betting calculator to find the best possible odds later on.
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