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Champions League Betting Tips & Predictions

Do you like seeing the best football clubs in Europe battle for the most prestigious title in the world? Watching games from the Champions League, and combining it with betting, is a fantastically entertaining combination.

If we can make it profitable it’s clearly a big positive, and that’s our aim through our betting tips and predictions for the tournament. On this page you will be able to find betting tips and predictions on a daily basis when the tournament is running.

Our football experts have great insight into the statistics and information around all teams competing in the Champions League, and provide high quality betting tips and predictions based on facts. While tips for winner markets and Over/Under goals dominate, there will also be a few special options to choose from time to time. Our betting experts do the hard work, and you can enjoy their betting tips and predictions for Champions League for free!

Best Bookmakers for the Champions League

As the Champions League is an incredibly popular betting market it also means that all betting sites take it seriously. This leads to the options being plentiful, and we believe all of our recommended bookmakers do a great job in covering the tournament. We would still like to highlight a couple of the best options based on our subjective opinion:

  • Bet365
  • Unibet

We believe that both Bet365 and Unibet perfectly exemplify what a great bookmaker should be. They have been on the market for a long time, and have a great reputation for handling their customers fairly and without issues. On top of that you can find special offers that are not complicated or come with rules that are hard to grasp. Both of these bookmakers also offer amazing odds markets for the Champions League, and always provide very good and competitive odds. We also however want to note that it’s important to always utilise the best odds for the Champions League, and as such many different accounts at several bookmakers is recommended. Still, these two old-schoolers stick out in our mind.

Betting Tips & Predictions for Champions League This Season

Here’s our thoughts for the upcoming season and betting on outrights for the Champions League:

Which Teams are Favourites?

The previous winners, Bayern Munich, deserved the title to say the least. The giants went through the tournament without losing a single game, and only dropped 1 point in total. The magnificent Robert Lewandowski won the award as top scorer with 15 goals, and we can count on him to continue making life difficult for Bayern’s opponents in the Champions League for a few more seasons. There is no doubt that Bayern will be a favourite to hoist the Champions League trophy once again. Pep Guardiola took over the job as head coach of Manchester City in 2016/17, and even if he has won several titles with the club, he still misses a Champions League title with them. Manchester City has been favourites every year, and even if the goal has still not been met, they will once again be a challenger in Champions League 2020/2021. The squad looks exceptional and maybe it’s finally time?

Liverpool won the Champions League in 2018/19 and they are once again a challenger, even if the injury of their captain Virgil van Dijk is worrying for the club. He is expected to be back mid-season however, and could be a great addition for the playoffs. Barcelona is another team that can always make it far, especially if Lionel Messi is playing at his max level.

PSG was in the Champions League final last year, but lost to Bayern when it was all said and done. That was still an improvement to previous years and now the team is looking to make it all the way. The offensive weapons in Mbappé and Neymar need to perform for PSG to have a chance, and that’s what their hopes rest on. Juventus could be another challenger if their defence is nailed, and Ronaldo can perform at his best. Real Madrid won the Champions League in 2015/16 together with the two coming seasons, and while they don’t look to be as strong as then, they are always a serious contender.


Dortmund will as always play in the second role in the representers from German Bundesliga behind Bayern, but the team has a great offense with Erling Haaland scoring goals at incredible speed. If the young star can keep his pace up, then Dortmund will have all chances in the world to go far.

Behind the mentioned teams there are still a lot of teams capable of challenging even if they are slightly behind the top. We are thinking mainly about teams like RB LeipzigSevillaInter and Manchester United.

How We Produce Our Betting Tips & Predictions

Our experts collect information and statistics continually, and have many years of experience with betting on football, especially the Champions League. With all available information they make an analysis about the winning chances of an outcome, and then they compare it to the odds provided by the bookmakers to find an edge – this is the foundation of how a betting tip for the Champions League is produced. Other important factors that come into play are usually the teams schedules, and how important a match is, and therefore motivation. We are confident in all of our betting experts, and they always provide high quality tips and predictions for the Champions League, as their knowledge is massive for the teams attending.

What types of Betting Tips and Predictions are offered for the Champions League?

1X2 and handicap bets are the most common markets selected for betting tips and predictions for the Champions League. But you can also expect to see O/U goals markets, which is an interesting option with good knowledge about teams’ different strategic approaches to the game. Betting tips on corners, bookings and goalscorers will also pop up every now and then!

How often do we offer tips and predictions for the Champions League?

Tips from the Champions League are frequently offered at, and you can expect that each and every round is covered thoroughly.

Our experts will provide expert insight and the latest news from the football world for close to each and every match. After analysing all angles to the game, our experts weigh the information against the odds and if a value bet is found, then a betting tip is also produced. While some matches are more popular than others, the main goal is to find value bets for the Champions League, and as such all matches are treated equally to find value.

Expert Tips & Predictions for the Champions League

At we offer a wide array of betting tips and betting predictions for the Champions League that are completely free, but also some that require a subscription. The tips are published on this page as they roll in and we recommend checking them out, and find tipsters that suit you the best. You will be able to take part in great insight in how to bet on the Champions League, and quickly get up-to-date information.

As the Champions League is a very popular betting market, you can expect to see many tipsters partake in providing tips, and it’s up to you to choose your favourites.

To see paid betting tips and predictions for the Champions League you need to register at, subscribe to the tipster and pay quickly and easy through PayPal. Better yet, start producing your own tips, and if you are successful you can be the one getting paid!

Betting on the Champions League – A Short Guide

If you are looking to bet on the Champions League, we have produced a quick guide to get you going on no time:

How to bet on the Champions League?

To take part of the betting tips and predictions provided by our experts for Champions League, you can simply read their analysis and click through to the odds markets. We have a long list of recommended bookmakers for you to find the best odds for each and every market. While our experts and tipsters will always provide you with the best odds for the Champions League already, you can check out all markets you are interested in and instantly find the highest odds on the market!

While browsing the odds, you will be able to instantly go to the selected bookmaker and find the right betting market through one click. While the most common betting markets for the Champions League are 1X2, handicap and O/U goals, we provide a vast selection of odds for you to browse through. This will save you time and energy, as browsing through each and every bookmaker manually is a big task all by itself.

Compare Odds For the Champions League

An easy way to compare odds for our expert’s tips or your own betting ideas is through our odds comparison at It’s a super simple process and all you have to do is head over to our Odds Comparison, find your match and simply start comparing. We like to view odds comparisons as a vital part to becoming a long-term winner, as the time saved from browsing bookmakers odds will allow you to spend that time on good research instead. Betting with the highest odds on the Champions League should be a given for each and every player looking to make a profit, and we advise you to never get any less value than you could!

About Champions League 2022/23

This information will be updated as soon as the details for the upcoming season of the Champions League become available!

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