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Football Betting Tips for Brazil Serie A 2022/23

For many people, Brazil is considered the home of football and with the nation being the most successful in terms of FIFA World Cup victories, such consideration can be viewed as a rather fair assumption.

With the South American nation reaching the pinnacle of the global game on five different occasions, it is fair to say that Brazilian football has a constant pipeline when it comes to producing world-class talent. In addition, this football pedigree still draws many bettors to Brazil Serie A predictions even today.

However, that pipeline also sees its rich talent base quickly diverted to Europe, and with far greater sums of money being offered in terms of salary, it is no surprise that one continent is soon switched for another.

Because of this, it means the domestic scene in Brazil is not quite at the level that should be and although there are several recognisable names that ply their trade within Serie A, any genuine talent has already been sold to a wealthy European suitor. But make no mistake – this makes Brazil Serie A betting tips even more fun and unpredictable!

To accommodate all followers of the competition, our betting experts have spent an extensive amount of time ensuring they stay on top of the latest news and only provide high-quality betting tips.

Who are the best bookmakers for the Brazil Serie A?

If you haven’t realised, we’re talking about one of the most popular football leagues in South America. That means you won’t have trouble finding a bookmaker that has good odds. Remember, as useful as Brazil Serie A betting tips are, they are most helpful when used at a good bookmaker.

We can vouch for all our recommended bookmakers, as they’ve undergone extensive testing. You can see some of the best ones in the table down below. Once you choose a suitable bookmaker from the list, you can combine them with Brazil Serie A predictions supplied by our verified tipsters.

The Campeonato is a tricky league, so you’re going to need all the help you can get. Good luck!

Previous Season Recap

Going into the 2021 season, there was a large number of Brazil Serie A betting tips touting Flamengo as the favourite. Sure, they’ve won the title the previous year, but only by a single point. In fact, the 2020 Campeonato was one of the closest one in recent history. Only 7 points separated Flamengo from 5th placed Fluminense. Also, only nine points were between 6th and 13th. That signified a true free-for-all.

To the surprise of many, Atletico Mineiro put on an impressive show. On the wings of Hulk’s 19 goals, which won him the Top Goalscorer award, they breezed to the title with a 13-point lead. Quite a few of our tipsters had them as outright winners in their Brazil Serie A predictions by the mid-season point. Flamengo still put up a valiant fight, but at least they were able to fend of Palmeiras.

The mid-table was a bloodbath, though. Fortaleza miraculously secured 4th place, while the other two Copa Libertadores entries were by Corinthians and Red Bull Bragantino. Athletico Paranaense, deposite being only 4th, defied all Brazil Serie A betting tips and also qualified for the Libertadores. Their entry was by virtue of winning the Copa Sudamericana.

Even the bottom was a bloodbath, and it’s precisely things like these that make Brazilian football betting so fun. Chapecoense, despite their valiant rise in recent years, had no place in the top division. They got pummeled and won only 15 points throughout the season, with just a single win to their name. Gremio, Bahia, and Sport said goodbye, as well.

Overall, it was one of the most interesting seasons in recent history. Atletico Mineiro was only in 8th place on the 7th matchday. Fortaleza looked like a dark horse contender, but their lack of consistency was evident in our Brazil Serie A predictions. Very few tipsters truly bought the hype. Red Bull Bragatino and Palmeiras also had a bit of a collapse, at least for their standards.

As we’ve already mentioned, Hulk won the scoring titles with 19 signature bombs. Gilberto and Michael, from Bahia and Flamengo, had 15 and 14, respectively. Overall, there were 10 strikers that scores more than 10 goals. It was an offensively potent, season, which shifted a lot of Brazil Serie A betting tips for futures.

But that’s all in the past now. Let’s take a look at how the teams fared on the transfer market before the 2022 season begun. Just to warn you, it’s been an active preseason.

Notable transfers

Like many other leagues of the same global stature, the Campeonato is not necessarily considered the biggest spender and although many deals have been facilitated through either loans or free transfers, money has still changed hands between clubs in the division. With that being said, buying and selling players can have a major effect on Brazil Serie A predictions.

So, what happened in preparation for the 2022 season?

Well, for starters, Atletico Mineiro had the busiest, and quite possibly the best transfer window out of all Serie A clubs. There were some worries that Otavio going on loan to Bordeaux would mess up their chances of repeating. Mailton, their RB also left, which led to some question marks about AM’s defensive depth.

However, Brazil Serie A betting tips started favoring Mineiro again when they started onboarding players. Lucas Hernandes and Talison, from Sport Recife and Portugal’s Alverca, were brought back from loan to pluck the holes in the backline. The defending champions made a lot of other smart decisions, which will surely menefit their already strong team. But the biggest headline was Diego Costa terminating his contract with Mineiro. After just 19 games and 5 goals scored, he told the board he wanted out. We are unsure of the exact reason, but rumors are swirling about other Serie A sides being interested in his services. There must have been a few good offers, since he left AM so quickly.

Flamengo, though, made the biggest splash, and turn a lot of Brazil Serie A predictions on their head. The native Brazilian spent time at Manchester United for most of his career, before spending some time on loan at Lazio. Then, Flamengo brough him on loan. Preseason Pirlo impressed enough for the Rubro-Negro to purchase him from United.

As for departures, there were a couple of significant ones. The talented 21-year-old Bryan Garcia went from Independiente to Atletico Paranaense. Marquinhos netted Mineiro a pretty penny by choosing to go to Ferencvaros in Europe.

Most other onboardings and departures were free transfers, inter-league loans, and returns from loans. There was a lot of movement, but how will this impact Brazil Serie A predictions for who will be in the league? Who are the favorites? Let’s take a look.

Which Teams are Favourites to Win Brazil Serie A 2022

Now is probably the best time to snatch some early-bird Brazil Serie A betting tips. Since the transfer window lasts until the end of March, there’s no telling what will happen during the rest of the preseason. As things stand now, our tipsters and experts believe that Flamengo, Atletico Mineiro, and Palmeiras have the best chances of winning the title.

Perhaps the biggest favorite is Atletico Mineiro. Not only did they dominate the previous season, but their squad is pretty much left in tact. Serie A’s title winners often fail because big European teams dismantle their squad, but it seems AM has escaped this, at least for now.

Some Brazil Serie A predictions even tout Fluminense and Red Bull Bragantino as potential winners. Both teams will surely be in the Libertadores spots for most of the season, but isn’t really sure about their title chances.

Of course, this isn’t the only market you should be betting on. There are lots of Brazil Serie a betting tips for relegation spots, as it’s often the most fun and most unpredictable part of the season?

Which Teams are in Danger of Relegation?

Unfortunately, we lost Gremio last season, despite having a chance to switch places with Juventude during the last two matchdays. But what about this season? Do Brazil Serie A predictions see a grim fate for someone in particular?

As things stand now, our tipsters have Cuiaba, Juventude, Botafogo, and Coritiba as the most likely teams to get relegated. Botafogo is a team with a pedigree, so they could possibly click and exit the danger zone.

Serie A players to keep an eye on this season

Aside from just clubs and their ultimate placing, there are also plenty of Brazil Serie A betting tips for player markets. After all, the Campeonato has always been a hotbed of future stars and all kinds of mercurial talents. So, who’s going to keep us glued to the screen this season?

Well, the league’s biggest star is probably Danilo, the amazing DM playing for Palmeiras. His teammates, Patrick de Paula and Gabriel Menino, are also young and able to carry their team into the stratosphere.

Of course, the best forward is still Atletico Mineiro’s Hulk, and RB Bragantino’s Artur. Remember, Gilberto and Michael, the 2nd and 3rd best goalscorers, both left the league. This means that the top scorers table might still be dominated by Hulk, but some unfamiliar faces could score 10+.

How do we Produce Our Betting tips and Predictions

It is fair to say that betting on Brazil Serie A differs from other top leagues in South America and this is due to so many teams being involved in either the race for continental qualification or the battle to avoid relegation – which means this is an incredibly competitive competition from the first day of the season until the last.

As such it’s crucial to keep track of all the clubs in the division, as each of the teams can take points from each other on a weekly basis and this means, it pays to do extensive research before each round of fixtures.

Getting expert knowledge and Brazil Serie A predictions based on well-researched statistical data is key to succeed with this league. The more information you can get your hands on, the better chance you have of making greater informed bets.

Whether the league is new to you, or you already follow our verified tipsters and in-house experts, they will be able to provide valuable pointers. Their predictions can either be followed based on trusting their knowledge or by backing it up with tangible numbers and statistics. believes it’s best to combine both research and tips. That way, you’ll be able to tell if the tip is a losing one, or if the stats tell the whole story. It’s a fool-proof way of establishing consistency.

Which Serie A Matches do You Offer Predictions for?

Our tipsters and experts work with strong statistical knowledge of Brazil Serie A, and a wealth of experience when it comes to betting on the league. This means that they do not favor betting on certain teams or matches and they are not affected by any personal or previous biases. All the Brazil Serie A predictions.

Instead, they base their betting tips on well-researched stats and data which leads to all markets being relevant and of interest to those who are looking to gain further insight before another weekend’s betting activity.

You can expect to see betting tips for a huge variety of Brazil Serie A games due to how popular the league is among bettors all around the world and any given round of Brazil Serie A is usually covered by several betting tips per match day.

Since our tipsters are always informed about what’s going on, don’t expect any transfers or sackings to catch you by surprise. If anything happens, you’ll probably see it reflected in our Brazil Serie A betting tips.

How often do we offer tips from the Brazil Serie A?

As mentioned above, this league is very-well covered, and all rounds of play will see significant action. Dozens of our tipsters have years of experience with Brazil Serie A betting tips. You’ll find markets for 1×2, goalscorers, and even outright winners.

Our in-house experts at are not shy to feature Brazil Serie A either and it’s certainly among our more popular leagues on the website. This means you can expect to see well-researched game previews and Brazil Serie A predictionson a weekly basis.

All you need to know on Brazil Serie A betting

Brazil Serie A betting tips aren’t all that hard to use. Firstly, all our tipsters and experts right previews and explanations in a simple way. You can understand them in a matter of seconds! The other part of the equation are the bookies themselves. with virtually all sites offering odds for the league, and often massive market selections too. Now that’s an excuse to try and make a profit!

In comparison to smaller leagues your only concern with betting on Brazil Serie A should be to find the highest odds, and for that our odds comparison page is sure to help you out. Never settle for anything below market value. Sure, some bookies might offset lower odds with other features, such as boosts, but you shouldn’t sacrifice too much.

Other than that, a great welcome bonus or special promotions are always something to keep an eye out for. However, you can also rest assured, as finding odds for Brazil Serie A is not a challenge by any stretch of the imagination.

Which Bookmaker Bonus is Best for my Brazil Serie A Bets?

There are many types of bonuses while you are betting and enjoying betting on the Brazil Serie A. We’ve tested the majority of the available bonuses and the most popular are those that offer boosted odds, free bets, and money back promotions.

Most of the Brazil Serie A bonuses come with easy-to-meet requirements (for example maximum stake or minimum odds criteria) and this means, you will be able to fully enjoy your bets each weekend and across the course of the season.

Compare Odds For the Serie A

With you can find the best Serie A odds with all bookmakers available in your country though our odds comparison. With Brazil Serie A’s popularity, we offer a vast range of betting markets for you to choose from, and if the bookmaker offers odds for the market, you will be able to compare it.

At we think that betting with the highest possible odds should be a given, and we want to see all bettors maximise their earnings – that’s why we ALWAYS advocate going through this process before placing your bets.

Of course, you may consider yourself someone who just bets for fun and if that is the case, why not look for the best odds that are on offer and earn yourself a handsome pay-out for all your Brazil Serie A betting efforts. Most of all, please make the best use of our tips and of course, best of luck.

Brazil Serie A 2022/23 Overview

Season start-end: 29th May 2021 – 5th December 2021

All teams and their home stadiums:

  • América Mineiro, Independência
  • Athletico Paranaense, Arena da Baixada
  • Atlético Goianiense, Antônio Accioly
  • Atlético Mineiro, Mineirão
  • Bahia, Fonte Nova
  • Ceará, Castelão
  • Chapecoense, Arena Condá
  • Corinthians, Neo Química Arena
  • Cuiabá, Arena Pantanal
  • Flamengo, Maracanã
  • Fluminense, Maracanã
  • Fortaleza, Castelão
  • Grêmio, Arena do Grêmio
  • Internacional, Beira-Rio
  • Juventude, Alfredo Jaconi
  • Palmeiras, Allianz Parque
  • Red Bull Bragantino, Nabi Abi Chedid
  • Santos, Vila Belmiro
  • São Paulo, Morumbi
  • Sport, Ilha do Retiro

Promoted: Chapecoense, América Mineiro, Juventude, Cuiabá

Reigning Champion: Flamengo

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