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Belgian First Division Odds – Worth Taking a Chance on?

If you’re looking to spice up your accas and your bankroll, Belgian First Division odds are a great choice. Not only is the league full of quality teams, but recent changes to the format have also resulted in some wacky playoff matches and other forms of excitement. Remember to track your betting results from the very beginning, as well as paying attention to the Europa League playoffs in April and May. We wouldn’t recommend basing your entire acca on the Belgian First Division, but combinations with other leagues have proven to be effective on several occasions.

When exploring the most interesting leagues in Europe, Belgian First Division odds are the first thing that catches most people’s eye. Not only is Belgium home to some of the best footballers on the planet, such as Romelu Lukaku, Kevin de Bruyne, and Thibaut Courtois, but the league involves some pretty interesting concepts and a lot of quality football.

For these reasons and several more, Belgian First Division odds have become a hot commodity amongst all bettors who are serious about transforming their bankroll completely. That’s why we felt it’s important to share our tips and insights on how to approach this league. In a little while, you’ll know all about tracking betting stats and using bookmaker offers to boost your performance with Belgian First Division odds.

How the League Works: Understanding the Formation of Belgian First Division Odds

For a long time, Belgium was dealing with a lack of parity in their two professional football divisions. While the existence of 32 professional teams meant that players had more opportunity to earn money, the discrepancy between giants such as Anderlecht and Club Brugge, and other teams meant that changes had to be made. After the 2015/6 season, Belgian First Division odds were forever changed by the reduction of teams in the B Division to just 8. Other reforms also took place, but we’re only going to talk about the most significant ones.

Currently, the main influence the Belgian First Division A is the regular season. As the league consists of 16 teams, there are 30 matchdays that take place between July and March of each year. Until recently, teams didn’t pay during Christmas. The decision to change that caused controversy, but the lack of a holiday break in December affected Belgian First Division odds. This was mostly due to player fatigue and expanded tactical requirements introduced by the change in scheduling.

After the regular season is concluded in May, the real fun begins:

  • From March to May, the playoffs take place. Teams are ranked by the points they’ve accumulated over the course of the regular season. The number of points is halved and rounded up to the next integer if the number happens to be odd.
  • The league is separated into two halves – the Championship Playoff and the Europa League playoff. The former is comprised of the top six teams, who play each of the five other teams on two occasions. Once all ten games have been played, the champions of Belgium are crowned.
  • As for the Europa League playoffs. Things get a bit tricky. The bottom ten teams of the A Division are joined by the top six teams of B Division. Afterwards, the 16 teams are separated into four groups of four. The winners of each group play against one another to determine the winner, with the best team having to face the 5th best team from the Championship Playoff for the last Europa League ticket. Insights

Even though some may disregard Belgian First Division odds because of the complexity of the league itself, we don’t believe in such sentiments. The league is definitely worth taking a chance on if you love quality football and want to have some fun. Use the following tips from our team if you wish to create winning slips:

  • Combine betting tips with bookmaker offers. When you’re just starting out, it’s important to reach ‘stable ground’. This means minimising your risks in every way imaginable. The best way to do this is to earn a few free bets through a bookmaker bonus, as well as acquire football suggestions from tipsters with knowledge of Belgian First Division odds.
  • Portugal, Holland, and Belgium work well together. After years of research, we concluded that the best combination for a non-Big Five accumulator is by combining the aforementioned three leagues. You only need to modify your betting algorithm, but otherwise – you’ll enjoy a lot of excitement and be on the road to stabilising your bankroll.
  • Track your betting stats and use betting calculators from the moment you take your first bet on any set of Belgian First Division betting odds. This is important because you’ll need to have tangible evidence before altering your strategy in any way. Such documentation provides stability and accelerates your improvement.
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