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Football Betting Tips for Austrian Bundesliga 2021/22

While although it may not have the same stature as its German cousin, the Austrian Bundesliga can still be considered one of the higher ranked leagues in Europe and with its clubs often representing the competition in Europe, it can certainly hold its own when it comes to continental activity.

Then again, those clubs within Austria are perhaps more concerned with matters on a domestic front and when it comes to their version of the Bundesliga, it is just as keenly contested as the one found in Germany.

Just like their German counterparts, this variety of the Bundesliga is one that can rely on fervent support from its fans and with the stadiums often being tightly packed, the roar of the crowd is always a loud one.

Which means the spectacle on offer is usually a highly entertaining one and with 12 teams operating in the top-flight each season, the first challenge is to avoid finishing in the bottom six of the regular season standings.

That’s because just like the Scottish Premiership, there is an end of season split and one that sees the top six move into the Championship round and the remaining six are subsequently placed within the Relegation round.

Unlike the Scottish league setup, each team only plays each other twice (once home and away) before the split, meaning there are 22 regular season fixtures and from here, an additional 10 matches are played in the respective end of season groups.

Also unlike in Scotland, the clubs do not keep their full quota of points post-split and this means, that each of the 12 outfits have their points halved (and rounded down if necessary), which then becomes their new starting total for the final 10 rounds of the season.

This means a total of 32 fixtures are played across the season, with the winner of the Championship group being crowned the league winners and the bottom team in the Relegation group, then being relegated to the second tier.

In theory, this should lead to high drama each season, as the title race goes down to the wire. However, that has not been the case for the last eight editions of the Austrian Bundesliga, as Red Bull Salzburg have been the dominant force each and every year.

Who Are the Best Bookmakers for the Austrian Bundesliga?

The Austrian Bundesliga has a respectable following across Europe, and this means a wide range of respected betting sites will offer Austrian Bundesliga odds. In addition to this, we recommend that when you choose a bookmaker to bet on Austrian Bundesliga, that you choose a bonus that suits you, or find a special promotion that will benefit you.

We can vouch for all our recommended bookmakers, and you can see a few of them down below. While should you prefer, you can head over to our bookmaker section, where you can see their current welcomes bonuses, promotions and read our extensive reviews of them.

Previous Season Recap

As alluded to above, the story of last season’s Austrian Bundesliga has been one written by Red Bull Salzburg and with the energy drink backed club once again strolling to domestic success, they continue to be the superior outfit within the league.

To the point where nobody can really get close to the team and after winning last season’s title by a margin of 15 points, all that is really left to play for is the battle to land a European place for the following campaign.

A race would have seen four more clubs afforded entry into the continental competition, as runners-up Rapid Wien qualified for the Champions League second qualifying round and Sturm Graz reached the Europa League playoff round.

In addition to this, there was also a Europa Conference League second qualifying round place up for grabs and after being decided via a play-off system which also involved Hartberg and Austria Wien from the Relegation group, it was Austria Wien who got the better of Wolfsberger AC.

This meant that the other club from Austria’s capital would join LASK as Austria’s representatives in the Europa Conference League, with the latter joining proceedings in the third qualifying round of the competition.

While in terms of the battle to avoid the drop, it was a season to forget for St Potten as they eventually lost to SK Austria Klagenfurt in a relegation play-off. It should be noted that Klagenfurt only finished third in Austria’s second tier but were the first eligible club for promotion.

Notable transfers

Of the transfers that have taken place last summer, it is once again Red Bull Salzburg that have done the biggest business, and during the last summer transfer window, that business has come in the form of Kamil Piatkowski and Nicolas Capaldo.

Piatkowski who is aged 21, joins from his native Poland and at a fee of €5.00m, it was enough for previous employers Rakow to part company with him. While in terms of Capaldo, he joins from Argentinian outfit Boca Juniors for a fee of €4.50m.

While the most expensive transfer fee that does not involve a Red Bull Salzburg signature, is that of Emanual Aiwu and with Rapid Vienna outlaying €750k for his services, the 20-year-old joins from Admira Wacker.

Which Teams are Favourites to Win Austrian Bundesliga 2022/23

When it comes to who are favourites to win this season’s edition of the Austrian Bundesliga, there really can be only one team in the conversation and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, that team will be Red Bull Salzburg.

Because even though they may have lost former manager Jesse Marsch to the other major team in the Red Bull network, that being Germany’s Leipzig, the Salzburg juggernaut is still one that is set to rollover their opposition.

Which means with it being such a foregone conclusion, it is more a question of just who will win the race to finish in Europe and with four additional berths up for grabs, it will once again be another entertaining end to the campaign.

Of course, for all those clubs that harbour desires of playing in Europe next season, they must first finish in the top-six of the regular season standings. If that hurdle is cleared, the race for European football will then intensify.

Which Teams are in Danger of Relegation?

In terms of the relegation battle, there are a number of clubs who will be looking over their shoulder and with everyone bar Red Bull Salzburg having the primary objective of earning a top-six regular season finish, the first task is to avoid the relegation group.

Of course, not everyone will be that fortunate in their bid to finish in the top six and this means for the likes of both Admira Wacker Mödling and Rheindorf Altach, they could be in for a rather long and difficult season ahead.

Bundesliga players to Keep an Eye on This Season

In terms of the ones to watch this season, most eyes will be on the Red Bull Salzburg squad and with the Austrian Bundesliga champions possessing a constant conveyor belt of talent, it will be interesting to see who is next for a big money move across Europe.

Of the names that are already attracting interest from the biggest clubs in the continent, Karim Adeyemi is the name that is on everybody’s lips and at 19 years of age, he already looks ready for a step up to the next level of European football.

Whether a move comes around at the end of the season remains to be seen, although if he can lead the Salzburg outfit to a ninth-successive league crown, it may be difficult to ward off those further up the footballing hierarchy.

While another name who is attracting interest, is that of Mohamed Camara and with the midfielder being tasked with acting as Red Bull Salzburg’s defensive screen, he will be able to provide the security for Adeyemi and his teammates to roam forward.

How do we Produce Our Betting Tips and Predictions

It’s fair to say that there is not a great deal of value when it comes to betting on the perennial champions. However, it could be argued that it is a safe bet at the same time.

While for those who look to extract the maximum value from their Austrian football betting, there is an opportunity to earn inviting odds and this is because, the fixtures not involving the champions can go either way.

Due to their only being 12 teams in the competition, an element of volatility is created in terms of the results and with points being dropped by the other 11 outfits (Red Bull Salzburg notwithstanding), making the correct predictions can quickly turn into profitability.

Getting expert knowledge and betting tips based on well researched statistical data is key to succeed when betting on the Austrian Bundesliga and the more information you can get your hands on, the better chance you have of making greater informed bets.

Whether the league is new to you, or you already follow our verified tipsters and in-house experts, they will be able to provide valuable pointers. While their Austrian Bundesliga predictions can either be followed based trusting their knowledge or by supporting the detailed research that you’ve already carried out.

Which Bundesliga Matches do You Offer Predictions for?

Our tipsters and experts work with strong statistical knowledge of the Austrian Bundesliga, and also a wealth of experience when it comes to betting on the league. This means that they do not favour betting on certain teams or matches and they are not affected by any personal or previous biases.

Instead, they base their Austrian Bundesliga betting tips on well researched stats and data which leads to all markets being relevant and of interest to those who are looking to gain further insight before another weekend’s betting activity.

You can expect to see betting tips for a huge variety of Austrian Bundesliga games due to how popular the league is among bettors all around the world and any given round of Austrian Bundesliga is usually covered by several betting tips per match day.

How Often do we Offer Betting Tips From the Austrian Bundesliga?

As mentioned above Austrian Bundesliga betting tips are very well covered, and all rounds of play will see a large number of predictions. Our tipsters love betting on Austrian football in general and more often than not the game you are interested in will have a betting tip for it.

Our in-house experts at are not shy to feature the Austrian Bundesliga either and it’s certainly generating continual interest from punters. Which means you can expect to see well researched game previews and betting tip articles from the Austrian Bundesliga on a weekly basis.

All You Need to Know on Bundesliga Betting

Betting on the Austrian Bundesliga is as easy as it gets with virtually all bookmakers offering odds for the league, and more often than not massive market selections too. In comparison to less popular leagues your only concern when betting on the Austrian Bundesliga, is to find the highest odds, and for that our odds comparison page is sure to help you out.

Other than that, a great welcome bonus or special promotions are always something to keep an eye out for. However, you can also rest assured, as finding odds for Austrian Bundesliga is not a challenge by any stretch of the imagination.

Which Bookmaker Bonus is Best for my Austrian Bundesliga Bets?

There are many types of bonuses while you are betting and enjoying betting on the Austrian Bundesliga. We’ve tested the majority of the available bonuses and the most popular are those that offer, boosted odds, free bets, and money back promotions.

Most of the Austrian Bundesliga bonuses come with easy to meet requirements (for example maximum stake or minimum odds criteria) and this means, you will be able to fully enjoy your bets each weekend and across the course of season.

Compare Odds For the Bundesliga

With you can compare odds for the Austrian Bundesliga with all bookmakers available in your country. With the Austrian Bundesliga’s popularity, we offer a vast range of betting markets for you to choose from, and as long as the bookmaker offers odds for the market, you will be able to compare it.

At we think that betting with the highest possible odds should be a given, and we want to see all bettors maximise their earnings – that’s why we ALWAYS advocate going through this process before placing your bets.

Of course, you may consider yourself someone who just bets for fun and if that is the case, why not look for the best odds that are on offer and earn yourself a handsome pay-out for all your Austrian Bundesliga betting efforts. Most of all, please make best use of our Bundesliga betting tips and of course, best of luck.

Teams Competing in Austrian Bundesliga and Their Stadiums

Season starts-end: 23rd July 2021 – TBC 2022

  • Admira Wacker Mödling – BSFZ-Arena
  • SK Austria Klagenfurt – Wörthersee Stadion
  • Austria Wien – Generali Arena
  • LASK – Waldstadion Pasching
  • Rapid Wien – Allianz Stadion
  • Red Bull Salzburg – Red Bull Arena
  • Rheindorf Altach – Stadion Schnabelholz
  • Sturm Graz – Merkur-Arena
  • SV Ried – Keine Sorgen Arena
  • TSV Hartberg – Stadion Hartberg
  • Wolfsberger AC – Lavanttal-Arena
  • WSG Tirol – Tivoli Stadion Tirol

Promoted: SK Austria Klagenfurt

Reigning Champion: Red Bull Salzburg

Austrian Bundesliga 2022/23 Overview

The Austrian Bundesliga predictions for the current season make for an incredibly exciting way to bet on the biggest league in Austria. The regular season being followed by a play-off makes for an interesting way to crown a champion, give out the European places and decide relegation. However, that is part of the fun.

The Austrian Bundesliga prides itself on giving fans an exceptionally unpredictable league in which all outcomes are on the table with the exception of one. Red Bull Salzburg have continued to dominate the Austrian Bundesliga betting tips from all parts of the globe. As previously mentioned, RB Salzburg romped to their 15th title last campaign, holding onto a seven point lead at the end of the regular season before doubling down and more in the Championship round, romping home with a 15 point lead over Rapid Wien. Their title success was superb, but it was their ability to attack that really impressed, with the side scoring 94 goals in 32 games, at just under an average of three goals per game.

Away from the top spot in the league, the final Champions League place should make for a very tight battle, meaning there is a lot of potential value if you back the right Austrian Bundesliga betting tips. At the end of the regular season in 2022, SK Sturm Graz, Wolfsberg, Austria Wien, Rapid Wien and Austria Klagenfurt all finished within seven points of one-another and will all battle it out in the Championship round. With only one Champions League qualifier spot on offer for the side that finishes in second, it will be hotly contested. This only means that if you can nail your pick to come second with your Austrian Bundesliga predictions, then you could get a very nice return.

At the bottom of the table, Altach and Flyeralarm Admira look to be the most likely to be fighting it out to avoid relegation. Altach ended the regular season with just three wins meaning they could only amass 13 points from 22 games. 10 goals scored is far too few, while they have conceded 38 goals along the way. Failing to score and losing their last four games in a row is not an ideal way to go into the playoffs, and we worry for them.

Meanwhile, Flyeralarm Admira have only won four of their matches and they look out of their depth. 25 goals scored is a far better return their Altach, but they have not been able to turn games into victories, winning four, drawing eight and losing ten times. Of course, while we have picked these two out to struggle, that does not mean that the sides above them will easily pull away from them. Indeed, seventh-placed Ried and 11th-placed Flyeralarm Admira were only separated by nine points in the regular season, meaning a poor start for any one of these teams could quickly snowball.

Ensure that you do your research when you come to wagering on the league as it can be a very unpredictable competition. If you are struggling to come to terms with the structure of the league and the teams, then be sure to back our expert Austrian Bundesliga betting tips, with each and every Austrian Bundesliga prediction created by an expert tipster that lives and breathes the top football league in Austria.

While we cannot assure you that every single Austrian Bundesliga betting tip will be a winner, we provide our predictions in good faith, meaning that you will not ever be given the opportunity to back a tip that our expert team would not back themselves.

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