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  • Heavyweight Bout | 10 Rounds
  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 28 | Main Card Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • How to watch live: TBA

Tale of the Tape

Tyson FuryFrancis Ngannou
Weight269 lbs257 lbs
Wins33 – 0 – 135 – 1 – 1
KO (%)39 (61%)12 (60%)
ML Odds*-900+700

* Odds provided by Unibet and are accurate as of 6 Oct 23

Numbers / Odds*

MoneylineTyson Fury (-400)Francis Ngannou (+700)

Odds are provided by Unibet


Ngannou: A Puncher’s Chance

After disagreements over fight purses and endorsements during contract negotiations, Francis left the UFC. He’s since signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), but before he undergoes the second phase of his MMA legacy. He looks to etch his name in Heavyweight Boxing History, doing what no man has yet to do. Dethrone the Gypsy King, or at least make millions trying. 

Alas, all he has is a puncher’s chance, which sums it up. Francis Ngannou punches like a compact car hitting you at 30mph, and that’s not even an exaggeration. Ngannou is a champion-level fighter, training under the tutelage of the great Mike Tyson. He has the necessary understanding of distance and timing to intelligently defend himself in the ring. Couple that with otherworldly strength that can be leveraged well in the clinch. He can make this an ugly fight while he looks to land the equalizer. 

Fury: Tune Up & A Pay Day

Fury, in true Gypsy King fashion, has already guaranteed victory and scheduled his next bout against Oleksandr Usyk just two months later. It hasn’t been announced whether the fight will be an exhibition bout or for Tyson titles (very unlikely), but it looks like Fury sees this as nothing more than one of the Mayweather-esque exhibition paydays. 

Tactically, Tyson can play this just about any way he so chooses. As the taller and longer fighter, one could expect him to dance and pick Francis apart from the outside before laying it on in the later rounds. Although Fury is one for spectacle, and like his bout against Deontay Wilder, we could see him press forward and put Francis on his backfoot. 

Fury’s only concern in this bout is to stay clear of Francis’ power shots, but we’d be remiss not to consider Fury has seen power before. Deontay Wilder threw the kitchen sink at him over three fights, and Fury got up and saw to the finish in dramatic fashion.


Francis will come to fight. You can’t try with Iron Mike and not show up and plan to show out. But make no mistake, Tyson Fury will win rather decisively. Francis won’t be able to make up the difference in boxing experience. He’s struggled with his cardio in later rounds in the UFC, and the water gets much deeper in boxing. Expect Tyson to carry him into the later rounds and win decisively.  

Verdict: Bookies have yet to release the full slate of markets, so until then, throw a few bucks on the upset, know you’ll lose your money, and enjoy the show. Ngannou Moneyline (+700).

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