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  • Date: Saturday, Dec 15
  • Time: 10 p.m ET
  • Location: Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando, FL
  • Watch: DAZN

Tale of the Tape

CruiserweightJake PaulAndre August
Weight200 lbs201 lbs
Wins7 – 110 – 1 – 1
KO (%)4 (57%)5 (50%)
ML Odds*-400+333

* Odds provided by Unibet

Numbers / Odds*

MoneylineJake Paul (-400)Andre August (+333)

Odds are provided by Unibet. 


Jake Paul (-400)

Jake Paul is a bit of an anomaly. At first, he appeared to be some loudmouthed YouTuber McGregoring his way through to a couple of big paydays in boxing. However, we’re still talking about the man a few years and eight fights later. He takes what appears to be his first actual step up in competition. What may have started as some gimmick seems to have become a passion for Jake. I’ll tell you what: anyone who dedicates a good few years to boxing, with his resources and access to the best teams in the world…, will eventually they’ll become a problem. Jake is an athlete in every sense of the word; he’s young, hits hard, and seems able to take a punch. Believe it or not, someone’s going to have to come down and give it to him, or he may make a real run in a few years. You heard that here first.

Andre August (+333)

Andre August, to keep it a buck with you, I didn’t know who he was before I was commissioned to write this. So, we did a deep dive. Not too surprisingly, we couldn’t find too much. What we saw was a professional inside-fighter with solid fundamentals. He walked down his opponents, worked them the corner, and mixed up his punches well when he closed the distance. However, that was all against tin cans. Andre can be described as a potential journeyman boxer. He should still have the fundamentals and the stylistic advantage to beat Jake if he intends to bring the fight.


The bookies got Jake (-400), which, in all fairness, I believe leans more so of the names on his resume than his actual boxing ability. Of the eye test, Andre is a terrible match-up for Jake. Jake tends to shell up and do nothing when he retreats or fights off his backfoot. If he intends to fight, Andre consistently pushes forward, staying in tight with a consistent pace. However, I’m still not all-in on the theatrics of YouTube boxing just yet, so I don’t know if the flashes Andre showed will appear in the ring on the evening. Further, despite his win streak, it’s been a while since August’s last KO, so it should be a surprise to see a decision here.

Verdict: Jake Paul Decision
– But… I’m going to Play the upset for the sake of boxing | Andre Moneyline (+333)

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