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The 2024 WNBA season tips off May 14. This time, with more eyes and anticipation now than ever in the sport’s history. This season is full of narratives to follow. How will Caitlin Clarke handle the transition to the Pros, will the vets be gunning for her? Will Angel Reese be able to handle the size and physicality of the professional level? The hype around them, and the likes of Cameron Brink and Kamilia Cordoso, will make either bettors or the bookies a whole lot of money.

Indiana Fever vs. Connecticut Sun (-5.5) | Caitlyn Clark’s Debut

  • Date: May 14, 2024 (9 PM ET, ESPN 2)
  • Location: Mohegan Sun Arena in Montville, CT
  • Moneyline: IND Fever (+195), CON Sun (-240)

Fresh off a historic run in the NCAA, quite possibly the greatest season in NCAA history, Caitlyn Clark has very high expectations to meet in the Pros. Her ability to score and facilitate the offense should transition well to the pros, but these ladies are bigger, stronger, and more skilled than the competition Caitlyn has been able to exploit thus far. Most would expect Caitlin to hit her over, assuming it’s rather “low” for her WNBA Debut. However, this game isn’t a one-woman sport, and the very fact the Fever could draft Clark is an admission to the odds stacked against them and her moving forward. Which we see reflected in the bookies’ odds for her debut.


Indiana Fever (5.5), Caitlin Clarke OVERPts

Chicago Sky vs. Dallas Wings (-12.5) | Cordoso & Reese’s First Game

  • Date: May 15, 2024 (9 PM ET, Local TV)
  • Location: College Park Center in Arlington, TX
  • Moneyline: CHI Sky (+650), DAL Wings (-1000)

Depending on who’s your go-to pundit, you may be of the belief the Chicago Sky were the champions of the draft, securing Kamilia Cardoso with the 4th Pick and, in some’s opinion, stealing Angel Reese at 7th. Angel’s game is very professional-esque; while there will definitely be a learning curve to dealing with the size and physicality in the paint, her true X-factor is her way of motivating a team, and she’s a marketing dream for any social media department. Kamilia, at 6’7″, is expected to make an immediate impact and anchor their defense, bringing some equilibrium to a very potent offense. Will this be enough to upset the books overcoming the Wings and their 5th overall pick, Jacy Sheldon? The ability of these women to perform from the first tip-off will be the first tell.


Chicago Sky +12.5, Angel Reese OVERrebs, Kamilia Cardoso OverBlks

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