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Sports Betting Guides

Think of us as your personal betting coach, guiding you through the maze of odds, markets, and sports betting strategies.

We’ve prepared a treasure trove of guides that’ll teach you everything from A to Z about betting, whether it’s in football, basketball, or underwater basket weaving. Want to go from a casual to a sharp? Dive into our guides and learn all there is to know about betting.

Betting Terminology Dictionary

We know the world of sports betting can sometimes seem like a completely different language, right? But don’t worry, we’re here to be your personal dictionary on the subject. With our list, you’ll become a true expert in sports betting jargon.

We’re going to simplify those complicated terms and make them as clear as water. So, get ready to speak the language of betting like a pro and impress your friends with your new expert vocabulary!

Parlay / Accumulator / Multiple BetThis is a combined bet. A bet that contains several odds that together create a combo. In most cases, all bets must win for the combined bet to be successful.
BTTSStands for ‘Both Teams to Score’. A common odds market, especially in soccer.
MoneylineInvolves betting on the team/player to win the match. Mainly used in sports where there’s overtime; in those cases, the moneyline is not affected by a tie in regular time.
Draw No BetAn odds market where the bet is placed on one of the teams, but where a draw returns the bet to the player.
Cash-OutCurrently, various betting sites offer this service. During the match, players can cancel the game and withdraw money for the value of the live odds of the match.
Free betA common bonus on various betting sites. After depositing, the player receives a bet as a bonus, without risking real money. Any winnings may be subject to betting requirements on some betting sites, while others have no such requirements.
SpreadImagine you’re at the betting site and there’s a soccer match where one team is the clear favorite. Obviously, most will bet on that team, right? But this is where the ‘spread’ comes into play. It’s like giving the less favored team a little help, for example, a two-goal advantage. This makes the betting game more interesting.

Betting Guides for All Sports

There’s always something to bet on. But, you know what? The key for most is to dive into the sports they are passionate about. At, we’ve got you covered with information on all those sports that make bettors’ hearts beat faster.

And yes, we have guides for each of them, because in the world of betting, knowledge is power! Each sport and league has its own magic, its trends, and unique differences. And that’s where we dive in headfirst, to bring you the best information and tips. We want you to have all the tools to shine in online sports betting. So, come on, join us and become a sports betting expert!

Betting Guides for Soccer

Did you know that soccer is a superstar of online betting here in the States? It’s like the perfect mix in the world of sports betting. In our guide to the best sites for betting on soccer, we’re going to show you how to navigate this exciting universe.

Get ready to discover how to bet on soccer, the key tips to consider, and the variety of odds that bookmakers have to offer. Ready to become a soccer betting expert?

Betting Guides for Football

Betting on American football comes with its own set of terms and strategies, like ‘spread’, ‘moneyline’, ‘over/under’, and ‘single game parlays’. Understanding these concepts is crucial for any bettor looking for success and enjoyment in this sport. Our football guide dives into these terms, explaining how each affects your betting strategies. Whether you’re interested in the NFL or NCAA, we’ll provide you with valuable insights to better understand the dynamics of betting at each of these levels.

Betting Guides for Baseball

With its unique pace, combining moments of explosive tension and meticulous strategy, baseball has become a fertile ground for betting, especially in live games. In baseball, concepts like ‘money line’, ‘run line’, and ‘totals’ (over/under) are common betting terms. Understanding these concepts is crucial for any bettor looking to succeed. In our guide for baseball, you’ll dive into the dynamics of these terms and how they influence the betting process.

Betting Guides for Basketball

Basketball is also one of the sports often talked about when it comes to betting. Here, it’s incredibly common for terms like spread and handicap to be mentioned, as teams are often big favorites or non-favorites. With the help of our basketball page, you’ll delve into what these terms mean and how they can affect the game, whether you want to bet on the NBA or any other major tournament.

Betting Guides for Boxing

Boxing is a sport where physical form, record, and tactics play a crucial role. Betting on boxing requires understanding a variety of markets and the science behind boxing. This includes betting on the winner, ‘over/under’ on rounds, bets on the method of victory, and ’round betting’. Knowing these terms is essential for any bettor looking to succeed in this exciting sport. Our guide will help you dive into these concepts, explaining how each influences your betting decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly sports betting is about enjoyment and it is to some degree down to chance. There is no guaranteed way of winning. However, hard work, research and learning from others can help you make more informed choices. Our betting experts have been in the betting industry for a long time, gaining a wealth of experience. Reading their guides will help you both to get started and later when you're looking for more advanced strategies. Above all, always remember to play responsibly.

While there is no guaranteed way to be successful in sports betting, becoming a good punter firstly requires a long-term plan. Betting on impulse or with great risk-taking is never a combination that works in the long run. In other words, discipline, research, thought, knowledge and understanding are all essential for the serious player.

We can say with certainty that there is no single guide that will make anyone a winning player. But with the help of a large number of guides in interaction, you can improve your playing step by step. Why not start by checking out our library of helpful articles above!

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