Argentine Primera División Betting

Argentina is one of the top countries for soccer in the world, with all-time great players like Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona hailing from the South American nation.

Argentine Primera División Betting – Best Picks, Odds, Predictions

Many of the worlds greatest players got their starts in the Argentine Primera División, the top club soccer league in Argentina. As a result, Argentine Primera División betting is enjoyed by many, as you can bet on some of the future and past stars in soccer.

In this guide to Argentine Primera División betting, you’ll find out everything you need to know about wagering on this league. You’ll learn about what to expect on the field in the Argentine top-flight, who the impact players are, and some tips for being the most profitable bettor you can be.

This is as close as you can get to the Argentine Primera División without having to travel to Argentina itself. So put your passport away and let’s dive right in. 

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Argentine Primera División

There are a number of options for you if you’re interested in Argentine Primera División betting. Most betting sites offer action on this league, allowing you to test your knowledge of the top league in Argentina. These sportsbooks in particular offer the best Argentine Primera División betting experiences, and should satisfy the needs of most bettors interested in this competition.

Argentine Primera División Previous Season Recap

Last season, the winners of the Argentine Primera Division were River Plate, who won 16 of their 25 matches and ended up with 54 points on the season. They led the league in scoring with 53 goals, and were the only team to average more than two goals per match for the duration of the season. Because of that, the Argentine Primera División betting odds for their matches were skewed toward higher totals than many of their fellow clubs.

Second place last season went to Defensa y Justicia, with the club from Buenos Aires earning 47 points to finish behind only River Plate. While Defensa y Justicia wasn’t on the level of the eventual champions, they did a great job of playing an attacking style. They had two of the Top 10 goal scorers in the league last season, along with two of the Top Five assist creators in the competition.

On the flip side, Arsenal de Sarandi finished in last place after a disappointing 2021 campaign. They finished on 21 points for the season, just one point worse than the second worst team in Atlético Tucumán. The teams at the bottom of the table were lucky relegation was suspended, but these bottom feeders will need to be better in the near future to avoid being threatened by the drop.

Summer 2021 Transfer Window Recap

Each season, the transfer window has the potential to impact the outcome of the league. It also has the ability to impact Argentine Primera División betting markets as superior players going to teams can shift the balance of power. While there weren’t many notable transfers in this league over the last transfer window, it’s worth paying attention to one in particular.

Marcos Rojo was sent from Manchester United to Boca Juniors during the summer transfer window. Rojo had spent several years with Manchester United, playing in more than 60 games for the club despite falling out of favor there over the last couple of seasons. Now, Rojo will aim to use Boca Juniors to try and wring something out of the late stages of his career.

Outside of the Rojo move, there hasn’t been much noteworthy activity anticipated to impact Argentine Primera División betting this season. This league is one where outgoing transfers aren’t usually recognized as massive moves until after a player has established themself in Europe. Incoming transfers, meanwhile, are usually not heralded unless it’s a player returning to Argentina after going to Europe to become a star.

Winter 2022 Transfer Window Recap

The transfer window is important in the Argentina Primera Division, as a country that is so synonymous with soccer greatness always has the potential for notable Argentine players to join or leave the league. But the biggest move in Argentina’s top-flight during the winter transfer window was one that resulted in a player staying exactly where they were before the window opened.

Julián Álvarez was signed by Manchester City from River Plate and immediately loaned back to River Plate from Manchester City. 

That move is meant to bolster the future of the striker position at City, as Álvarez will be expected to come over and make an impact in the future. For now, the Argentine league benefits from this move, as Álvarez does not have to leave River Plate just yet.

The decision to loan out Álvarez was an interesting one from City, as they don’t have a real option at striker right now. But rather than risk bringing Álvarez into the fold before he was ready, they opted to let him get more experience in his home country. That response was paid off shortly after with a hat trick for Alvarez for his current River Plate team.

Who are Favorites to Win Argentine Primera División this Season?

The Argentine Primera División betting favorite for this season is River Plate once again. They’ve won more titles than any other team in the history of this division, and they’re coming off of a league title that was not all that close. This year, they should be able to keep rolling given there weren’t any teams that made overly impressive moves in an attempt to dethrone them from their spot here.

Boca Juniors also has to be considered one of the Argentine Primera División betting favorites this season. They made the lone notable signing of the year in Marcos Rojo, and were a Top-Four team without him last season. If they can get a little more out of their attack this season, Boca Juniors could move back up near the top of the table and contend for the title.

It’ll be interesting to see if any other clubs can break into the group of Argentine Primera División betting favorites as the season draws closer. There are a couple teams that were in the Top Five last season facing questions about how sustainable those seasons were. If Defensa y Justicia can continue to score goals proficiently, they could become the third team in the mix.

Who is in Danger of Relegation?

The relegation system is an interesting one coming into the 2022 season in the Argentine first division. Relegation had been suspended for last season, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the league returning to relegation, Argentine Primera División betting odds will have to account for teams fighting to avoid the drop zone.

Relegation is structured differently in this league than in others, as it takes an average of a team’s points earned per top-flight game over the last three seasons and relegates the teams with the lowest points per game average over that span. Consequently, teams struggling over the last few years are in a position where they’ve got to turn things around this season to give them a chance at survival.

Coming into this season, newly promoted Barracas Central and Tigre have no top-flight games to draw an average from, meaning they’ll have to get off to a fast start if they want to avoid becoming the Argentine Primera División betting favorite to be sent down. Among the teams with league games under their belt over the last three seasons, Sarmiento and Patronato are at the bottom of the list and will have to win some matches this season to fix it.

Outright Predictions for Argentine Primera División 2021/22

It’s hard to justify another Argentine Primera División betting selection in the outright markets than River Plate. They’ve got the top scorer in the league and all of the pieces around him to make things run smoothly. Upsets are possible, but the outright markets almost aren’t worth going near this season because of how much better River Plate was than the competition a year ago.

When betting on outright markets, the goal’s to find value bets at plus prices. The question here’s whether or not those value pieces exist this time around, given the defending champions are much better than the competition. It might be worth waiting until the season starts and to hope for a slow start from River Plate to back them at a better number.

Players to Keep an Eye on in Argentine Primera División this Season

The top player to keep an eye on this season in the Argentine top-flight is Julián Álvarez of River Plate. Alvarez scored 18 goals a season ago for the champions, with no other player in the league scoring more than 15 goals on the campaign. His expectations will be high this year, as he’ll be expected to replicate those results with opposing defenses keyed in on slowing him down.

Another goal scoring threat worth keeping an eye on in Argentina this year is Walter Bou of Defensa y Justicia. He was in the Top 10 in goals scored last season, and helped his side reach second place in the league. Ultimately, the team lost another key piece of its strike force in Miguel Merentiel after last season, which could impact their Argentine Primera División betting odds.

José Sand and José Manuel López are two goal scorers who can flip Argentine Primera División betting odds on their heads this coming season.

Both finished in the Top Five in goals scored last year for a Lanús side who finished in 10th place a season ago. If they keep firing the way they did last season, Lanús could do even better than 10th place.

How Do We Provide Our Expert Picks for Argentine Primera División?

The number one thing we do when coming up with Argentine Primera División betting picks is research the teams involved with the competition. Knowledge is power, and that power comes from taking time to identify which players work well together on each team and to figure out where their strengths and weaknesses are. That information will help us convey to you when and where there is value in the betting market.

Another important component to our Argentine Primera División betting picks is the statistical background they have. We compile the statistics from each team after each match and use them to create a model that predicts the outcome of each matchup. The model is added to all season long as new statistical information is presented throughout the year.

Finally, in order to do the best Argentine Primera División betting possible, we actually watch games from this league. This allows us to see how teams make tactical adjustments, which coaches are better, and how each team’s game plan looks on the field. That can have a huge impact on the results of Argentine Primera División betting. 

Best Sportsbooks that Cover Argentine Primera División Games

Picking the best Argentine Primera División betting site is more of a personal preference than anything. You’ve got to choose which criteria are the most important to you and select sportsbooks that meet those unique needs. These sportsbooks tend to be among the best in the industry for betting on this and other soccer leagues, and are worth checking out no matter what your needs are.


Draftkings has an impressive array of betting markets for soccer and all other sports. This, of course, extends to Argentine Primera División betting in addition to more high-profile soccer leagues out there. If you’re looking to bet on matches in ways that go beyond just predicting who’s going to win, chances are DraftKings will not disappoint.

Caesars Sportsbook

Another quality sportsbook for wagering on this league is Caesars Sportsbook. Caesars is in a large number of states and offers Argentine Primera División betting along with countless other forms of wagering. Their real strength is their tie to William Hill, which has been operating in Europe for more than 100 years, meaning Caesars has received plenty of backing in the soccer betting department from the William Hill brand.

Sportsbook Promo Codes And Best Bonuses For Argentine Primera División

The best Argentine Primera División betting bonus comes from Caesars Sportsbook. They offer a matched bet to first-time players that’s worth up to $1,001. In that bonus, you’re able to place your first bet on the games in this league and get bonus cash of up to $1,001 to match that amount win or lose in a promotion where you can conceivably win the bonus money, as well as the profits from the bet itself.

Another top level bonus for betting on this league comes from BetRivers. BetRivers offers a dollar-for-dollar match on a player’s first deposit, with an upper limit of $250 on that offer. This means you could make a first deposit of $250 and end up with $500 in your account before placing your first bet.

All You Need to Know About Argentine Primera División Betting

There are several key components to Argentine Primera División betting you must handle before you get started. Some of these rudimentary concepts are essential to making sure you’ve got the best chance of turning a profit while wagering on this league. Here, we’ll cover everything from how the odds work to what kinds of bets you can make while betting Argentine soccer action.

Argentine Primera División Odds and Betting Lines

Betting odds are arguably the most important thing to a sports bettor, as they make a direct impact on how much you stand to make from every transaction while doing any Argentine Primera División betting. The amount you stand to make while betting on this league is dependent on the odds for each game. That starts with whether the odds begin with a plus sign or minus sign.

Odds that begin with a plus sign stand for the amount you’d win if you put $100 down on that betting market. Odds that begin with a minus sign equal the amount you’d need to risk in order to make a profit of $100. You don’t need to bet to win $100 or bet $100 on anything, as you’re allowed to bet bigger and smaller sums than that, but that’s what the numbers stand for when looking at sports betting odds (wins will always be proportionate to the $100 amount).

For example, if you’re doing Argentine Primera División betting, you may see one team in a match listed at -150 to win that game and their opponent at +125 to do the same. In that scenario, you’d need to bet $150 to win $100 on the favorite, while a $100 bet would result in a profit of $125 on the underdog. 

Compare Odds for Argentine Primera División

The smartest thing you can do while taking part in Argentine Primera División betting is to compare the betting odds you see at several different bookmakers. Doing so will make sure you’re as profitable as possible on each bet. While the goal is to pick as many winning bets as possible, failing to look for the best price on every wager could cost you money in the long run.

For example, one sportsbook might offer a team at -110 odds to win an upcoming game, while another sportsbook might offer that same team at even odds. In that case, a bet at -110 would cost $110 to win $100, while the bet at even odds would require a $100 wager to win $100. At even odds, you’d have to risk $10 less to win the same amount, making that the more favorable option.

How do we Generate our Argentine Primera División Odds?

We calculate our odds for Argentine Primera División betting by comparing the odds for each bet we recommend across as many sportsbooks as possible. By doing this, we’re able to offer up betting tips at the best possible prices. Just like in the example above, the differences may be small in doing this, but those small differences add up in a big way over time.

Moneyline Argentine Primera División Odds

Moneyline betting is a common form of soccer betting, where the goal is to simply pick what the outcome of each match is going to be.

This is the case in Argentine Primera División betting as well, where your task is to predict whether a match will end with either team winning or with the match ending in a draw. In the event that you select one team to win, the match ending in a draw would result in your bet being graded as a loss.

Argentine Primera División Over/Under Odds

The over/under is a very popular betting market in Argentine Primera División betting. 

Your task here is to look at the number of goals listed for each match by bookmakers, and determine whether the total combined score by both teams in the game will be over or under that amount. This market is an exciting one, as every shot taken has the chance to impact the total.

For example, an upcoming match in Argentina may have an over/under of 3.5 goals set for it. In the event that three or fewer goals are scored in the game, bets on the under would be winners. If four or more goals were scored, on the other hand, the over would be the winning side in this market.

Some betting sites choose to use a “half-goal” as a separating point to avoid having the over/under bets result in a tie. When that happens, the bet is called a “push” and all money is refunded to the bettors. Sportsbooks don’t like wasting money in that way, so they’d rather avoid that scenario altogether. 

How does Argentine Primera División Work

The Argentine Primera División consists of 28 teams heading into the 2022 season. Those teams will play a 27-match round robin schedule against the rest of the league, with teams earning three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss. The team with the highest point total at the end of the season is crowned champion.

On the flip side, the teams with the lowest average points per game played over the last three seasons are relegated to the second division in Argentina. They’re replaced with the sides that’re promoted from that second division that finished at the top of the second division standings the year before.

Teams and Venues

The list of teams in this league has been growing, thanks to the temporary moratorium on relegation that has been taking place in the league. Here’s a look at the 28 teams that’re taking part in the Argentine first division, along with the home stadiums they’ll play out of this coming campaign.

TeamHome Venue
AldosiviJosé María Minella 
Argentinos JuniorsDiego Armando Maradona
ArsenalJulio Humberto Grondona
Atlético TucumánMonumental José Fierro
BanfieldFlorencio Sola
Barracas CentralClaudio Chiqui Tapia
Boca JuniorsAlberto J. Armando
Central CórdobaUnico Madre de Ciudades / Alfredo Terrera
ColónBrigadier General Estanislao Lopez
Defensa y JusticiaNorberto “Tito” Tomaghello
Estudiantes (LP)Jorge Luis Hirschi
Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP)Juan Carmelo Zerillo
Godoy CruzFeliciano Gambarte
HuracánTomás Adolfo Ducó
IndependienteLibertadores de América
LanúsCiudad de Lanús – Néstor Díaz Pérez
Newell’s Old BoysMarcelo Bielsa
PatronatoPresbítero Bartolomé Grella
PlatenseCiudad de Vicente López
RacingPresidente Perón
River PlateMonumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti
Rosario CentralGigante de Arroyito
San LorenzoPedro Bidegain
SarmientoEva Perón
TalleresMario Alberto Kempes
TigreJosé Dellagiovanna
Union15 de Abril
Vélez SarsfieldJosé Amalfitani

Argentine Primera División Trophy

The trophy for the Argentine Primera Division is a silver trophy that features a soccer ball at the top of the cup that almost looks like a lid. Its handles run from the top of the base of the trophy up over the top of the opening of the cup, with a small square base that’s not as wide as the cup itself. Compared to previous versions of the trophy, this version looks fitting for a team celebrating its achievement as the best team in Argentina.

COVID-19 Status

Each season, the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to have an impact on play in the Argentine top flight and on Argentine Primera División betting as well. The pandemic was the cause of relegation being suspended in the league, which had a massive impact on the state of Argentine football as a whole.

There’s also the possibility that matches could be postponed or rescheduled throughout the season depending on the numbers surrounding the coronavirus this year. As of now, there’s no plans to change the schedule of the league, but the situation is fluid.

Interesting Facts About Argentine Primera División

The Argentine first division has been in operation for over a century, as it was founded in the 1890s. In 130 years of operation, River Plate has been the most dominant team in the history of the competition, winning 37 league titles. That’s more than a quarter of the championships that’ve been won in the history of the Argentine top-flight, as other teams haven’t been able to keep up with them in many cases.

River Plate has the longest tenure as well with 114 seasons in the league. The all-time leading scorer in the Argentine Primera División is Arsenio Erico, who scored 295 goals. 

Argentine Primera División Conclusion

The first division in Argentine soccer is a great proving ground for players looking to show they’ve got what it takes to make it in Europe. Argentine Primera División betting is also a great way to make money betting on soccer, as it rewards you for knowing which players are the next big thing and which teams are using them in ways beneficial to them.

Overall, this is a league worth checking out both as a soccer fan and as a soccer bettor. Hope you’re ready to hit the sportsbooks!

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