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United Soccer League Betting – Best Picks, Odds, Predictions

While the USL is broken into three leagues, the USL Championship division is the best of those leagues and is the equivalent to the EFL Championship in the United States.

Because of that, there’s still some appeal to United Soccer League betting, as fans of American soccer test their knowledge of the teams a step below the MLS sides. By the end of this guide to United Soccer League betting, you’ll find out everything you’ll need to know about betting on American second tier soccer.

You’ll learn everything from the outlook of the next season in the league to the betting strategies we use to recommend bets in the USL Championship. All of this will help you become a better USL bettor, even if you aren’t betting on household names in this league.

You’ll learn everything from the outlook of the next season in the league to the betting strategies we use to recommend bets in the USL Championship. All of this will help you become a better USL bettor, even if you aren’t betting on household names in this league.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on United Soccer League

When it comes to United Soccer League betting, there are several books which offer action on the league. Though you may not encounter as many betting sites offering action on this league compared to sites that offer MLS or other top-flight league betting, there are still some options you can use to place USL bets.

Here’s a list of the major United Soccer League betting sites that are available:

United Soccer League Previous Season Recap

Last season, the United Soccer League saw 31 teams compete across four divisions. Three of those divisions hosted eight teams, while one division had seven teams. Surprisingly, a team that finished in second place in its division by a wide margin overcame the United Soccer League betting odds to make a run to the championship in this league.

Orange County SC finished in second in the Pacific Division, 15 points behind first place Phoenix Rising FC. They finished the year in a tie for the ninth most points in the USL Championship division during the season, making them anything but the United Soccer League betting favorite heading into the playoff bracket. But they managed to win all four of their matches in the playoffs to lift the trophy.

In their four playoff matches, Orange County SC gave up just two goals, keeping two clean sheets along the way. They beat the Tampa Bay Rowdies in the final, who led the league with 71 points in the regular season and were the top seeded team in the tournament. While it was anything but a straightforward season for Orange County, they did what they needed to do to win the title.

2021-2022 Transfer Window Recap

The transfer window each season doesn’t have a very defined impact on the outcome of each USL season or United Soccer League betting. With USL being a competition that’s a tier below MLS, you don’t usually see incoming or outgoing transfers that make a huge difference overall. But the transfer market is something worth keeping an eye on if you’re someone who has an in-depth knowledge of American soccer.

A look at the most recent USL transfers doesn’t show anything that’ll have much of an impact on the league as a whole. But those who are looking for an edge in United Soccer League betting will always want to keep their eyes out in the event that we see something like Didier Drogba to Phoenix Rising again. That was one of the biggest moves in the history of the USL Championship, and anomalies like that have the potential to be a game changer on the rare occasion that they happen.

Who are the Favorites to Win the United Soccer League this Season?

The likely favorite coming into this season from a United Soccer League betting perspective is the Tampa Bay Rowdies. They finished at the top of the league standings last season, even though they fell short when they got to the playoffs. This year, they’ll be expected to be near the top of the league once again, and will be expected to finish the job this time around.

Another of the presumptive United Soccer League betting favorites heading into the next season is Phoenix Rising FC. They finished with the best point total in the Western Conference and will be expected to do damage out West again this coming season. Consistency can be hard to come by in a division like USL, but Phoenix has been good about following up on positive results in recent years.

Finally, Louisville City is a team that could come through the season and reward those who picked them in United Soccer League betting markets. Louisville finished at the top of their division last season and will have a decent chance to contend in their conference this year. They aren’t a reserve team for an MLS club, which gives them a leg up over several teams in the league right now.

Who is in Danger of Relegation?

Perhaps the biggest flaw with a league like USL is the fact that there’s no promotion to MLS or relegation to USL 1 for teams that falter in USL Championship. For that reason, there are no United Soccer League betting odds related to promotion or relegation at this point in time. The lack of promotion and relegation is one of the biggest criticisms of American soccer as a whole, which may need to be addressed in the near future.

Promotion and relegation instill some type of meritocracy in soccer, as teams that are good get promoted and teams that struggle get relegated. In a system like that, some of the United Soccer League betting favorites would be expected to be in the race to be promoted to Major League Soccer. But those teams, unfortunately, don’t get the chance to make it to the top flight of American soccer.

In the future, it’s possible the United States Soccer Federation could add promotion and relegation. But the current system protects the owners of the teams that are currently at the top of the pyramid who’ll likely resist any sort of change. Whether the USL will get a chance to create a true path to promotion to MLS in the future remains to be seen.

Outright Predictions for United Soccer League 2021/22

When making outright United Soccer League betting predictions, you’re better served to take some longshot bets than to back the favorites in the league. With players in USL lacking the consistency that players in higher level leagues have, it’s worth thinking outside the box and having a shot to earn bigger payouts when the season is in the books. These relative longshots could make some noise next season, even if they didn’t spend last year at the top of the standings.

The Colorado Springs Switchbacks could be a team worth pursuing in United Soccer League betting, as they didn’t have a great season but have the pieces to do well. They had the league’s top goal scorer last season in Hadji Barry, who scored a league-best 25 goals. This year, if he can maintain similar form and his club can put a better defense around him, the Switchbacks could be a dangerous side.

Also worth keeping an eye on in United Soccer League betting this season is Miami FC, who made a decent sized splash in the transfer market by USL standards.

They brought in a player in Kyle Murphy who was an all-USL selection last season when he was with Memphis 901 FC. Murphy 

Players to Keep an Eye on in the United Soccer League this Season

When it comes to United Soccer League betting, impact players can make all of the difference in a given season. One such impact player is Sebastián Guenzatti, who finished second behind the aforementioned Barry on the list of MLS goal scorers during the 2021 season. The Rowdies’ top goal scorer helped his team get to the final of last season’s playoffs, and will aim to do so again this year.

Another player who could have a huge impact on United Soccer League betting throughout this season is Danny Barrera of Hartford Athletic. 

The Colombian led the league in assists last season for a Hartford team that will be looking to break into the playoffs this year. If Barrera’s ball distribution can continue to be an asset for Hartford, they just might get there.

How do we Provide our Expert Picks for the United Soccer League?

In order to provide you with our United Soccer League betting picks, the most important thing we do is watch games in the USL. This is a league that is anything but mainstream, meaning that you can get a big edge over bookmakers by simply developing an understanding of how each team plays. In order to do this, we watch the way that each team functions to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Beyond watching each team, we also use statistical outputs from each club to determine where the best United Soccer League betting picks are. Stats pertaining to possession and how often teams are turning their shooting opportunities into goals are a good place to start. But our team of USL handicappers goes well beyond the surface to find statistical advantages throughout the season in the second tier of American soccer.

Best Sportsbooks that Cover United Soccer League Games

While there are multiple sportsbooks that offer United Soccer League betting, not all of those sites are created equal. Some sportsbooks are better than others when it comes to offering USL odds, like the sportsbooks we’re about to cover here. 

Here’s a look at the best United Soccer League betting sites and what makes them better than the rest for this league.

Draftkings Sportsbook

Draftkings Sportsbook is potentially the best United Soccer League betting site, thanks in large part to their dedication to actually offering odds on the league. Given the USL’s status as the second tier league in American soccer, not every sportsbook dedicates time to getting USL odds out in a timely fashion all the time. But DraftKings is reliable in that regard, which is great if you’re a hardcore fan of the league.


Betway is another site that offers USL odds on a regular basis. Betway in general is a quality sportsbook thanks to their huge amount of available promotions on a regular basis. Combine that with the ability to get action on niche leagues like USL, and you’re looking at one of the better sportsbooks for this competition.

Sportsbook Promo Codes and Best Bonuses for United Soccer League

FanDuel Sportsbook offers a quality bonus for those who’re getting started with their site for United Soccer League betting. They offer a risk-free bet on your first wager, worth up to $1,000. That means you can bet up to $1,000 on your first bet at FanDuel and get that money back in free bets should that bet lose, while keeping your profits if your first bet is a winner.

Another strong welcome bonus for your USL betting comes from BetRivers, who offer a dollar for dollar match on your first deposit up to $250. That means that if you deposit $250 into your BetRivers account when starting out, you will end up with $500 in your account. This gives you some nice wiggle room when starting to bet on USL matches so you can find your groove in those betting markets.

All You Need to Know About United Soccer League Betting

Before you get started with United Soccer League betting, there are a few things you need to think about. Everything from the betting odds to the types of bets you can place must be considered as you try and make the best United Soccer League picks you can. Here are some of the key components to United Soccer League betting you must consider before you start putting your money on these matches.

United Soccer League Odds and Betting Lines

The most important thing you need to know when doing any United Soccer League betting is how the odds work. You’ll see odds that begin with a plus sign and odds that begin with a minus sign when betting on USL games. These mean very different things, and those odds will determine how much you need to risk to win the amount you want on USL games.

United Soccer League betting odds that start with a minus sign are displaying the amount that you need to wager to win $100. Similarly, USL odds that start with a plus sign show the amount you would win if you put $100 on that betting market. For example, -110 odds would mean that a $110 bet would win $100, while +200 odds mean that a $100 bet would yield $200 in profit.

Compare Odds for United Soccer League

Just as important as understanding how United Soccer League betting odds work is understanding the importance of comparing USL betting odds. Doing this will help you to make as much money as you can when betting on USL matches. By reducing the amount you risk or increasing the amount you can make on each bet, you increase your chances of turning a profit in the long run.

For example, let’s say you’re planning on backing a favorite with your next United Soccer League betting selection. That team is at -110 odds at one sportsbook and -120 at another sportsbook. At the first sportsbook, a $110 bet would be required to win $100, while the second sportsbook would require a $120 wager to win that same $100.

Common sense would indicate risking $10 less to win the same amount would be the smart move, but many bettors do not bother to take advantage of these slight differences. Over time, these differences of $10 here and there can be the difference between making a profit betting on USL or having to reload your account with funds. Putting in the work to compare odds is simply good business as a sports bettor.

How do we Generate our United Soccer League Odds?

Our United Soccer League betting odds are compiled from multiple sources throughout the world of legal sports betting in the United States. We compare the betting odds for every bet we recommend across several bookmakers, so we can find you the best prices for every bet we recommend. This can help you to be as profitable as possible when locking in each bet we recommend to you.

We also generate our own betting odds using our statistical analysis and projections for each match. Then, we compare our own projections to the actual odds being posted by sportsbooks, allowing us to convey to you where we think there’s value in the United Soccer League betting markets. While no sports betting system is correct 100% of the time, our systems and projections are designed to maximize your profitability when betting on this league.

Moneyline United Soccer League Odds

Moneyline betting is one of the most common forms of United Soccer League betting. The goal of the moneyline betting market in USL and any other league is to accurately predict which team will come out of a game with a win. But in soccer, with draws also being a possibility in every match, you have to decide between three betting options when wagering on the moneyline.

The three options on the moneyline in every United Soccer League betting scenario are for either team to win the match, or for the match to end in a draw. The draw is often the least popular selection in moneyline bets in soccer, but there are times and places where it’s worth putting a bet down on a match to end in a draw. Understanding the strategies for each team given the situations they are facing in each game can help in determining where one side might be playing for a draw.

It’s also worth remembering underdogs might have more of a chance in leagues like USL than they do in top flight leagues around the world.

Inconsistent play among lower tier players can create variance that benefits underdog bettors at times. If you can take advantage of that, you can turn a handsome profit in leagues like USL.

United Soccer League Over/Under Odds

Another popular United Soccer League betting market is the over/under market. Here, your goal is to predict whether the combined score of both teams in a match will go over or under the total that bookmakers set before the game started. The outcome of this market often depends on how aggressive each side is throughout a game, as more attacking football tends to lend itself to games going over the total.

To have success in this United Soccer League betting market, your first goal should be to identify what style of play both teams will utilize. Are both sides going to attack often in an effort to get three points out of a match, or are they going to play conservatively to simply try to avoid losing? Figuring this out can be a big help in deciding whether a game will be high-scoring or low-scoring.

You should also familiarize yourself with the defenses of each team coming into each USL game. Some back lines are simply not cut out to contain some of the better goal scorers in USL or elsewhere, and some goalkeepers can make up for the deficiencies of their defenders while others can’t. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of defenders and attackers alike is essential to betting the totals markets.

How Does the United Soccer League Work?

The USL is set to consist of 27 teams in two conferences, which is a departure from last year’s structure of 31 teams playing in four divisions. Either way, there’ll be a playoffs tournament after the regular season decides which teams are seeded where in each conference. The two conference champions will face off for the right to be called the USL Championship winners for the 2022 season.

Teams and Venues

Below, you’ll find a look at the 27 teams poised to compete in the USL Championship in the 2022 season. Included here will also be the name of each club’s home venue, as all 27 teams look to get more supporters into those venues to watch their matches during this new campaign.

TeamHome Venue
Atlanta United 2Fifth Third Bank Stadium
Birmingham Legion FCBBVA Field
Charleston BatteryPatriots Point Soccer Complex
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FCWeidner Field
Detroit City FCKeyworth Stadium
FC TulsaONEOK Field
El Paso Locomotive FCSouthwest University Park
Hartford AthleticDillon Stadium
Indy ElevenIU Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium
LA Galaxy IIDignity Health Track Stadium
Las Vegas Lights FCCashman Field
Loudoun United FCSegra Field
Louisville City FCLynn Family Stadium
Memphis 901 FCAutoZone Park
Miami FCRiccardo Silva Stadium
Monterey Bay FCCardinale Stadium
New Mexico UnitedIsotopes Park
New York Red Bulls IIMSU Soccer Park at Pittser Field
Oakland Roots SCLaney College Football Stadium
Orange County SCChampions Stadium
Phoenix Rising FCWild Horse Pass
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SCHighmark Stadium
Rio Grande Valley FC TorosH-E-B Park
Sacramento Republic FCHeart Health Park
San Antonio FCToyota Field
San Diego Loyal SCTorero Stadium
Tampa Bay RowdiesAl Lang Stadium

United Soccer League Trophy

The USL Championship trophy has been awarded 10 times in the history of the league since 2011. No team has won the title more than twice, with Orlando City and Louisville City winning the title twice each to lead the league in its young history. Several clubs have also won this trophy once each, as they’ll look to join Orlando and Louisville Cities on the short list of multiple-time winners.

COVID-19 Status

United Soccer League betting, just like any other form of soccer betting, has the potential to be impacted by COVID-19 in the near future. As of now, there aren’t plans to alter the 2022 season schedule due to COVID. But as situations change due to variance in the number of cases in the United States, COVID-induced changes can’t be counted out.

Interesting Facts About United Soccer League

The USL was launched in 2011 and has completed its first decade of competition after the 2021 season. It has a television partnership with ESPN, which airs the majority of their games on ESPN+, while more noteworthy matchups get put on ESPN television proper.

Several USL teams have since affiliated with the MLS, including FC Cincinnati and Nashville SC. Others are preparing to move to MLS Next Pro, a new league for teams affiliated with MLS sides, in 2022. Philadelphia Union II, Portland Timbers 2, Real Monarchs, Rochester Rhinos, Sporting Kansas City II, and Tacoma Defiance will all leave the USL or have already left, meaning no USL clubs will be tied to an MLS affiliate.

United Soccer League Conclusion

United Soccer League betting is a challenging market, as most casual betting enthusiasts don’t have in-depth knowledge of players in this second-tier league. 

But with our USL betting predictions, you can give yourself the best chance at success betting on this league that appeals to die-hard soccer fans.

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