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How to Use Our Yankee betting Calculator

Although it may easily be mistaken for the Super Yankee calculator or the Canadian calculator, our Yankee betting calculator is not complicated at all. What would be its purpose?

You only need to input the relevant information and your returns will automatically appear. First, you must pick a bookmaker with the most favorable odds. It also helps to pick a reputed sportsbook that pays out fast.

  1. To start using our free bet calculator, you must enter the odds for each of your 4 selections. Each Sportsbook sets different odds for specific teams, some are favorites and others are underdogs.
  2. Now, you must choose the outcome for each selection. The Yankee betting calculator gives you a drop-down menu from which you may pick won, lost, or void.
  3. Finally, you should choose your bet amount. The Yankee betting calculator lets you select either a total stake or amount per bet. Once you make that final selection, your returns will instantaneously come up.

Even if you’re a rookie bettor, with this tool, you’ll soon be betting like a real pro. Our other tools, like the Patent calculator and the Heinz calculator, are also pretty easy to understand.

What is Yankee betting

The simplest sports bet is the straight bet, where you predict the winner from a single event. With a Yankee, you have to predict 11 different games. Here’s where it gets complicated. You’ll be making the 11 bets from 4 team selections.

The full wager will include 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold bet. It may take some time for a beginner to fully grasp this concept, but we’ll get you up to speed.

Principally, a Yankee is a type of multiple bet which combines 11 single bets to make one wager. The bettor makes these bets in 4 selections which means that you get to pick 4 winners for different events.

You can even bet on different sports. A double bet is when you pick 2 winners, a treble is when you pick 3, and clearly, in a fourfold, you’ll pick 4 winners. If at least 2 of the teams win, your Yankee pays out. 

What makes it difficult to calculate the returns and returns is that you’ll be dealing with more than one bet and the bets will have different odds. But not to worry, you can take advantage of our Yankee betting calculator. 

Yankee betting Example

Suppose you want to bet on the NFL. You could pick out any four teams that you think will be winners. You could pick the New York Jets (NYJ), Chicago Bears (CB), Atlanta Falcons (AF), and Houston Texans (HT). When you make your Yankee, it‘ll look like this.

6 doubles

NYJ and CB; AF and NYJ; AF and CB; NYJ and HT; AF and HT; NYJ and CB.

4 Trebles

NYJ, CB, and AF.

NYJ, CB, and HT.

CB, AF, and HT.

NYJ, AF, and CB.

1 Fourfold

NYJ, CB, HT, and AF

In each case, you’ll be wagering that all the teams in your selection will win. If all of the selected teams lose or if only one team wins your entire bet will be a miss. But if at least 2 teams win, you can collect some cash. The ideal result is if all four teams win. So how will that look like on our Yankee betting calculator?

Let’s say the odds were set like this. New York Jets +100, Chicago Bears +200, Houston Texans +300, and Atlanta Falcons +400. If you spend $1 for each bet your total stake comes up to $11. If all teams win you would collect a total of $345 in winnings, making an astonishing return of $334. Our Yankee bet calculator provides detailed info for each permutation. 

What are the benefits of using our Yankee betting calculator

Dealing with a bet type such as a Yankee may be so complicated that you might consider going back to simpler wagers. However, we found a proper solution that you’ll love.

Calculating the Yankee is a tricky business but we want to lift that weight off your shoulders. These are some of the benefits that you can expect from using our Yankee bet calculator.

Quick results

As soon as you log in, you just enter your bet information in the provided form. Type in the odds for each selection into the Yankee betting calculator, enter your bet amount and predict the outcome for each of the four teams. Automatically your returns will be calculated.


Like a parlay, the Yankee is one of the most complicated bets. And when you calculate manually, you’re bound to make mistakes. Our Yankee bet calculator computes and provides accurate results in a matter of seconds.

Easy to Use

Whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone, our system is very basic, although the bet type is complex. Bettors of all levels can use our Yankee betting calculator. As you’ll find in our matched betting calculator and all other tools, everything is laid out in a very simple style.

Finally, you’ll not need to pay for this accumulator calculator. Everything is free.

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