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How to Use Our Patent betting Calculator

The Patent betting calculator is designed to be simple and easy to use for everyone. In order to correctly use it, you must provide the sportsbook’s odds, the outcomes, and how much you were planning to stake. The calculator will take care of everything for you as you fill in the fields and adjust accordingly to any changes you make at the same time. 

At the top you have to start by entering your total stake, and as you go, you’ll see that stake per bet to the right changes. This is perfectly normal. Below you’ll find three fields where you enter the odds for each leg of your Patent bet and then you simply choose the outcome to the right.

Below you’ll see the profit/loss depending on your selected outcomes and at the very bottom you’ll see the types of bets, total out lay and return. Piece of cake!

What is Patent betting

Essentially, a Patent bet consists of seven bets spread over three separate events: one triple, three doubles, and three singles. Because you’re hedging your bets a bit, you can get away with a profit on your Patent bet even if only one outcome is correct! This is why Patent bets are sometimes called “Full Coverage Bets.”

With a Patent bet consisting of 7 bets in total, placing a bet of say $5 on each bet would take the overall total to a $35 bet, which means that if you hit all your preferred outcomes correctly, you stand to gain a pretty sweet payout.

This type of bet has gained enough popularity for sportsbooks to sometimes offer boosted winnings on Patent bets by as much as 10% to 20% if all selections wins. Not too shabby at all!

Patent betting Example

Making use of the Patent bet calculator could make things much smoother and easier for those who are just starting out or are looking to grab a bit more insight into a particular event. 

The following scenario is just an example and is not any particular offer: 

If a bettor would like to place a $5 Patent bet on a series of NFL matchups, that would then mean a bet of $5 would have to be applied to all 7 total bets, taking the overall total to $35, a fairly reasonable bet. In this example scenario, a series of soccer teams are playing. 

To provide a simple example covering just 3 scenarios of the Moneyline Patent bet, there could be predictions that: 

  • Baltimore Ravens will shred Miami Dolphins at -275
  • Tennessee Titans will prevail over New Orleans Saints with odds of -150
  • New England Patriots will defeat Cleveland Browns with odds of -140

In this example, if Baltimore Ravens are the only team to win, this will only generate a return of $6.82 and so incur a loss. This is far from ideal but at least returns part of your wager, unlike a regular parley. 

If Tennessee Titans are also victorious, this would generate a return of $26.52 and come close to making a profit. It isn’t necessary for all selections to win in order to see a profitable return on your wager with a Patent bet. 

If all of the selections are correct, with Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots winning their matches, this could generate a return of $80.54 and provide a tidy profit from an initial $35 overall bet. 

This example illustrates perfectly why the Patent bet is so popular with bettors. It allows you to cover yourself while providing potentially huge returns if all your selections come in. The variety of combinations allows you to keep your bet alive even when one selection misses, a luxury regular parleys do not have.

What are the benefits of using our Patent betting calculator

There are plenty of benefits to using a Patent betting calculator. The most obvious benefit to bettors is that the Patent betting calculator is easy-to-use so as to make the experience smooth and accessible. The Patent betting calculator also boasts an intuitive interface and can be used by new or novice bettors. 

The Patent betting calculator is also a free service and can be used at any time and even if you’re on the go. All you need is an internet connection to access the calculator. This also means it can be accessed through a number of devices such as a PC, mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 

Also because of its quick services, the Patent betting calculator is a good way of showing any potential returns and profits if you’re pressed for time. Due to its automated service, the calculator can present a user with potential returns and profits in a flash. 

If you’re looking to place a bet on an upcoming sporting event you should consider making use of a Patent bet and the Patent bet calculator. The Patent bet calculator has been designed to offer individuals the opportunity to explore their options in greater depth and to help bettors make more informed decisions. If you do decide to place a bet or use the Patent bet calculator, please remember to always gamble responsibly.

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