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How to Use Our Parlay Generator

The world of betting on sports is an extremely popular pastime where everyone trying their luck wants to walk away with a nice profit. Sports betting has been an increasingly popular form of entertainment for many years now and it’s also a great way to be sociable.

But like with any form of gambling, it’s also inherently risky and bettors should always be cautious and have a wealth of knowledge behind them.

The Parlay Generator is a free to use tool that has been developed to aid bettors. Due to its simple yet advanced design, the process of using the tool couldn’t be easier. Just follow these key steps:

  1. Navigate to the selection slider. This should give users access to some selections numbered between three and six. The Parlay Generator aims to produce information with the chosen number of games.
  2. The generator also provides its users with a ‘risk scale’. This displays the range of the odds contained in a potential bet. A low-risk selection might have odds between -1000 and -150. Whereas, high-risk selection might have odds ranging between -149 and 170. An extreme-risk selection might have odds ranging between 171 and 400.
  3. Clicking on the ‘play’ button will then start the Parlay betting generator and produce the information for you in a matter of seconds. The generator adds the information directly into a bet slip. This makes the process far easier and more convenient for bettors.

The Parlay Generator comes with a number of great benefits. The generator is a completely free service to use and there are no limits on how much you can use this handy tool. All you need is internet access, meaning you can even use it on the go.

By far, the best feature is found when the bet slip has been generated. Toggle the stake for the multiple in the bottom of the bet slip to see the possible return as you go!

Parlay Generator in a Nutshell

  • We’re currently working on beefing it up with more familiar sports. Eventually you’ll be able to generate parlays that will include games from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.
  • The Parlay Generator features an easy to use yet sophisticated interface that will save you lots of time and can even make the experience of betting with parlays even more enjoyable.

If you’re new to parlay betting or perhaps are unfamiliar with how a generator such as this can work for you, fret not as we can provide you with a quick explanation. In a nutshell, the Parlay betting generator is a completely automated service that completes the tiresome hard work for you.

The generator works by taking a series of odds and predictions on the sporting event, in this instance soccer, to then present you with a number of selections that could have good value and, for added convenience, will also provide you with a list of bookies that currently have the highest odds.

How does our Parlay Generator Work?

It has already been shown that our Parlay Generator is super easy to use. It’s also worth bearing in mind some important bits of information in relation to how the generator makes the selections for its users.

Firstly, the generator will base itself on the risk preferences you choose and proceed to use its algorithm to sort through all of the events that are currently available. The generator also has the useful feature of arranging a list for you to present the data.

The generator is designed to sort through a lot of statistics and information. This can include the goals that might be scored or conceded, the current form of selected teams, key players, and much more.

  • As soon as the generator sorts through the information it will bring together the selections made and compare them with the algorithm predicting the sport and will continue to select the most reliable options.
  • As soon as the selections have been created by the generator, the tool can sift through the leading bookies through the handy odds comparison service and set up the parlay bet on a bet slip featuring the highest odds currently available. Overall, this can make sure bettors maximize their potential profits.

As it has been mentioned previously, at the moment the Parlay Generator can only be used for soccer, but there will soon be even more sporting events to choose from that can make good use of this tool for NBA parlays, for example.

It’s our goal to make these services and tools as available and accessible as possible to ensure our customers get the most out of their betting experiences. 

What is a Parlay bet?

A Parlay bet is a particular approach to betting where a bettor can combine a number of different selections into one bet. The odds that are produced for a Parlay bet comes from multiplying the given odds from the selections made.

To provide a brief example, if a bettor decides to make a Parlay bet by making four selections with each of the selections including odds of 200, the overall might look like: 200 x 200 x 200 x 200 = 8000. This means placing a stake of $2 could return $162.

Okay, if you were to multiply 200 x 200 x 200 x 200 you’d get to 1.6 billion, but don’t forget that 200 in this case is a representation of a probability and not actually the number 200. This is why you really need to use our generator. It stops you from going nuts.

For those that might be new to sports betting, the realm of Parlay bets might seem a little daunting to begin with and could be hard to fully understand. It’s a good idea to make use of the free to use Parlay betting generator to get around this issue and make things a lot simpler and easier. The generator can also help bettors make more informed decisions when it comes to placing bets.

In order to walk away with a successful Parlay bet, all of the chosen selections must be successful. This does mean that even if you got most of the selections right, losing just one selection can lose the entire thing.

This does make Parlay bets a lot riskier in terms of securing a return, but the returns can be more lucrative if they are successful. Parlay bets usually feature larger returns when compared to single bets, which is one of the reasons why so many bettors choose to play in this way.

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