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How To Use Our Parlay Calculator

It doesn’t take an expert to know that manually calculating the returns of a parlay can be extremely time-consuming, and even more so when you have placed more than one of them. Because of that, we have made a parlay betting calculator that is completely intuitive, fast and most importantly, dummy-proof.

Follow these simple steps and in an instance, you’ll know exactly how much profit you can expect to make from your winning parlay.

  1. In the top cell on the left-hand side, enter the total stake of your parlay
  2. On the top cell on the right side, use the drop-down menu to tell us how many individuals legs make up your overall bet
  3. Enter the odds of each individual leg, followed by their outcome, whether that be a win, loss, or push.
  4. And just like that, you will be given the aggregated odds of the overall bet, as well as the net profit you will make if you’re a winner.

Introduction To Parlays

For those of you who are new to parlays, they are a type of bet that combines two or more individual selections into the same bet. For your parlay to be a winner, all of your selections need to win simultaneously, meaning if one of your legs loses, the whole parlay comes crashing down.

The beauty of parlays is that they offer exponential returns thanks to the way in which odds accumulate. The odds in the first selection rollover to the odds in the second selection, then the third, and so on. This means that your potential returns can multiply rapidly if you have a couple of high-priced selections in the mix.

This is probably a good time to bring up our snazzy parlay bet generator, which helps users find profitable parlays without the need for extensive research.

Parlay Betting Example

We’re going to keep things as simple as possible in our example by showing you the potential returns on a parlay that contains four selections that are all priced the same on the moneylines at +1000.

Let’s say that you have placed a stake of $10 on this parlay and all of the selections have won. Firstly, the win on the first leg of your bet multiplies the $10 into $100, then the second leg takes your $100 up to $1,000, then $10,000 and then $100,000! 

Congrats! When you’re cashing your cheque, remember it was us who helped you understand parlays… 

The parlay betting calculator will give you an outline of the exact odds of the bet, as well as the net profit, which in this case, would be the $100,000 minus your original stake, totalling $99,990. Not bad for a day’s work… 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Parlay Calculator

Here at we’re all about making your sports betting life as easy and stress-free as possible. Our parlay betting calculator is just one way in which we can make that happen. 

Let’s take a look at some the pros of the parlay calculator: 

  1. As is the case with all of our calculators, it is absolutely FREE to use, and you aren’t limited in how often you use it.
  2. Because results are produced instantly, you save precious time that can be used for that all-important research.
  3. You can use it on the go, using the web browser on your cell or tablet.
  4. The calculator is completely error-proof thanks to its automated design. All you need to worry about is entering the correct odds of the individual bets, and we’ll do the rest. 
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