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How To Use Our Odds Calculator

We like to make things as simple as possible. With our odds calculator you don’t need to worry about any fancy formulas or anything like that. We’ll take care of that for you. All you need is enter the odds in the format you’ve found them.

  1. Type the odds into their relevant cell. For example, if you’ve been stumped by fractional odds of 5/1, paste this price into the “Fractional” cell.
  2. Sit back while we instantly convert the fractional price into decimal and American odds, as well as providing you with the implied probability of the bet winning.
  3. If you would like to know the potential returns of the bet, enter your proposed stake.
  4. With this information, we will calculate exactly how much net profit you’re in line for if your bet is a winner.

Once the above 4 steps are entered,’ Odds Calculator will do the computing for you and will show you immediately the exact value of the odds in the format you are interested in. Further, it will calculate the potential winning for you, meaning that you can have an understanding of the big picture. By knowing the exact value of the odds, you can estimate the potential return of your wagers accurately, and plan your betting moves.

Betting Odds Introduction

It’s nice to think that we’re all on the same page when we’re talking about betting odds, but just like we have our system for measuring distance and temperature, across the pond they also use different systems for expressing odds.

Odds in the traditional sense are the mathematical representation of likelihood. If you flip a coin, the mathematical odds of the coin landing on heads is 1 in 2, as far as probability goes.

However, that probability can be defined in several different ways. Outside of the realms of gambling, we’d say it was a 50% chance or “50-50.”

The main difference when it comes to betting odds is that these are more a representation of returns in relation to a stake. Let’s go back to the coin-flip example. In terms of odds, this would be represented as “100” as you would need to stake $100 in order to win a further $100 from the sportsbook.

Now, depending on where you are in the world, odds are represented in very different ways. First up, American odds are pretty exclusive to sportsbooks here in the U.S., while decimal odds tend to be most at home in Europe. Finally, our friends over in the UK have stuck to their traditional fractional odds despite the emergence of what some would call more intuitive formats for reading odds.

If you happen to find yourself outside of American shores and placing bets elsewhere, it can be easy to get wrapped up in confusing numbers that you aren’t accustomed to. This is where the betting odds calculator comes in. Once you’ve seen a price you like, all you’ve got to do is plug the numbers into the relevant cell and the American price will present itself to you in a flash.

Finally, the calculator can also come in handy if you are trying out a new handicapper who is native to a country that adopts a different format of odds, and we will talk about that in the below example.

Odds Calculator Example

So, you’ve taken us up on our offer of FREE tips on this weekend’s NFL games. You quite like the cut of a handicapper’s jib and want to give some of his selections a try, but you are stopped in your tracks by confusing decimal odds of 1.80.

With the betting odds calculator, all you would need to do is enter the decimal odds of 1.80 into the “decimal” cell and we will convert it right back into American odds, as well as fractional odds if you would like to check those out too.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Odds Calculator

  1. It’s super-easy to use. All you need is the original price you were presented with, as well as an optional choice to enter a potential stake for your bet. You don’t need the slightest bit of betting knowledge to use it.
  2. It is 100% FREE! You also get completely unlimited use of the odds betting calculator, so if you’re met with a bombardment of unfamiliar odds you can convert them all to your heart’s content.
  3. The calculations are instant. A digital calculator provides answers to equations instantly, so why shouldn’t we? In less than a second you will have your original odds converted into three new formats.
  4. Everything is fully automated, so you know all results of the calculations are 100% accurate.
  5. Our odds calculator even works while you’re on the go. If you aren’t at your laptop, just hit up the calculator on your cell phone web browser.
  6. The calculator will help give you a more rounded understanding of how odds work in all four corners of the world. You may even find yourself learning the calculations yourself, but we’re always here if you need a helping hand.
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