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How to Use Our Lucky 31 Calculator

If you’ve ever used a Canadian calculator or patent calculator, then you’ll find a few similarities with the process. But no need to worry if you haven’t. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a certified tech genius to find your way around our Lucky 31 calculator. In addition, you won’t need any expert knowledge or prior experience to use it.

What you do need are the betting odds you got from your sportsbook, the outcomes for each wager selection, and a bit of hope. And our highly recommended Lucky 31 betting calculator will take care of the calculations for you. To get a better understanding of how to use our Kelly calculator, let’s walk you through the detailed step-by-step instructions:

  • Start by filling out the odds you’ll be using for your selection using the fields on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the drop-down menu located on your right-hand side and select your preferred outcomes.
  • Insert the total stake of your bet to complete the process.
  • And just like that, our Lucky 31 calculator will calculate and present you with the profits and returns of your bet. 

What is а Lucky 31 bet

A Lucky 31 bet falls under the multi-bet or parlays bet family. These are the bets to try out if you’re looking to enhance your sports betting skills for a more rewarding gambling experience. Multi bets, in the strictest sense, fall under the riskier forms of gambling types.

That’s because you need to nail all your selections to win a payout. The good news is that Lucky 31 bets, though a form of multi bets, give you better leeway to win. You don’t necessarily need to win all selections to get some returns from the wagers. As a result, they cut the risk down a notch but still give you significant wins.

So, how exactly do Lucky 31 bets work? You have to make five selections in different events. When these selections are combined, they tally up to 31 bets, hence the name. These selections comprise 10 Trebles, 10 Doubles, 5 Four-folds, 5 Singles, and 1 Five-fold. You must win a minimum of one selection from the Lucky 31 bet to generate some return. How much you win will depend on the selections that win as well as the odds. The icing on the cake is you can get your stake back if some of your selections lose.

Lucky 31 bet Example

Our Lucky 31 betting calculator works much like a Lucky 15 calculator or parley calculator, which you use to determine your returns and the cost of bets. But for this article, keep in mind that you’re placing 31 different bets.

Say you place a minimum of $1 per wager, the total bet will cost you $31. But essentially, our Lucky 31 betting calculator will show you how much the total bet will cost you. For the sake of clarity, we’ll include a quick example of a Lucky 31 bet on the following NBA games:

  • Lakers vs Boston Celtics – you pick Lakers to win at odds -135, and the bet wins.
  • Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz – you pick Utah Jazz to win at odds -125, and the bet loses.
  • Chicago Bulls vs Dallas Mavericks – you pick Chicago Bulls to win at odds-140, and the bet wins.
  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Atlanta Hawks – you pick Atlantic Hawks to win at odds +120, and the bet loses.
  • Miami Het vs Brooklyn Nets – you pick Miami Heat to win at odds -110, and the bet loses.

Based on this example, since you have made two correct predictions, you’ll get returns from this wager. That’s because you only need one winning selection to secure a payout. However, chances are with just two out of five winning bets, you will not make a profit.

What are the benefits of using our Lucky 31 calculator

For some gamblers, sports betting can be a tad difficult to comprehend, especially if you don’t have the right tools to help you along. If you plan on placing Lucky 31 bets, then using our Lucky 31 betting calculator will save you a great deal of trouble. There’s nothing to stop you from making the calculations yourself, especially if you pride yourself in being a seasoned bettor. But below are a few benefits you can enjoy by using our Lucky 31 betting calculator.

Intuitive platform

Just like a matched betting calculator or free bet calculator, our Lucky 31 calculator is pretty easy to use. The interface is so intuitive that bettors, regardless of their level of skill, will find it simple to navigate. All you have to do is insert the necessary information, and the calculator will do the rest.

Fast and accurate

As mentioned, you’re more than welcome to put your mathematical knowledge to the test and calculate your returns. But why swim against the current when there’s an easy way to evaluate your wager?

If you use our calculator, you can have your results in seconds. Plus, since our Lucky 31 calculator is automated, just like in the case of a sure bet calculator, there’s no room for human error. As a result, you can expect accurate results each time.


Betting online requires you to wager your money. Calculating your returns doesn’t have to cost you anything. Our Lucky 31 calculator is free to use, whether you use our site or not.

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