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How to Use Our Lucky 15 Calculator

Our Lucky 15 calculator was developed with ease of use in mind. We’ve made sure that it’s intuitive to use and accessible to every bettor. Here, we’ll go through the process step by step, so you can see how simple it is for yourself.

  1. In the four fields on the left, type in the odds of your bet selections.
  2. Then, on the opposite side, pick the outcome of each selection from the drop-down menu. (You’ll see 3 options: won, lost, and push/void)
  3. Add in the total stake you want to put down per bet.
  4. In no time, your return or loss will be calculated by our Lucky 15 calculator for you to see on your screen.

Just like that, you’ll have your returns tallied up for you. The Lucky 15 calculator’s layout is very similar to that of the Yankee calculator, Lucky 31 calculator, Heinz calculator, and the Canadian calculator, which you can use for similar purposes.

However, unlike our other tools like the matched betting calculator, sure bet calculator, and the patent calculator, this calculator covers one of the most complex bet types.

What is а Lucky 15 bet

If you’re an inexperienced bettor, the concept of a lucky 15 bet may be complex and hard to grasp, but it doesn’t have to be. Once we break it down, you’ll see how simple it is to wrap your head around. Also, using tools like the accumulator calculator and free bet calculator makes it easier to figure out how different bets work.

A lucky 15 bet is a bet made up of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a fourfold multiplier. This means it has all possible combinations of multiple bets from four selections, allowing you to cover a wide range of possible outcomes.

The most similar type of bet to the lucky 15 is the Yankee bet, though they differ in that the lucky 15 includes 4 singles. Most popular with fans of horse racing due to its full coverage, Lucky 15 bets are significantly less risky than most other multiple bets.

As a lucky 15 requires you to make 15 bets, your individual stake is multiplied by 15, so if you bet $10 on each bet, your total stake would be $150. Even if only one of your bets wins, you can still make a return. And the more bets you win, the higher your return.

As a general rule of thumb, we encourage responsible gambling. Therefore, we urge you to use our Lucky 15 betting calculator before placing your bets, so can evaluate how significant your potential losses and returns are. 

Lucky 15 bet Example

Online gambling jargon always becomes easier to comprehend when an example if you have an example to work with. As such, we’ll include a simple horseracing wager to make sure you understand the way this kind of bet works and make good use of our Lucky 15 calculator.

Let’s imagine you’ve made a Lucky 15 bet with $1 per bet and thus a total stake of $15, leaving out any return boosters or bonuses. Your bets would be as follows:

  • Seabiscuit to win the 14:30 at odds of +200
  • Lightning to win the 15:10 at odds of +300
  • Star to win the 16:00 at odds of +350
  • Magic to win the 16:40 at odds of +150


  • Only one selection wins (Seabiscuit at +200), you’ll get a return of $3, meaning you’ll have lost $12.
  • Two selections win (Seabiscuit +200 and Lightning +300) you’ll get a total of $19 from the two-selection parlay, meaning a $4 return.
  • Three selections win (Seabiscuit +200, Lightning +300, and Star +350), your total returns will add up to $109 and a $94 return.
  • All your selections win, you’ll get $384 and a $369 return from a $15 lucky 15 bet.

What are the benefits of using our Lucky 15 calculator

Naturally, we seek to make your experience as an online sports bettor as pleasant as possible. This is why we’ve developed our Lucky 15 betting calculator: to make calculating potential returns and losses easy and stress-free. If you’re using a calculator, you won’t need to worry about errors. The process is also a lot quicker and easy to use. You don’t have to have any prior experience to benefit from it. Below, we’ll lay out all the other benefits you can get out of using our calculator.

  • Our calculator is super intuitive to use. Everything is laid out for you in a way the average person is unlikely to misunderstand.
  • It shows in detail what you potentially stand to win or lose.
  • It’s incredibly fast with instant calculations and a very quick web page loading speed for your convenience.
  • It’s compatible with any device, available on your PC, tablet, or phone
  • There are no bugs that need correction and everything will most certainly work fine.
  • We regularly update every calculator to make sure everything it’s up to scratch and still working.
  • Last but not least, it’s totally free, meaning you won’t have to spend a cent to use our amazing tool.

Don’t be afraid to also check out the other calculators we’ve developed here. They’re all just as fantastic and we’re sure an avid bettor such as yourself will be able to make good use of them

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