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How To Use Our Heinz Betting Calculator

The Heinz calculator works just like most other bet calculators you can find on the website. The calculator is not just user-friendly and easily accessible for both the novice seasoned bettors, but it also offers thorough data on potential profits and returns from the information you supply it with. Additionally, due to its fast automated features, the Heinz parlay calculator can supply you with the results at the click of a button, which is great if you find yourself in a rush.

In order to use the Heinz bet calculator, you can follow these steps:

Navigate to the left field where you should locate and add in the betting odds you wish to use. After that, locate the drop-down list that should be on the right to select possible outcomes. Once that step is complete, you will need to supply the stakes you’re hoping to use for the Heinz bet. From an extremely fast and simple process, the calculator will then work its magic to give you some possible returns and profits from the information you provided.

With such a straightforward and trouble-free interface, it should be a speedy way to get the information you’re looking for. All you need to do is provide your chosen odds, outcomes, and what you’re willing to stake in the Heinz bet and the Heinz betting calculator will do the hard work.

What Is Heinz Betting

With so many ways of placing bets nowadays, a Heinz bet might be one you’re not yet familiar with. However, like with most other types of bets, a Heinz bet is quite simple once you have the right information. A Heinz bet consists of 57 different bets across 6 separate events. From those 57 bets, a Heinz bet consists of 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 15 four-folds, a six-fold parlay, and 6 five-folds. A Heinz bet also comes under the category of a “full-coverage” bet.

As with all bets, it is crucial to be aware of the potential costs and always remember to gamble responsibly if you choose to do so. With the Heinz bet consisting of 57 different bets, any stake placed is then multiplied by 57. To put things simply, if a punter decides to make a Heinz bet of $1, the overall total of the bet would equate to $57. Another feature of a Heinz bet is that, in order to generate any sort of return on a bet, a minimum of 2 selections out of a possible 6 must win. 

Heinz bets are usually associated by most as being high-risk, high-reward as they have the possibility of generating large profits. If all the bettor’s selections are successful, they could enjoy an exceptionally high profit margin.

Heinz Betting Example

It might make things appear a lot simpler if we give you a very brief example of what a Heinz bet might look like and how the Heinz betting calculator can be beneficial. It is always in everyone’s interest that potential bettors are fully informed and made aware of what they are doing prior to making any commitments. The usefulness of the Heinz bet calculator is always there to make things easier as well. This is a made-up scenario with example odds and is not an offer of any kind.

In the following example, we will be placing a $1 Heinz bet on soccer. As it is a Heinz bet, a $1 bet equates to a $57 total bet. First of all, we know the odds, outcomes, and the stake, so it is simple to put this information into the handy Heinz bet calculator to make the experience a lot smoother. 

In this example, we might choose the following selections:

  • Chicago Bears to win against Denver Broncos with odds of +130
  • Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars to draw with odds of +225
  • New York Giants to beat Miami Dolphins with odds of -400
  • New England Patriots to beat San Francisco 49ers with odds of -1000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers to win against Tennessee Titans with odds of -112
  • Tom Brady to score a touchdown against Cardinals with odds of 260

Here are some possible situations that could occur if this sort of Heinz bet is placed: 

  1. If there are no successes from the selections or there is just one win there will be no returns and a lack of profit. 
  2. If two of the selections made are successful, such as Chicago Bears win and Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars draw, this will return $7.48 and again a lack of profits.
  3. With three selections a success, such as Chicago Bears win, Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars draw, and New York Giants win, this should return $23.76 with no profit. 
  4. If there are four successful selections, such as Chicago Bears win, Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars draw, New York Giants win, and New England Patriots win, this should produce a return of $57.37 with only a minor profit. 
  5. With five successful selections, such as Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers, this will return $180.91 with a suitable profit. 
  6. With all selections successful, this could return $867.545 with quite a large profit.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Heinz Betting Calculator

The Heinz betting calculator is certainly a useful tool with a number of great benefits to its name. With its fully automated service, the calculator can produce its calculations within a matter of seconds. It is also quick and easy to fill in the necessary sections with the odds, outcomes and your stake. 

And with a Heinz bet including some 57 different bets it can get unnecessarily complicated to make calculations manually when there is a handy Heinz betting calculator to do the hard work for you. 

The Heinz bet calculator is also free to use and can be utilized at home or on the go. This means it is accessible through a PC, laptop and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. All you need is a stable connection to the internet.

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