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How To Use Our Free Betting Calculator

You’ll be pleased to know that using our free betting calculator is an absolute breeze. 

All you’ve gotta do is enter the odds of the bet that you would like to place, along with the value of your free bet. 

With this info, we will calculate exactly how much you can potentially make from your bet. 

We provide two figures: one with the value of the free bet included in the returns, and one without.

What Is Free Betting

The phrase “Free Bet” is usually found on page 1 of the sports betting bible, but if you aren’t aware, a free bet is a form of bonus offered by sportsbooks in order to both entice new customers onto their site, or to reward loyal members for sticking around.

These freebies can vary greatly in value but can range from anything as low as $1 right through to upwards of $100.

That said, it’s important to keep an eye on the terms of a free bet, as a lot of the time the stake isn’t returned to you. This is where our free bet calculator comes in handy, as you may discover that a free bet on a short price may not be worth taking, when you consider the net returns.

Free Betting Example

You may visit a new sportsbook and see that they are offering a $20 free bet to use on any market. 

You fulfil all the conditions of the offer and have picked up your bonus. Congrats! 

Next, you decide to use your free bet on a horse priced up at +700 in a race. Now, what you would need to do next is enter “+700” into the “Back Odds” cell and “20” into the “Back Stake” cell. 

And, in a flash, you are given the total returns if your bet is a winner in two formats. First, you’re given the returns without the value out of the stake included, which is the most common form of free bet. And second, you will get a returns forecast that includes the stake.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Free Betting Calculator

Sometimes it’s good to know exactly where you stand before you jump into bed with a new sportsbook, especially if you identify a bet that you like before signing up. 

Here are a few other perks that come with our free betting calculator: 

  1. It’s FREE and UNLIMITED. You can use it as often as you like, day or night.
  2. It’s 100% automated which ensures that all of the calculations are accurate. All you’ve got to worry about is correctly entering your odds and stake.
  3. It’s probably our easiest calculator to use! With just two cells to enter data into, you will have your forecast in no time.
  4. You don’t need to be at home to use it. If you like to bet while on the move, then simply open on your mobile browser and get calculating.
  5. It’s super speedy – our calculator takes less than a second to provide you with the results you need, giving you time to focus on research and bankroll.
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